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    Svedka -- Year 212


    “He only knows home in his dreams and even those dreams do not mimic large, centuries-old redwoods. Lio doesn't remember the last time he laid his head down and truly felt comfortable.” --Elio, written by Phaetra


    Age: adult

    Gender: Mare

    Breed: hybrid

    Height: 14.2 hh

    Player: Kahzie

    more art available here

    Color: perlino dun tobiano with navy points ()

    Eyes: blue grey

    Markings: strong navy primitive dun markings

    Mane & Tail: navy blue to white ombre

    Lepis is a small, sturdily build perlino dun tobiano mare. Her dun markings (leg stripes, shoulder barring, cobwebbing on forehead, and dorsal stripe) are all a deep navy blue. Her mane and tail are also navy blue, but are heavily frosted and appear to ombre from deep blue at her skin to nearly white at the ends. She is starting to show signs of aging.

    She has blue-grey eyes and wings that have a pattern similar to that of a red-winged blackbird (mostly the same pale gold as her coat, with navy blue where the bird is red and lighter blue where it is yellow).

    Along her ribcage and shoulders are countless hoof-scars, and her withers and the crest of her neck are covered in scars from teeth-marks, a result of her time spent in Sylva where she was repeatedly abused. As time has passed, the ridges of scar tissue have grown smaller and navy blue hair has begun to grow over the numerous hoof and teeth marks. The sharp contrast of navy blue on gold makes the origin of her injuries even more obvious, especially in the warmer months.


    INFJ personality
    + decisive, convincing, determined, insightful
    - sensitive, stubborn, perfectionist, private, easily offended
    o mildly narcissistic, PTSD


    Ivar x Heda

    stillborn (x Arthas) - born BQ 197
    Pteron (x Wolfbane) - born BQ 200
    Marni (x Wolfbane) - born BQ 201
    Tiercel (x Wolfbane) - born BQ 202
    Eyas (x Wolfbane) - born BQ 202
    Gale (x Wolfbane) - born BQ 202
    Celina (x Wolfbane) - born BQ 204
    Elio (x Wolfbane) - born BQ 205
    Kestrell (father undeclared, but visibly Castile's) - born BQ 209


    Genetic Traits: peace manipulation, empathic projection, wings, serial immortality

    Non-Genetic Traits: thought projection

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg[EMPATHIC PROJECTION][WINGS][PEACE MANIPULATION][SERIAL IMMORTALITY][THOUGHT PROJECTION*][kelpie mimicry][happiness induction][immortality]

    Defects: heavy scarring


    BQ 194
    - Lepis is born in Loess, and made Queen the moment she took her first breath
    - grows up in Loess under the guidance of her mother Heda, and pseudo-Uncle Castile

    BQ 195
    - Lepis meets Arthas and develops her first crush
    - She gives Loess to Arthas to prove her affection, and he sends the yearling to Sylva as a gift for king Modicum Mortem

    BQ 196
    - Lepis is beaten and tortured for over a year in Sylva
    - Arthas finds Lepis shortly after the King of Sylva breaks both her wings, and brings her back to Loess as his wife

    BQ 197
    - Lepis gives birth to Arthas’ stillborn son, and hours later adopts the orphaned Delta
    - Wolfbane asks Lepis if she will serve as Loess’ Cleric, and she accepts x
    - Lepis develops a friendship with Wolfbane

    BQ 198
    - Lepis is captured by Hyaline and serves a 2 month sentence
    - Lepis realizes that her husband is not faithful, and that she does not mind
    - in the winter, Arthas takes over Sylva, and brings Lepis with him as his queen x

    BQ 199
    - Lepis spends most of her time in Loess despite her position in Sylva
    - A cosmic deity kidnaps and seduces her, cementing her lack of love for Arthas
    - Lepis grows closer to Wolfbane, and eventually declares her love for him x
    - Lepis tells Arthas that she is leaving him, but does not tell him why
    - Arthas declares war between Sylva and Loess after discovering that Lepis has left him for Wolfbane
    - The Plague strikes immediately afterward

    BQ 200
    - Lepis gives birth to Pteron in Brilliant Pampas, where she, Wolfbane, and the rest of Loess have fled for safety
    - Lepis refuses to allow Sylva to shelter in the safeland with them, and as a result Arthas is killed shortly after by the Plague

    BQ 201
    - Lepis and Wolfbane flee Beqanna in an attempt to hide from Wyrm
    - Lepis gives birth to Marni outside Beqanna

    BQ 202
    - Lepis and Wolfbane return to Beqanna
    - Lepis gives birth to triplets Eyas, Tiercel, and Gale in Brilliant Pampas
    - The family moves back to Loess

    BQ 203 - Gale becomes a casualty of the Tephran/Loess war
    - Seeking revenge for his death and peace for Beqanna, Lepis and Wolfbane plotted
    - Lepis and Wolfbane take over Taiga from Aten without bloodshed

    BQ 204
    - Lepis gives birth to Celina in Taiga
    - Lepis approaches Heartfire, Queen of Nerine, and asks for the kingdom position for Taiga or for freedom to pledge to Loess. She gets neither
    - Wolfbane disappears in the early winter

    BQ 205
    - Lepis gives birth to Elio in Taiga
    - After 9 months away, Wolfbane returns
    - Lepis and Wolfbane argue; she tells him to leave
    - Meets Risk in the Meadow
    - Starsin tells Lepis that Wolfbane has been unfaithful
    - Castile offers to share the crown of Loess
    - Wolfbane and Lepis argue and divorce
    - Lepis considers accepting Castile’s offer

    BQ 206
    - Tells Elio they will be leaving Taiga for Loess
    - Grows distant from Celina
    - Appoints Pteron as leader of Taiga
    - Begins living in Loess at the start of Summer
    - Meets Dracarys
    - Meets Leliana at the River and discovers Bane is Cursed
    - accepts position of Cleric in Loess

    BQ 207
    - Meets Oceane in Loess, becomes friends
    - Meets Tipper in Loess, who is actually a disguised Bane, asks him to steal Brennen and Jesper
    - Visited by Gale, who she assumes is a disguised Wolfbane, and drives him away
    - Travels to Nerine to learn more from Heartfire about the Curse, meets Neverwhere instead
    - is saved by from a Pangean steal by Oceane
    -'Tipper' returns having successfully stolen Jesper, and is revealed to be Wolfbane
    - Meets Lilliana while returning from Nerine
    - finds Alcinder returned to Loess

    BQ 208
    - takes over Loess in Castile's absense
    - visits Oceane who is captive in Pangea
    - recruits Lomasi, meeting Tickaani and Mikael
    - talks to Castile about events in Icicle Isle, ending with him leaving Loess
    - recruits Lomasi to Loess
    - visits Tephra with Lomasi
    - talks to Dracarys in Loess about events Icicle Isle
    - tells Castile not to steal Oceane back, he later does so anyway
    - meets Questa at the River
    - recruits Larentia in the Field, meeting Toivo and Raul as well
    - visits Noah in Brilliant Pampas
    - meets with Oceane, recently returned from Pangea
    - visits Nerine with the intent of offering help to displaced Icicle Isle residents
    - attacked by Wolfbane, disguised as Castile

    BQ 209
    - attempts to recruit Ayasha
    - gives birth to Kestrell, who appears to be Castile's son
    - discusses kingdom relations with Oceane
    - speaks with Izora Lethia about the Quest she is on
    - meets Mesec
    - appoints Pteron as Loess' champion
    - begins heavy use of peace manipulation in the the south (Loess, Brilliant Pampas, and Sylva)

    BQ 210
    - steps down from position as Queen of the South, giving it instead to Oceane
    - takes the title "Queen of Loess"

    BQ 211
    - dies during the Burning of Loess

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