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    Svedka -- Year 212


    “He only knows home in his dreams and even those dreams do not mimic large, centuries-old redwoods. Lio doesn't remember the last time he laid his head down and truly felt comfortable.” --Elio, written by Phaetra

    the devil on your shoulder

    Age: 22

    Gender: Mare

    Breed: Hybrid

    Height: 15hh

    Player: Insane


    Color: Blue Roan Sabino (Ee/aa/Rr/nSb)

    Eyes: Blue

    Markings: Four stockings, blaze

    Mane & Tail:



    Parents: Shahrizai x Ilka

    Children: Rapture (x Wyrm) Longclaw (x Wyrm) Dagen (x Dovev) Brazen (x Dovev)


    Genetic Traits: Vision Manipulation, Immortality

    Non-Genetic Traits: Disintegration

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg [VISION MANIPULATION][IMMORTALITY][DISINTEGRATION*][shapeshifting wings]



    Heartfire was born in the Deserts along with her twin brother Illum. Her childhood was a peaceful one that she spent exploring with her twin and learning of her vision manipulation. She discovered her ability allowed her spy on others, which taught her more of the world than any youngster should know. She met and befriended a young colt named Wyrm when she offered to show him what dinosaurs used to look like. They developed an odd sort of relationship, one they both sought to make mutually beneficial. When she was around two, the fairies sent her to the land of Illea, where she participated in a competition called the Selection as a human. The goal of the competition was to marry the prince and become princess. Heartfire ended up falling in love with Francis, the prince, and won the competition. She ruled as Queen in Illea with her husband for many years before the fairies brought her back to Beqanna, leaving her with the gift of disintegration for her trouble. She harbored an anger for some time at being taken from the life she had so loved. Eventually, that anger hardened into a coldness and she swore off​ any future romantic relations. As she returned to the same time and age she had been, she was left to resume her life. Her childhood friend, Wyrm, took the throne of the Gates, and Heartfire stood behind him through his short reign. Shortly after his reign had ended, the Gates was raided by the Chamber and war ensued. In the aftermath of war, some upstarts decided to invade the Deserts in an attempt to take the throne. Heartfire returned to defend the Deserts, despite her lack of battle experience. She loses her battle, though no clear winner emerges in the war. Such petty violence seems to anger Beqanna, causing her to wash away the Deserts in a great flood. In one fell swoop, Heartfire both lost her home and is parted from her family. She ensures they are all safe, but does not return to them. Instead, she takes up residence in the meadow and forest until the Reckoning. With the Reckoning, she is left powerless and adrift. For a time, she is upset at the state of affairs, but as her emotions cool, she knows that she will do what is necessary. It is then she decides to go to the Field, a place she had always avoided. There, she meets Djinni and Lucrezia. Ultimately she decides to go with Djinni to Nerine and take up residence in the new land of the former Amazons. Shortly thereafter, she encounters a stallion named Bruise, who takes it upon himself to torment the powerless Heartfire. She manages to escape him, but not before vowing revenge. This inspires her to earn back her traits as quickly as possible, and she quickly has her vision manipulation returned to her. She uses it to catch up on much she had missed in the world since its loss, and she takes it upon herself to meet with several horses who have caught her attention. This is how she meets Dovev. She had seen him attack her youngest sister, Luster, and decided that she must teach him a lesson. Instead she finds herself embroiled in the midst of a drama of star-crossed love and infidelity. Irritated by the entire ordeal, she leaves it, intending to continue her pursuit of revenge. Towards that end, she finds Wyrm once more. He agrees to help, but extracts a promise of child from her in exchange. In short order, she is pregnant and quite confused over her relationship with her childhood friend. A confusion that is furthered by the birth of not just one child, but twins.

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