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    version 22: awakening


    OCEANE -- Year 208


    "Because if she had not met him, she knew she would have been searching her whole life for the piece that he filled her heart with." -- Eva, written by Shelbi

    [open]  Bloodfeather || Jakub - Any ||


    At least there’s one among them who could be considered honorable. If he wasn’t currently barreling towards the shoreline, hide lit by the growing inferno and chaos behind him, Wolfbane might even be slightly impressed. Brave words, he thinks when he levels out, but brave words don’t float sinking ships.

    Actions do.

    Jakub is a flashing streak of gunmetal black, rising up from the ever-lapping shoreline to meet his attacker in a way that keeps Bane focused and centered, the night growing darker and darker. Whatever was behind the encroaching shadows was doing a good enough job that the horses gathered in fear, hooves stamping into the ocean spray, begin to fade from the scenery around them.

    Both stallions seem to be distended in a void; the pegasus is bent-kneed before he jerks his head aside to ram from above. Tangled, one of his wings snaps forward and the other gets caught underneath a hoof, or what he feels could be a hoof as he’s sent spiraling to one side. Onyx colored sand bursts up around him when Wolfbane tumbles and rolls, made even darker by the efforts of one Litotes at the border far away from the clashing stallions.

    A sharp pain, fleeting but present, aches through the right side of Wolfbane’s body as he scrambles up again at the ready. That wing will be useless for a bit longer; he tucks it limply to his side and pulls the working one close, searching for Jakub. “I won’t kill you just yet, boy.” The invader promises, hard-pressed to see a flicker of movement since the one he’s chosen is well-cloaked by the shadows.

    He could easily go invisible as well but pride and bloodlust prevent it. Instead he barks, “Defend your homeland like a true warrior and I might consider ignoring the weak ones, after I finish with you.”

    United with Lepis || Warrior of Loess || Father to Five

    Jakub - for the readers: battle discussed and approved with both parties via discord
    [Image: Wolfbane2.png][Image: 3bCHvj.png]

    Those he had attempted to gather seemed to dissipate as the inky black swirled around him. The golden pegasus closing in quickly, what proximity the winged horse gained in the air Jakub made up for on land. His thin, lean body shooting across the deteriorating land like a bullet projected into a black hole of eternity.

    Jakub's vision struggled to adjust to the shrouding shadows but soon found the now dull gold of his opponent before he hit the ground, a black plumage of sand distorting his vision. Jakub corrected his course slightly, his young body responding fluidly to the change of direction.

    A shiver of energy spiked through his body as he heard the powerful voice rise up infront of his I won't kill you just yet, boy. Defend your home like a true warrior and I might consider ignoring the weak ones after I finish with you Fury rose in Jakub, his jaw pulling tight. " How cowardly one must be to find pleasure in cutting down the weak" he hissed back pulling out of the shadows that had hidden him so well.

    Jakub had familiarized his bodys limits amongst Tephras land, he dug his hooves deep into the now charred sand just in time to swing his barrel and haunches full force into the pegasus already injured wing, hoping to solidify the injury with a solid break. Jakub's muscles pulled tight embracing the impact as he tucked his chin low, teeth bared, and snarling.


    and out he came, holding his brothers heel

    Tephra inhabitant (Alpha)


    There, Wolfbane located Jakub the instant his opponent opened his mouth. Baiting had worked, cheap trick that it was, but he had a sense of direction from which way the attacker would come. “Your Queen Bane hissed, squaring his hind feet with a sideways shift so that the two were parallel in the the dark rains, “is more than guilty of the same offense.”

    Just ask his son, perhaps still trapped and frightened by Leliana’s garden.
    Just ask the countless in Loess still struggling to make their way through a hellish maze of poison and magic.

    War was never fair.

    Jakub arches down, smoothly connecting his kick with Bane’s nearly-healed wing. The hairline fracture bends under the pressure and snaps anew, splintering in a way that makes him momentarily agonize. He takes advantage of their relative position, of the fact that Jakub has lowered his head and the way he’s prepared his hind feet; lunging ahead with a wide open jaw, Wolfbane bites hard at the black’s withers.

    Though younger and of nearly the same height, the elder stallion is much more thick of bone and muscle. He pushes his weight onto the boy’s back and clamps, tearing.

    His wing suffers, lightning flashes through Tephra’s darkness and the cacophony seems to be waning. More horses have joined in elsewhere but that’s not what catches Wolfbane’s attention.

    High at the summit of the Volcano a silhouette stands, hesitating, before falling backwards into the belly of the beast. “NO!” The Loessian roars, Jakub forgotten as he shoves painfully away from the youngling.

    He thinks perhaps it’s Leliana, using her magic against free will and forcing sacrifices. He can’t tell that it’s his friend - one of his oldest, most beloved of comrades - who chooses the death himself. Another blade of lightning slices across the rain-veiled sky, illuminating a smaller speck that tumbles haphazardly towards danger. “No! STOP!” He screams uselessly, one wing bobbing against his side as he takes off across the muddy plains.

    United with Lepis || Warrior of Loess || Father to Five

    Jakub - This will be my last reply! He’s off to try and save his son D:
    [Image: Wolfbane2.png][Image: 3bCHvj.png]

    Jakub hears the crack as his blow meets its target. For a split second he is filled with triumph in this small win, but only for a split second. The golden stallions teeth find his slick withers, digging deep into his skin, tendons, and muscle and ripping away his flesh.

    Pure agony clashes through his mind as he collapses to the sand below him, sand mixed of water, magma, and ash. A darkness claims his eyes (the works of a mare he doesn't know). Jakub hears his opponent scream in horror and take off across Tephra, his hooves beating in Jakub's skull.

    Jakub had never felt this kind of pain, his body paralyzed as blood gushed from the gaping hole left in his withers. His breathing labored, and his sight already gone Jakub's consciousness travels to a land of heated dreams. He had failed.


    and out he came, holding his brothers heel

    Wolfbane D: oh no!!! Pleasure fighting with you (; .. would you mind if this thread goes open to anyone so someone can save him!
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