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    Wolfbane -- Year 210


    "She presses into him greedily, hungrily, and demands more. She does not know how to be gentle when she is with him—does not know how to quell the aching in her belly, the neediness in her touch. She would devour him whole. She would sacrifice herself completely. She would give and give and give—" --Tabytha, written by Laura

    Taiga Leader

    Age: 20

    Gender: Stallion

    Breed: Warlander/Quarter Horse

    Height: 17.1 hands

    Player: GamerGirl63


    Color: Gold champagne roan (ee/Aa/nCh/Rr)

    Eyes: Brown

    Markings: None

    Mane & Tail: Dark brown

    Aten's coat is a shimmering gold champagne with roan dappling throughout the rest of the seasons beyond winter. When the cold season causes his coat to grow, he looks shaggier and thicker than he normally is. At an impressive full height, the stallion's frame is bulked with muscle gained through training and his life surviving as a bachelor. However, his brown eyes maintain a calm demeanor, reflecting the peaceful state of mind he is known for. Due to his acquired trait of dragon mimicry, when changing his form, Aten's coat retains it's golden color but shifts into diamond-hard scales. His coat shimmers in a different pattern to show the change. His hooves shift into dragon paws with long silver claws. He also has the power to breathe fire; his tongue and gums become coated in a much thicker layer of saliva that can be seen dripping from behind his front teeth to protect his mouth. Despite not having sharp teeth, his bite pressure does grow to reflect the dragon's nature now inside him. Aten's most recent gain is a long, tough pointed horn in the center of his forehead. The outside has a light swirl pattern that winds up to the tip of the horn. The horn itself is a light golden color blended with white, it goes completely white at the tip, and begins to blend into a darker golden brown the closer it gets to Aten's body.


    Aten has inherited the mind of his dam and the impulses of his sire. He is able to keep a level head in most situations, but, like his father, is prone to act on the choices of his heart to protect the ones he loves. He stands up for what he believes in and does not often back down from a challenge. However, he also knows when it is un/wise to fight, unlike his more impulsive father and some of his herd mates. The stallion is polite to most horses he meets, unless they give him a reason to behave otherwise. He respects mares and stallions alike for their individual strengths and what makes them different. He is loyal and will do whatever he can to protect his kingdom and his family. Despite these good qualities, Aten is not without his faults. He can be brash sometimes and doesn't always think everything through, including the words that come out of his mouth despite being careful. He also does not like to follow orders all the time, believing that his solution might be better. He does respect the kingdom monarchs and will more than likely listen to him unless his gut gives him a better reason to follow through with his own opinion. Aten has incredible instinct and a somewhat 'sixth' sense for sensing danger; he is good at reading signs of trouble and often picks up on danger before most. Aten does look forward to the day when he can impress his sire, even in death, by proving himself to be a worthy stallion and lead a herd on his own. After the destruction of Taiga by the ocean and forest fire, Aten was stunned into a brief period of silence, causing him to appear apathetic. Though he has since regained most of his former self, Aten is now a very quiet individual, a shell waiting to be cracked open and have his heart healed so he can once again be the loyal, caring, outspoken, stubborn many of his former friends commended him for. Due to his time of solitude life as a bachelor, a time harsher than when he lived alone as a young colt, Aten has grown a thick backbone and will take no nonsense from anyone. He will no longer bead around the bush with any matter, and can be very upfront when trying to resolve a problem. Despite this, he maintains his respectful persona. He also, at times, has recurring nightmares of his home's destruction, as well as Beqanna's Reckoning, both brought on by Taiga's annihilation. He will often wake up in the middle of the night with a scream, but does his best to control them if he is around other sleeping individuals. However, despite his best efforts, the darkness in his heart has not been quelled enough to dispel the nightmares.


    Parents: Archam x Anahi

    Children: Popinjay (adopted daughter w/ Lethia) - 08/19 Owin (foster son through Lethia) - 8/6/19 Kalil (x Izora Lethia) - 9/23/19 Orian (adopted daughter through Lethia) - 9/19


    Genetic Traits: Companion Animal, Dragon Mimicry (Dragon Scales, Dragon Claws, Firebreathing)

    Non-Genetic Traits: Horn

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg [COMPANION ANIMAL] [DRAGON MIMICRY] [HORN*]

    Defects: N/A


    Aten is the fourth foal and second colt of Archam and Anahi. He was born a year before Beqanna's reckoning. During the chaos, he was separated from Anahi and came into contact with Sirana when it was over. He spent a brief period of time with her before setting out on his own due to Njenyi chasing him away from the herd, feeling the colt was a threat. Aten spent a lot of time on his own, still not knowing where his dam resided. By the time he was three, enough information had been passed around for him to learn that she and Eiria resided in the new kingdom of Sylva, under Djinni's leadership. Still wanting to be his own stallion, Aten lived the life of a bachelor for a number of years. Once he turned five, he wished to settle down his own life in a kingdom and make something of a name for himself, find a mare to love, and perhaps one day have his own herd in addition to supporting the kingdom. This desire led him through several different places before he finally settled on Taiga. Aten was in the beginning stages of forming a friendship with Ruan's adopted filly, Jinju, before Taiga's destruction. He had developed a small crush on her, but would not say so since their friendship had not developed into anything concrete yet. He had also formed a bond with Ruan, the kingdom's leader, and treated him with the respect a son would show his father. Despite not having had contact with them for some time, he still thinks of them often and wishes they remain safe. Aten has small burn scars on the backside of his pasterns that occurred during a forest fire. As times goes on, the hair will start to grow back and cover them up, but they cause him pain when he moves. Aten went on to participate in Nerine's gladiator fight. Following his time of training and the fight, the stallion has become thicker with muscle and has a bulkier frame. Aten's residence in the Taiga was terminated since disaster had overtaken his home and it had been consumed by lava and water. Aten managed to get out, but not without injury. Following his home's destruction, and the strange 'rebirth' of his friend/crush Jinju, Aten took to living a nomadic life, stealing away to the forests of Beqanna to live in solitude. He came out of hiding in the year 201. After time hiding away, Aten has once again found a home in Taiga with his friend and mentor, Ruan, along with a number of other horses he chooses to call friends. In the year 199, Aten hit his physical peak and now stands at his full height. In the year 201, Aten was informed by his friend and leader of Taiga, Lilitha, that she would be stepping down. As of Autumn in the year 201, Aten was chosen by Lilitha to inherit the mantle as Taiga's leader. Following his inheriting of Taiga's leadership, Aten also gained the companionship of a Gyrfalcon named Turul. He proves to be a good conscience to talk to, as well as a valuable ally in the winter when his feathers blend into the snow so he may keep an eye out for trouble. During his first year of leadership, Aten met and recruited a mare named Izora Lethia to Taiga's ranks. He currently maintains a strong friendship with her and has entrusted the diplomacy cast to her once her skill improves. Aten now currently has a romantic relationship with her. He has also become a father figure to Popinjay, a filly that Lethia has taken in, and, when he starts to grow, to Owin, Lethia's new colt. The arrival of Lethia's newly adopted daughter, Orion, is something Aten is unaware of. A year after he inherited Taiga, Lepis and Wolfbane arrived and forced Aten's hoof to surrender rather than endanger his home and his friend. Aten has been placed in the ranks of Taiga champion, and, to this day, maintains a hatred toward the two for taking away his kingdom and preventing him from keeping his promise. In the summer of Year 207, Aten was handed back leadership of Taiga from Pteron, who has returned to Ischia.

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