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    Svedka -- Year 212


    “He only knows home in his dreams and even those dreams do not mimic large, centuries-old redwoods. Lio doesn't remember the last time he laid his head down and truly felt comfortable.” --Elio, written by Phaetra

    love is madness


    Gender: Mare

    Breed: Mustang

    Height: 15hh

    Player: Lyr


    Color: Liver Chestnut & Gold Sabino (ee/AA/nSb)

    Eyes: Topaz

    Markings: White and gold sabino markings

    Mane & Tail: Flaxen


    • pleasure driven
    • flirtatious
    • bold
    • intense
    • curious
    • ...will probably try to fuck you <3

    Notable Quotes on Personality

    "Despite being rugged and a bit unpredictable she is feminine and charming. People notice Kensa, and not just because she forces them to with the sheer strength of her gregariousness. There will be love for her, never too little, probably too much. She has enough passion in her to meet the tide, to match it, even overtake it. If she stays out of her own way, that is." - from guess i'm a coward (kensa)


    Parents: unknown x unknown


    Astarielle (Adopted)

    Brunhilde [x Litotes]

    Crynn (Adopted)

    Valek [x Ivar]

    Kelynen [x Litotes]

    Risk (Adopted)


    Genetic Traits: Enhanced Beauty, Water Teleportation, Super Fertile

    Non-Genetic Traits:




    Kensa was born to a family made up of four mares and two stallions involved in a commited polyamorous relationship. She was raised by all of them and is not entirely sure which were her biological parents and never cared to find out.

    At the age of three Kensa wished to leave home for a place unlike any she had been before and so came to Beqanna by means of whatever mysterious force so often deposits beings in that land. In the field she met Rhaegor and Magnus. Immediately taken with the mute colt she followed him back to Hyaline, becoming a resident there.

    Her first year in the mountain kingdom was spent exploring and getting to know others her age. She was one of many youngsters attracted to The Sanctuary by the charming Rhaegor and during the summer before the plague the mountains were overflowing with young hormonal horses. During this period Kensa met a melancholy stallion of her own age named Litotes. A romance sparked between the pair immediately, Kensa's vivacity drawing the cremello stallion like a moth to the flame. The two of them temporarily distracted from other potential conquests.

    When The Plague rolled over Beqanna Kensa could not leave Hyaline behind, and so remained in the mountain kingdom with Litotes, Solace, and a very few others to hold onto their alpine home. In time Hyaline was given to Litotes and Kensa to rule, a territory of the Eastern Kingdom.

    That Spring Kensa gave birth to her firstborn with Litotes, Brunhilde. They also adopted two other children Astarielle and Crynn..

    It wasn't long before Litotes attempted to capture Starsin from Loess. Vulgaris countered the steal and kept Litotes as his prisoner. Back in Hyaline Kensa was frightened and sick with three young children to care for. She went to the Cove to report his disappearance to Kagerus and Solace, she was not received warmly.

    Kensa made up her mind to go to Loess to try and ask its King to release Litotes. Instead she met Litotes there, he was in his lion form and the two fought. Litotes drew Kensa's blood before she fled back to Hyaline without seeing the king. Back in Hyaline Amet was placed opposite her in leadership. During this period she returned to Ischia, having met Ivar on a diplomatic mission and been attracted to him. He fathered the son she bore before the plagues end, Valek.

    The plague and its difficulties and betrayals fire-hardened Kensa. Following it she chose to move forward as the lone power in Hyaline. She'd had a difficult reunion with Litotes but became pregnant again. Ilma who had taken the throne after Solace and Kagerus stepped down at last turned it over to Dawn, Kensa's best friend. Kensa is reunited with Litotes again following his death trying to cure the plague, she births Kelynen but is unable to bond with the plain palomino boy.

    Kensa meets Leliana shortly before the war of thorns and fire that rages between the magician Queen of Tephra and the dragon King of Loess. She admires Leliana and considers her a friend, and her relationship with Castile is complicated by his relationship with her husband, their shared border, and the attraction she feels toward him. When Kensa goes to the battlefield, she does not fight anyone but attacks her Queen and friend Dawn before that woman can harm Litotes, the three of them scatter and Kensa helps Starsin to rescue a gravely wounded Ophanim.

    Following the atrocities of the war, Kensa returns to Hyaline determined to scrub away its history of pacifism. She hopes to see Hyaline become a place of pleasure, freedom, and the kinds of little disruptions that sate the wolves and rouse the sleepers. A visit to Ophanim in his Sylvan prison results in pregnancy with her second daughter, Soothe.

    In the time that follows Kensa has an affair with Starsin and falls in love with a young stallion named Brigade. Her marriage to Litotes comes to a terrible and painful end, though her love for him abides she has done unforgivable damage to her mate. Her focus becomes Hyaline and her children, though her feelings for Brigade are sure to further complicate her life.

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