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    LILLIANA -- Year 206


    "There is still something of himself - something of the Wolfbane who would always love her - that rallies against the slime. It says, 'lie in the bed you’ve made'. So he gathers the covers and tucks himself in." -- Wolfbane, written by Calcifer

    House Aveaon

    Age: Immortal

    Gender: Stallion

    Breed: Arabian Hybrid

    Height: On average 15'3"

    Player: Calcifer


    Color: Classic Palomino ((ee/Aa/nCr))

    Eyes: L: Blue, R: Green

    Markings: Iridescent color-changing Aardwolf stripes/mask/boots

    Mane & Tail: White

    -Conformation: compact shape, prominent withers. Deep chest, longer legs; elongated neck. Angular face.
    -Discerning features: Has upright mane, like a Fjord
    -Closest to-date breed appearance: Anglo-Arabian
    -Eye Color: Originally Olive #808000
    -Wing color: Pure White #ffffff


    Wolfbane has a natural inclination for mayhem, but tends to be very 'cheeky' and lovable.

    Strengths: Courageous - Inquisitive - Friendly
    Vices: Impatient - Devious

    Breakdown of trait spaces:
    2 out of 6 genetic spaces used
    4 out of 2 non-genetic spaces used

    *Inhabitant of Tephra
    *Inhabitant of Loess
    *King of Loess
    *Commandant (Leader) of Taiga
    *Inhabitant of Taiga

    The Curse
    *While curses in Beqanna aren’t necessarily uncommon, (and while magic involving the heart of characters can be found throughout Beqanna archives) the one affecting Wolfbane needed further explanation for my personal sanity and the sanity of other characters he comes in contact with. I’ll do my best to give an abridged, to-the-point version of where the curse originated and why it’s affected Wolfbane’s family for so long, then I’ll provide a list of clickable links that’ll take the more curious readers to original posts where a detailed read-through can be found.
    *“The Curse” comes after death and takes its roots in the vengeance Tiberios never received in life: if the offending horse is driven by acute malice, greed, or impure intentions and if they fully consume the still-warm heart of their chosen victim, power will be transferred and so will the stain of every horse fallen victim to the exact same method of murder.
    *Tiberios was in the process of leaving the throne and his partner, Queen Shatter Me, in order to go home to The Dale where his lover and the soon-to-be mother of his twins, Talulah, lived. He died before his life’s purpose was complete, and the anger at having been ripped away so suddenly from the promise of a happy future gave life to the curse I write about today.

    Fall season, YR 181
    Tiberios, a black sabino stallion with a golden blaze and a large, unique burn scar across one-half of his body decides to abdicate his throne in the kingdom formerly known as The Falls. He makes his journey short by cutting through the Beach, where he notices a creature feasting on one of the decaying corpses. In an attempt to stop the desecration, he intervenes verbally and falls under attack from Lupei, a mint-and-teal colored stallion who had transformed himself into a wolf to eat raw meat. The two fight quickly, with Lupei ending the battle (and Tiberios’ life) after a final blow to the throat. After killing Tiberios, Lupei devours him and his heart, unknowingly transferring Tiberios’ power of White Fire Manipulation onto himself and simultaneously becoming the first horse affected by ‘the curse’.

    Summer season, YR 183
    Lupei went on to use his new power of White Fire Manipulation, burning down the Jungle and beginning an all-out war. Most notably he sired twin stallions, named Wyrm and Kudu. Lupei took Wyrm under his wing and raised him in The Chamber. During this time Lupei became increasingly volatile, grooming Wyrm to live a twisted lifestyle. He imparted the tale of how he’d murdered a horse and gained his white fire, which Wyrm wouldn’t forget. Eventually Wyrm would leave to take over the Gates, then both father and son disappeared when Beqanna changed and became a new world.

    Spring season, YR 190
    Wyrm sires his only children and twins, a filly named Rapture and a colt named Longclaw, with his then-partner Heartfire. In the same way he was raised, Wyrm takes Longclaw with him to Pangea (which has yet to fall for the first time) in order to train the boy as he’s been trained. He warns Longclaw that Lupei, Wyrm’s father and Longclaw’s grandfather, will return to the new Beqanna and will bring chaos, death, and suffering with him. He guides Longclaw into darkness under the guise of heroism, making young Longclaw believe that his early childhood training was for the good of horse-kind.

    Summer season, YR 191
    Father Wyrm and son Longclaw arrive in the Plains where their ancestor Lupei has shown up after so many years missing. Lupei, completely out of his mind and threatening to set Beqanna on fire, attacks his offspring and grandson. Together Wyrm and Longclaw murder Lupei and afterwards, Wyrm again convinces a young Longclaw to eat his grandsire’s heart for benefit, both stallions unaware that the curse will grow inside of Longclaw.[[TO BE CONTINUED]]


    Parents: S: Longclaw x D: Femur

    Pteron: Male, Abstang Hybrid, Cremello dun tobiano with ice blue markings (ee/Aa/CrCr/Dd/nT)
    Wolfbane x Lepis
    tegteg [WINGS][SELF HEALING][INVISIBILITY][empathic projection][happiness induction][immortality]
    Expressed traits: Wings, Regenerative Healing, Invisibility
    Played by Kahzie, Due Nov 20, 2018;

    Marni: Female, Abstang Hybrid, Dunalino Tobiano with navy markings (ee/Aa/nCr/Dd/nT)
    Wolfbane x Lepis
    tegteg [WINGS][regenerative healing][invisibility][empathic echoes][vision manipulation]
    Expressed traits: Wings
    Played by Nicole, Due Jan 20, 2019;

    Tiercel: Male, Hybrid, Dunskin (Ee/Aa/nCr/Dd) with iridescent navy markings
    Wolfbane x Lepis
    tegteg [REGENERATIVE HEALING][INVISIBILITY][EMPHATIC PROJECTION][wings][carnivore][love illusionism][wings][immortality][spinal mane]
    Expressed traits: Regenerative Healing, Invisibility, Emphatic Projection
    Played by Calcifer, Due March 20, 2019;

    Gale: Male, Hybrid, Perlino dun and blue brindle tobiano, iridescent sheen
    Wolfbane x Lepis
    tegteg [REGENERATIVE HEALING][VISION MANIPULATION][SPINAL MANE][invisibility][wings][happiness induction][wings][kelpie mimicry][immortality]
    Expressed traits: Regenerative Healing, Vision Manipulation
    Expressed defects: Spinal Mane
    Played by Kahzie, Due March 20, 2019;

    Eyas: Female, Hybrid, Buckskin (Ee/AA/nCr) with iridescent navy dorsal stripe
    Wolfbane x Lepis
    tegteg [INVISIBILITY][WINGS][VISION MANIPULATION][HAPPINESS INDUCTION][IMMORTALITY][SPINAL MANE][emphatic projection][minor wound healing][wings]
    Expressed traits: Invisibility, Wings, Vision Manipulation, Happiness Induction, Immortality
    Expressed defects: Spinal Mane
    Played by Calcifer, Due March 20, 2019;

    Celina: Female, Abstang Hybrid, White (Ee/Aa/nCr/Dd/nT) with iridescent silver dun points and stripes
    Wolfbane x Lepis
    tegteg [SELF-HEALING][WINGS][KELPIE MIMICRY][FIREFLY AURA][empathic projection][self-manipulation]
    Expressed traits: Self-healing, Wings, Kelpie Mimicry, Firefly aura
    Expressed defects: None
    Played by Kahzie, Due July, 2019;

    Elio: Male, Abstang Hybrid, Dunalino (ee/Aa/nCr/Dd) with dark red points, gold aardwolf markings
    Wolfbane x Lepis
    Expressed traits: Self-healing, Empathic projection, Wings, Invisibility
    Expressed defects: None
    Played by Phaetra, Due September, 2019;


    Genetic Traits: Self Healing

    Non-Genetic Traits: Self-Manipulation

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg [SELF-HEALING][self manipulation*][invisibility][wings][carnivore][vision manipulation]

    Defects: Spinal Mane


    QOTY yr: 206
    "There is still something of himself - something of the Wolfbane who would always love her - that rallies against the slime. It says, 'lie in the bed you’ve made'. So he gathers the covers and tucks himself in.
    "As High as Honor"

    -Born 1-16-18 in Tephra
    -Raised with two adopted siblings, Gansey, Valensia, and his half-brother Wildling
    -*Masters Invisibility
    -Sire Longclaw's mental deterioration prompts him to leave home at 1.5 years of age
    -Recruited by Arthas, King of Loess, in the Forest
    -*Masters Flying
    -Visits childhood friend, Wishbone, then Queen of Nerine
    -Trains as Arthas' apprentice
    -Assumes role of heir to Loess
    -Ascends as King of Loess
    -Attempts to search after Wishbone, once Queen of Nerine, but is forced home without finding her
    -Expands control by having his Champion, Arthas, take control of Sylva
    -Begins to develop feelings for Breckin, now Kahleesi of Nerine; rejected
    -Exchanges powers with Sylva resident Rey; gains regenerative healing, loses fangs
    -Bans Dovev from Loess, after visiting Nerine
    -Comes across Lepis in a secret cave; both admit their mutual attractions to one another
    -Arthas discovers Lepis & Bane
    -War is declared between Sylva & Loess
    -The Plague hits
    -Loess finds refuge in Brilliant Pampas, Arthas is banished
    -Sinner takes control of Sylva
    -Pteron is born, first son of Wolfbane and Lepis
    -Sylva and Loess alliance is restored
    -Dovev is taken captive in Brilliant Pampas
    -Southlands established, Loess named first Kingdom of the South
    -Wolfbane's grandsire Wyrm returns, hunts for Bane
    -Pressured to protect his family, Wolfbane, Lepis & Marni flee Beqanna
    -Lepis becomes pregnant with the triplets
    -Living in safety for a few months, Bane and family return
    -Castile ascends throne of Loess
    -Visits grandmother Heartfire, now Queen of Nerine, to discuss getting rid of Wyrm
    -Gives Fire Breathing to Spring Equinox raffle
    -Challenges for title of Champion for Loess
    *Engages in the war between Loess and Tephra
    -Battles a stallion named Jakub
    *Loses son Gale to the Volcano during the war
    -Takes Gale's remains home
    -Plans with Lepis to leave Loess and assume power elsewhere
    -In the early morning hours, comes under attack from Wyrm, is taken to the beach
    -Heartfire comes to his rescue
    -Heartfire kills Wyrm, leaving his heart for Wolfbane to eat
    *Consumes Wyrm's power of self-manipulation, loses Invisibility and the wings he was born with
    -heads to Taiga with Lepis, intent on taking control there
    -Challenges Aten for control of Taiga, winner by forfeit

    Tephra Inhabitants (circa King Warrick)
    Nerine Inhabitants (circa Queen Breckin)
    Sylva inhabitants (circa King Arthas, King Sinner)
    Loess Inhabitants (circa King Arthas, King Wolfbane, King Castile)
    Taiga inhabitants (Circa Leader Wolfbane, Lepis)

    Full: Sawtooth (F)
    Half: Wildling (M), Dayé (F)
    Adopted: Gansey (M), Valensia (F)

    Spouse: None, Lepis
    Romantic Interests: Lilliana, Wishbone, Breckin

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