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    Wolfbane -- Year 210


    "She presses into him greedily, hungrily, and demands more. She does not know how to be gentle when she is with him—does not know how to quell the aching in her belly, the neediness in her touch. She would devour him whole. She would sacrifice herself completely. She would give and give and give—" --Tabytha, written by Laura


    Age: 22

    Gender: Stallion

    Breed: Friesian/Mustang Hybrid

    Height: 16.3

    Player: Aeris


    Color: Smoky Black Tobiano (Ee/aa/nCr/nT)

    Eyes: Silver(L), Orange(R)

    Markings: Gold band on face arching toward eyes then down to his jaw

    Mane & Tail: Metallic Bronze




    Parents: Lior x Nayl

    Children: Velk & Valdis (x Solace) Santana & Raul (x Sabra) Reia (x Sochi) Gilt (x Starlin) Nikolaus (x Sochi) Ardran (x Epithet) Evir (x Epithet) Alcinder (x Oceane)


    Genetic Traits: Immortality, Dragon Shifting

    Non-Genetic Traits: Color Changing

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg [DRAGON SHIFTING][IMMORTALITY][WINGS][color changing*][animation][mind blocking]



    Castile was the firstborn between Lior and Nayl, Queen of Nerine at the time. He was raised on the sandy shores until he was approximately two years old. Nayl, with her increasing list of enemies and political tension, feared that someone would use Castile against her. Castile was a loved child, so he didn’t mind keeping in close proximity of his family, especially when his younger sibling, Isobell, was born.
    - Castile lived in Hyaline for a brief while and took to the skies to alert Djinni in Sylva when a fire broke out in his home.
    - Ivar, a childhood friend, stole Castile and kept him in Sylva for a while before he went briefly missing.
    - Upon returning to Hyaline, a mare named Ciri caught his eye. He attempted pursuit, but ceased when she admitted her love for his friend, Amet.
    - Sulking in the river, he met Solace and was quickly intrigued by her which led to infatuation that he never openly admitted to.
    - Castile decided to move to Loess, following Ivar, and was eventually made Regent to watch over Lepis as Queen.
    - Castile met Karaugh in the Meadow and she somehow ignited his dragon shifting.
    - Won his first fight at 3 years old against Krigare. Parts of his body shifted to dragon, resulting in having his first small taste of blood during the battle.
    - He was chosen as a representative of Loess to participate in the Alliance. After battling and defeating Sabra, he went to check on her in Sylva and they developed a mutual interest. - The fear of the monster he had become forced Castile into seclusion.
    - Castile unfortunately missed the birth of both sets of twins during his escape. He returned when they were two years old. In that time, however, Solace found love with Kagerus. Sabra waited for him but her health was declining. Since then, he promised to be a more active part in their lives and the lives of his children.
    - Sabra was taped and murdered by Klaudius in Nerine. Enraged, Castile shifted into his dragon form and killed Klaudius by breaking his leg, slicing him open from neck to abdomen, then slowly burned him alive. After seeing Sabra murdered, Castile spiraled out of control That is when he met Sochi and reconnected with Starlin that resulted in their children the same season. He used lust to cover his pain.
    - This changed Castile and nowhere has embraced his power. He remains a family man but shows some aggression to outsiders. He is grunpier and more protective now.
    - Castile spent 1+ months on a rocky outcropping offshore of Nerine with Sabra's corpse in hopes something would happen. Sure enough, her immortality brought her to life, but Klaudius impregnated her. Castile refuses to call the child his own or raise it which is creating a great deal of tension between him and Sabra.
    - Castile murdered Klaudius by breaking his leg, splitting him open, and slowly burning him alive.
    -Castile went to live on Icicle Island but he had no care for the cold or serving an absent Queen. With jealousy and rage coursing through him, he took over the Island Resort after defeating Tiphon. This angered many of the members of the Island as they appeared out of the woodwork in protest. A vote was held, much to his dismay because he much prefers fighting, and he consequentially lost.
    - He told Sochi and Reia to turn their eyes to Loess as he wants them there with him. A young, power hungry and volatile dragon, Castile simply wanted a place to command. With his relationship to Sabra destroyed, he focused his energy on himself.
    - Soon after arriving to Loess, a former home, he became its King.
    - war vs Tephra. Leliana constructed a maze in Loess while Castile, Litotes, Wolfbane, and Loessian members attacked and set Tephra aflame.
    - Sinner challenged Castile for Sylva to be the kingdom. Castile won, therefore unseating Sinner and Mary.
    - With Loess in possession of some prisoners, Leliana created a war to save and protect the healers. She created a giant maze in Loess that harmed some children, while Castile and some of his comrades went to Tephra to burn it down and cause havoc. They burned and destroyed half of the kingdom before Leliana created portals that transported everyone outside of Tephra. Injured by Aziz's terrakinesis, Castile returned home to focus on Loess and continue building its strength. Nikolaus, his son, was teleported elsewhere and injured. He was missing for the first year or so of his life.
    - Castile dropped the 'L' bomb and confessed how much Sochi mattered to him.
    -Lepis approached Castile not long after having taken over Taiga, stating that her home is increasing its strength and surpassing Nerine's. Her plan was to make Taiga the kingdom and Nerine a territory. Supporting the idea of the strongest lands being a kingdom, he agreed to back Lepis in this endeavor. Word got out and Heartfire, Litotes, and Vulgaris confronted Castile and threatened him and Loess. -Desperate for more power and to reign as a greater dragon than the others sprouting throughout the land, Castile went to the Mountain. The Wysteria Faerie refused him a quest, but took away his ability to shift for a year. During this time, Heartfire ended up disappearing and the previous threat dissipated, thankfully. -Castile took part in Craft’s quest, saving her from Garbage and obtaining a gold marking as a reward (TBD). He confronted her in the meadow, asking about the stallion while wondering why he has the same orange eye as her murderer. -Met Straia in the meadow – a magical entity – and was convinced that she could help him rise and forge an empire. -Still greedy, Castile returned to the Wysteria Faerie, once again demanding a quest for more power. His lesson from having his shifting revoked was how heavily he identified with it. It’s a great part of who – and what – he is. Hearing him,  the Wysteria Faerie granted him a quest. He is permanently a dragon and needs to learn 3 lessons. During this time, Castile will lose his memories and become more draconic, less equine. -Alcinder is born in the forest. Son of Castile and Oceane. Sochi finds out, finds the pair, and confronts Castile as his shifted self. Cue “Love the Way You Lie” by Rihanna and Eminem. Sochi and Castile break up, but he refuses to give up on them even after gaslighting the situation because of his pride. -Pangea starts stealing members of Loess for the taste of chaos. -Castile is losing grip of his true self by this point in time, caving into his draconic whims and instincts as they take over. When Ilma visits Loess, he tells her to announce Oceane as his successor if he completely loses himself. Unfortunately, at this time, Oceane has been stolen to Pangea. -Losing himself, Castile’s dragon half fabricates memories to pit him against Icicle Isle. Waking up one morning, Castile decides to burn the island. In the process, his left wing gets torn by Beryl’s lion claws at the innermost part, and Ruinam manages to pull him through the air by the tail. New battle scars. -Castile resigns as Loess’ King. -Reunion at the river between Castile (still a dragon) and Sabra. They, for the first time in over a decade, were civil with one another and had a reasonably enjoyable conversation. She asked to stay in Loess, which he agreed to, before leaving Loess. -Participated in Straia's quest, but lost to Lepis and Sochi. - Once the curse of being stuck as a dragon lifted, he sought out Sochi in attempts to reconcile. She reiterated that they cannot go back to what they were, but Castile told her she

    In dragon form (image lacks color)

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