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    Assailant -- Year 226


    "But the dream, the echo, slips from him as quickly as he had found it and as consciousness comes to him (a slap and not the gentle waves of oceanic tides), it dissolves entirely. His muscles relax as the cold claims him again, as the numbness sets in, and when his grey eyes open, there’s nothing but the faint after burn of a dream often trod and never remembered." --Brigade, written by Laura


    Age: 30

    Gender: Mare

    Breed: Hybrid

    Height: 15.2hh

    Player: Kuna


    Color: Purple pangare (Ee/Aa)

    Eyes: Glowing amber


    Mane & Tail: Dark purple

    ORIGINAL BODY (Jan 2018-Jan 2020): Wishbone was born as a bay (Ee/Aa) hybrid mare, standing at about 15.3hh. She was built both slender and agile, with long legs and high cheekbones. Her coloring was often described as mahogany with white half-pastern markings on her hind legs. She had a black mane and tail, which also had auburn highlights that were especially obvious in the summertime. Wishbone had amber eyes, which often showed the varying emotions she might've been feeling at the time. A plethora of scars decorated her body from her childhood and older years, the most obvious being a smattering of scars across her knees from trying to climb Tephra’s volcano as a child and a bite mark of teeth set against the crest of her neck.

    SECOND BODY (Jan 2020-Feb 2021): Wishbone’s second body is built much like a Thoroughbred. She stands at 16.2hh with a lean figure and generally “long” everything, from her head to her neck to her legs. She is deep black and the coloring extends from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail except for a gold-colored badger face on her finely-chiseled head. The feature that remains the most like her original body is her amber eyes. Additionally, a scar from a vulture claw travels from her left cheekbone to just above her brow, barely missing her left eye.

    THIRD BODY (Feb 2021-May 2021): Wishbone’s third body resembles an Andalusian, standing at 15.2hh. She has a long, broad neck and a deep chest, with strong hindquarters. She has a straight face and back. Her mane and tail are long, with her forelock often falling in front of her eyes. Wishbone’s amber eyes remain the same, but her body is colored an eggplant purple. In typical pangare, she has pale purple on her underside, muzzle, and around her eyes. Her mouth and nose are a dark purple (almost black) before fading into the pale purple and finally connecting with the eggplant purple of her body.

    FOURTH BODY (May 2021-Present): After Cursed Gale ripped out her heart during his attempt to find the twins, Wishbone was regenerated into the same form as her third body, only now she had a jagged glowing scar that cut across her chest.


    ZODIAC: Aries.

    TRAIT SPACES: Bone manipulation (4) + Regeneration (1) + Glowing (0) = 5 trait spaces.


    Parents: Warrick x Wound

    Delphi (x Ivar, female, twin to Rivuline)
        Hackett (x Ivar, male)
    Rivuline (x Ivar, female, twin to Delphi)
    Adopted: Malik (Gale x Mazikeen, male, twin to Sickle)
    Adopted: Sickle (Gale x Mazikeen, female, twin to Malik)


    Companion: Malou - Black jaguar

    Genetic Traits: Bone manipulation, Regeneration, Glowing

    Non-Genetic Traits:




    BQ YEAR 194 — JAN-FEB 2018
    Wishbone was born in the depths of Tephra from two close friends, Wound and Warrick. Although her parents were not lovers, both desired a child and thus their daughter was born. Wishbone’s birth almost ended badly, when a horse-turned-lioness named Diorae attempted to attack the weakened mother and her newborn. Thankfully, Warrick was there to protect his family alongside Longclaw, one of Wound’s closest friends, who warned them.

    Even from her youngest days, Wishbone spent all her time exploring as much of the world as she could. She grew up under the supervision of both her own parents and Longclaw and Femur, two other familial residents of Tephra. Her playmates included Longclaw and Femur’s children, most specifically their son Wolfbane and Longclaw’s daughter, Dayé. Her first friend outside this bundle was Trekori, who she met in the darkness of a spring night, and they explored Tephra and its shoreline together. And before her first birthday, Wishbone was adventuring past Tephra’s borders to meet new friends such as Khaedrik in the darkness of the Riverlands.

    In that same time-frame, Wishbone left Tephra with her mother on a diplomatic visit to Hyaline where her older half-sister, Solace, reigned as Caretaker. She met both Solace and her older half-brother Svedka there and spent the day enjoying their company while Wound was able to talk politics with their allies. She also met her father’s consort, Tangerine, who told her that her precognition spoke to her of a great adventure waiting for her in the future.

    BQ YEAR 195 — MAR-APR 2018
    Not long after, Wishbone traveled with her parents to Loess to visit the kingdom and meet the young queen at the time, Lepis. Again, within that same period of life, Wishbone participated in the Beqanna Games under the event category of Courage. Although she didn’t win anything for her team, the challenges taught her much.

    However, the political climate of Beqanna was also shifting. A diplomat of Nerine, Scorch, came to Warrick one day and proposed a blood alliance formulated by the exchanging of foals. After speaking with Wound, the Overseer offered the opportunity to Wishbone who excitedly took it. That summer, Wishbone arrived on Nerine’s shore to spend at least a year there.

    She began training with Scorch and another exchange student, Tähti, not long after and also participated in the tournament between Ischia and Nerine. Wishbone worked dutifully in her kingdom, always ready to greet newcomers. Her heart quickly exploded with pride and adoration for the cliffside kingdom.

    BQ YEAR 196 — MAY-JUN 2018
    Not long into Wishbone’s time in Nerine, the queen at the time, Hestia, passed away. Hestia met with Scorch in the moments of her death, giving her the kingdom. Scorch’s first decision as queen was to instate Wishbone as the heiress to Nerine, thereby ensuring her eventual rule of the Leviathans. The girl traveled to Hyaline once more, this time with Tähti and another Leviathan named Breckin, and met Kagerus there. Wishbone also sought out the company of her siblings, Svedka and Solace, and spoke to them individually of her promotion. It is during this visit that Wishbone learns of her sister’s pregnancy and a newfound love in Kagerus.

    It was during this same time that two old friends both arrived on Nerine’s borders searching for a mahogany-dressed girl. Wolfbane, her Tephran best friend, came to Nerine from Loess to visit Wishbone. Only days later, Khaedrik (the very same one she met in the Riverlands in her youth) also came to visit her. These encounters were exciting but confusing moments for Wishbone, as she began to realize how much she and her friends have grown. However, a new friend also came upon Wishbone — a suave stallion named Ivar with a reputation for drowning mares. Although their initial meeting was innocent, the pair grew passionate under the moon’s glow. From then on, Wishbone frequently met with Ivar when the stress of ruling a kingdom might’ve overwhelmed her.

    Despite Wishbone’s personal love life, Scorch sensed the changes coming to Beqanna and passed the crown to the heiress nearly a year following Hestia’s death. Wishbone began to thrive under the position of queen, slightly modifying the caste systems and incorporating different leadership positions. The threat of Sylva began to loom over the heads of Beqanna’s individuals and Wishbone was quick to further strengthen Nerine’s power by aiding in the foundation of the Allies, composed of Nerine, Tephra, Hyaline, and Ischia.

    In a random visit to Loess, Wishbone found Wolfbane again. Their adoration for one another had blossomed since the last time they saw one another, yet the queen was still very surprised when Wolfbane announced his rise to Loess’ throne since the last time they met.

    BQ YEAR 197 — JULY-AUG 2018
    After hearing some unsettling news involving Tephra’s throne, Wishbone is the first to use Loess’ new system and enlists the kingdom to kidnap a purple stallion named Klaudius after he threatens Warrick for his throne. However, not long after entrapping Klaudius with the assistance of Loess, Wishbone vanishes from Nerine and Beqanna itself with only a word written in the trees with bones. It is Breckin’s name, tying the Leviathan to the new title of Khaleesi in Wishbone’s absence.

    BQ YEARS 197-199 — AUG-DEC 2018
    Wishbone spent a few years wandering in the world of the Beyond, sating her desires to explore the unknown world. Eventually, Wishbone makes her way back to Beqanna and finds herself in Nerine. She meets a filly named Eurwen, who is actually the daughter of Breckin, the queen Wishbone had instilled on Nerine’s throne. As Wishbone begins to get her bearings, she visits Loess in hopes of finding Wolfbane again. She does find him and their reunion is both awkward and sweet. At the same time, Wishbone finds Ivar’s companionship. Her return is just around the autumn season of breeding and also a time of sickness. The russet mare finds herself both pregnant and sick with the plague upon returning to Beqanna. With pregnancy and sickness, Wishbone finds herself hiding in the unmarked borders between Tephra and Ischia.

    BQ YEAR 201 — JAN-FEB 2019
    As spring comes, so does the arrival of twins — Delphi and Rivuline. Wishbone births them in Ischia, just after Ivar arrives to greet her. Weakened from the birth and the plague, the russet mare stays in Ischia to care for Delphi and Rivuline. Not long after the birth of the twins, Ivar murders Wishbone in the act of sex by drowning her in the ocean and ripping out her throat, keeping her skull for himself as a memento.

    BQ YEAR 206 — NOV-DEC 2019
    As winter melted into spring one day, the gates of the Dead suddenly sprang open to revive deceased Beqannians. Wishbone had spent the past few years waiting for an opportunity to return to the land of the Living, and she sprang toward the opening in the seams when she had the chance. Wishbone arrived at the edge of a wide river, finding a grulla mare named Nikkai standing in the center of it. On the other side of the river, the image of Warrick was waiting for Wishbone. As with the other participants of the challenge, Wishbone was eventually swept away by the river, tumbling over a river while reliving the memory of her death alongside Nikkai’s. In the end, Wishbone and Warrick had to decide who would truly return to the Living and who would stay with the Dead — Wishbone stepped up, bent on seeing her daughters.

    Despite her decision, Wishbone was swept from one challenge to the next. This challenge involved walking across a desert (the ancient Desert from the Old Beqanna) and suffering a vulture attack that scars the left side of her face. After an exhausting journey, Wishbone reaches an oasis and walks into the water, only to find herself transported to a similar desert where a golden mare is murdered by her son. The past replays itself, this time allowing Wishbone to save the mare by trapping the stallion in a dinosaur bone-cage. After learning about Craft, Wishbone attempts to reunite the golden mare with her lover, Anatomy.

    BQ YEAR 207 — JAN-FEB 2020
    After stepping through a portal in the desert, Wishbone was suddenly transported back to the land of the Living. Only this time, she had an entirely new body.

    BQ YEARS 208-212 — MAR-DEC 2020
    Wishbone spent the next few years discovering who she was in her new body. She questioned whether she should remain with the same name, or develop a new identity, or if her purpose in life was different than before. She wondered why magic had chosen her to return to Life in a completely new body.

    Eventually Wishbone returned slowly to Beqanna’s civilization, meeting a stallion named Quell in the Meadow. They explored a cavern in Nerine, but parted ways not longer after. Wishbone didn’t linger in Nerine, like she might’ve before she died, and instead she wandered to Tephra. She reunited with her older brother, Svedka, in Tephra. During their reunion, Wishbone learned that Warrick was still alive and the version she saw in the Afterlife was an illusion. Svedka and Wishbone bonded over their mutual dying experiences, and she learned that her younger brother, Warden, was the King of Tephra.

    Wishbone remained in Tephra after her reunion with her family. The leader of Taiga, Lilliana, came to Tephra looking for Warden and found Wishbone instead. The pair introduced themselves and then began traveling to the summit of the volcano. During their hike, Wishbone taught Lilliana about Tephra’s history and the red mare told her about Beqanna’s recent history. Wishbone learned that Wolfbane died in Loess’s fires alongside Lepis. Heartbroken, Wishbone shared her perspective on the Curse and her history with Wolfbane, while Lilliana explained her own past with the stallion. The pair made it to the top of the volcano and grew close during the trip.

    During that fall, Wishbone met Warden officially. She was invited to stay and offered to help her brother and Tephra.

    BQ YEAR 213 — JAN-FEB 2021
    During the Alliance, an eclipse occurred and covered Beqanna in darkness. The eclipse did not go away and monsters appeared from a portal that had opened between Beqanna and other worlds. While on a walk to the beach in Tephra, Wishbone found her brother, Warden, after he crash-landed on the beach while seeing a vision of the future. Warden saw Svedka falling into the earth, so he warned Wishbone and told her to find him. Wishbone searched as quickly as she could for her brother, but by the time she found him, it was too late. She saw Svedka fall into a crack in the earth chasing him, and she tried to dig him out with bones in vain.

    During the eclipse, Wishbone was walking in the Forest when she met a white mare named Mazikeen. While introducing each other, the pair felt like they were being watched and called out into the darkness. A monster appeared disguised as Ivar while looking like a dear friend to Mazikeen. Wishbone threatened Ivar, but since he looked like Barrow, Mazikeen was very protective of him. It wasn’t until the monster bit Mazikeen on the neck that the mares banded together against the creature, realizing it wasn’t who either of them thought it was. From that point, they fought the monster together. At one point, the monster wrapped its mouth around Wishbone and injured her beyond repair. This triggered Wishbone’s regeneration, and she disintegrated to reform as a purple pangare mare with a build similar to an Andalusian. Mazikeen and Wishbone successfully defeated the monster and became quick friends from that point.

    After resting from the fight, Wishbone visited Taiga to see Lilliana. In her purple form, her friend didn’t recognize her, and it wasn’t until Wishbone explained her history with Ivar, her death, and the recent regenerations, that Lilliana believed her. In turn, the red mare gave her own story and it brought the two closer together. In her spare time during the eclipse, Wishbone met a few Tephrans and Aquaria, Ischia’s caretaker. Warden’s despair over their brother’s disappearance made him less willing to rule Tephra, so he decided to share his leadership with Wishbone.

    In an effort to end the eclipse, the fairies called horses from across Beqanna to help fight the monsters and close the portal. Wishbone tried to go into the portal to help, but she chose the wrong option and was a ghost for some time afterward. However, the efforts of the rest of the group led to the portal closing and ending the eclipse.

    BQ YEAR 214 — MAR-APR 2021
    Wishbone stayed in the field where Svedka disappeared for the first days of normalcy, but she became frustrated and disappointed when her brother did not return. Mazikeen was the first familiar face to visit the purple mare after the eclipse, and the two fought with friendly intentions when Wishbone’s bad mood got the better of her. After their fight, Mazikeen told Wishbone about her relationship with Gale, who Wishbone recognized as Wolfbane’s son.

    Feeling restless from Svedka’s absence, Wishbone traveled to the Forest. While in the Forest, she met Firion, a stallion with shadow-magic.

    BQ YEAR 215 — MAY-JUN 2021
    In the early spring, Mazikeen arrived in Tephra looking for Wishbone. The white mare had given birth to twins while traveling to the volcanic kingdom, with the intention of hiding the children from Cursed Gale, and she asked Wishbone to take care of them for her. Wishbone willingly accepted the newborns — Malik and Sickle. She began to love and treat them as her own twins, though deep down she was nervous about Cursed Gale finding them.

    One day, Cursed Gale came to Tephra’s healing waterfall. Wishbone found him there, and MORE THINGS HAPPEN AS WE POST.

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