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    Wolfbane -- Year 210


    "She presses into him greedily, hungrily, and demands more. She does not know how to be gentle when she is with him—does not know how to quell the aching in her belly, the neediness in her touch. She would devour him whole. She would sacrifice herself completely. She would give and give and give—" --Tabytha, written by Laura

    the healer

    Age: --

    Gender: Mare

    Breed: hybrid

    Height: 15.2hh

    Player: laura


    Color: mahogany bay (Ee/Aa)

    Eyes: hazel

    Markings: crimson points

    Mane & Tail: crimson w/ red flowers



    leliana spent much of her life living on the outside of the world, watching but not actively participating. she is a steady presence and does her best to hide away the true depth of her emotions, regardless of which extreme. she gives most of herself away and will heal others, even to the point of exhaustion. she takes great pride in being a good wife, mother, and sister. her children are her pride and joy, despite the sometimes painful circumstances surrounding them. in all things, she is calm and maintains control of her emotions. she can be a romantic at heart and has an endless capacity for love.


    gendry & victra

    Children: all children with vulgaris
    * adna (f) equus viperous
    * sabbath (f) equus viperous, horn
    * malca (f) singular regeneration, kelpie mimicry
    * linnea (f) equus arbor
    * chronos (m) anaconda shifting, water immunity
    * larke (f) horn, healing
    * saint (f) plant dragon shifting
    * drache (m) plant dragon shifting
    * meraki (f) equus plantae, wings
    * linnet (f) water immunity, horn, singular regeneration


    Genetic Traits: plant magic

    Non-Genetic Traits: shapeshifting wings

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg [PLANT MAGIC][FLOWERS][SHAPESHIFTING WINGS*][beak][immortality][healing][singular regeneration]

    Defects: --


    YEAR 188
    * leliana and her twin exist are born during the reckoning on the mountain. leliana names her sister.
    * shortly after, exist restores her powers and they regain their wings and their gift of healing.

    YEAR 189-190
    * leliana spends much of her time wandering around the common lands, healing others from afar.
    * her and her sister move to tephra where their “uncle” magnus watches over them.
    * during one visit to the meadow, she takes a nap and meets dovev who has lost his memories.
    * after dovev flees, she takes the one word he told her (ischia) and goes to meet him there.
    * in ischia, dovev takes her to his home. she realizes she has feelings for him and spends the night.
    * her and dovev continue to run into one another and her feelings for the stallion intensify.
    * during a rainstorm, she meets rhonen and they share their stories together, becoming unlikely friends.
    * heartfire finds leliana in the meadow and takes her sight, showing her why she shouldn’t love dovev.
    * zoryn, someone in dovev’s life, finds and attacks her, leaving her seriously wounded.
    * dovev comes to tephra to find her, seeing that she refuses to heal herself from zoryn’s attack.
    * dovev regains his memories and leliana feels intense guilt for loving someone who is already loved.
    * while in tephra, magnus intervenes with her and dovev, bringing his daughter to them. leliana flees.
    * in the meadow, she meets dovev’s mentor ashley and heartfire before briefly reuniting with dovev.

    YEAR 191-197
    * for several years, leliana withdraws and spends time by herself.
    * she continues to heal but doesn’t interact with anyone else and grows distant.

    YEAR 198
    * she returns to beqanna and meets vulgaris where she quickly develops feelings for him.
    * in the meadow, she meets abysm who she bonds with over their mutual pain.
    * she meets vulgaris again by the river and he offers to take her to his home in loess.
    * she meets rhonen once more and gets introduced to his daughter noah.
    * leliana lives in loess, feeling herself care for vulgaris despite knowing he is hiding things from her.

    YEAR 199
    * dovev returns with his memories tampered with but grows upset when he sees she is pregnant.
    * leliana gives birth to her first child, a little girl named adna who has her father’s snake qualities.
    * leliana and her sister exist are recruited to help heal warrick who is injured from his dealings with carnage.
    * no matter how hard they try to heal him though, they can only make him comfortable.
    * after leaving warrick, leliana tries to return home but passes out by the river.
    * dovev finds her and regains some of his memories her in his distress.
    * vulgaris fights him when he sees him standing over her. heartfire intervenes, dissolving the bank of the river.
    * dovev comes to find her in loess and takes her to his friend / lover for her to heal.
    * vulgaris smells dovev and uses it as an excuse to drive her from loess to protect her from his sister.
    * she flees loess and is comforted separately by both chaol and vulgaris’ sister khuma.
    * leliana send her daughter adna to be safe in tephra before flying to pangea to try and protect her friend rhonen. she is unsuccessful.
    * dovev finds and tries to protect her during this but they are separated in the aftermath.

    YEAR 200
    * chaol finds her and she asks him to send a message to adna, letting her know she is safe.
    * eventually, vulgaris finds her to apologize. during this reunion, she gives birth to sabbath by the river in winter.
    * she returns to loess but splits her time between there and island resort where she meets cress and tiphon.
    * she agrees to help both tiphon and cress in their quest to heal as many as they can from the plague.
    * leliana contracts the plague and grows sick but continues to work to try and heal others.
    * dovev brings heartfire to her and, although she is hurt by their relationship, she tries to heal the mare.
    * leliana participates in the icicle isle quest where she works together with wallace and illum.
    * eventually, leliana is healed from the plague and returns home to be with her family.
    * vulgaris goes to the mountain to try and help leliana heal others but carnage takes his memory instead.
    * when he returns, he attacks and forces himself on leliana who is deeply affected by the incident.
    * she begins to spend most of her time at the island resort, although she doesn’t abandon her family.

    YEAR 201
    * chaol finds her in the aftermath of vulgaris’ attack and tries to comfort her, but she feels nothing.
    * dovev finds her at island resort and she realizes that she still has feelings for him.
    * for the first time, leliana gives birth alone to her third daughter and names her malca.
    * she meets abysm again and he helps take her mind off her pain by taking her to the dream world.
    * leliana unknowingly meets vulgaris’ son with his sister shiya and offers to adopt him.
    * leliana participates in another quest in the brilliant pampas and wins flowers in her mane as a result.
    * vulgaris finds her in island resort and brings her back to loess where he holds her captive as a healer.

    YEAR 202
    * she spends months captive, growing more and more ill as she does her best to care for malca.
    * eventually, darling comes and helps reunite her with vulgaris who regains his memories.

    YEAR 203
    * leliana gives birth to the twins larke and chronos at the same time that the cure hits beqanna.
    * during this time, she gains magic which overtakes her and then overwhelms her mind completely.
    * she leaves loess and returns to tephra where she sets out on a vendetta against loess.
    * magnus steps aside and gives her the crown, supporting her in her quest for justice.
    * she meets adria who asks her to give her ischia. leliana agrees and overthrows isobell.
    * vulgaris comes to her and she gives him an ultimatum, to stand with her or stand against her.
    * she helps rescue her friend cress from loess and brings her to safety. cress is later stolen back.
    * tensions continue to rise and leliana eventually makes the first move against loess by building a maze in their home as a warning.
    * her magic goes haywire though and the maze becomes dangerous, hurting several loessian children.
    * loess retaliates by raiding tephra, setting it on fire while leliana does her best to shield what she can with brennen’s help.
    * she watches vulgaris fall into the volcano and it then explodes. she creates portals to let people escape before she falls under the magma.
    * after several days, leliana returns to life and sets to begin rebuilding tephra from the ashes.
    * her memories and control of her mind begin to return to her and she goes to the afterlife to reunite with vulgaris and bring him home.
    * while there, she discovered her daughter linnea had died, as well. she brings her back but needs to spend several months “regrowing” her to bring her back to life.

    YEAR 204
    * in an attempt to bring out peace, she works with kensa to throw a masquerade party in hyaline.
    * she travels to loess to negotiate a treaty but is denied. she tells castile she won’t let tephra be harmed again.
    * she continues to regrow tephra and build relationships with others including jakob, isilya, and rae.
    * her and vulgaris begin to build trust once more, falling in love with each other all over again.
    * she gives birth to another pair of twins, saint and drache, who eventually turn into plant dragons.
    * she travels to nerine to meet heartfire. the two overcome their history and decide to work together to stand against loess.
    * sabbath returns home and leliana gets to meet her very first grandchild, prayer.
    * in a visit from ischia, leliana meets vita, learning that she has another half-sister.
    * linnea finally wakes up and asks for nikolaus, the son of castile and sochi.
    * leliana searches and finds him isolated in icicle isle. she brings in tephra to heal his wounds, before sending him home.

    YEAR 205
    * leliana grows tired of leading tephra and asks vulgaris to take over, handing him the crown.
    * maleficar wakes from the volcano and they spend time getting to know one another.
    * wolfbane comes to tephra and, despite her reservations from the war, she does her best to help him but eventually fails.

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