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    Reave -- Year 219


    "She did not wake up one day healed, she was simply moving and she realized that somewhere along the way grief had stopped stabbing her every motion. It’s a strange feeling. She is lighter and heavier at once. She doesn’t know what to do with the time that’s opened before her, what to do without wounds to claw open." --Cordis, written by Cassi


    Age: immortal

    Gender: Mare

    Breed: arabian

    Height: 15hh

    Player: colby


    Color: white (--)

    Eyes: almost black

    Markings: scar on chest, some sort of Carnage brand somewhere

    Mane & Tail: white

    White body/mane/tail, with white angel wings with gold stardust, gold halo, and a glowing aura. May or may not have eyes

    Traits that can be used as an archangel:
    » astral projection
    » empathy
    » healing
    » hope embodiment
    » phasing
    » power augmentation
    » resurrection
    » self-sustenance
    » soul summoning
    » teleportation
    » temporal manipulation




    1. Seduire (x Shinigami) [not-Beqanna]
    2. Anonya (x Dhumin)
    3. Astaroth (x Dhumin)
    4. Starlust (x Dhumin)
    5. Eadoin (x Skellig)
    6. Glyndwr (x Alaunus)
    7. Caliph (x Skellig)
    8. Cadhla (x Ashhal)
    9. Donnelly (x Dog Tag)
    10. Liseli (x Skellig)
    11. Raed (x Trashlip)
    12. Ripley (x Depp)
    13. Nightlock (x Carnage)
    14. Davae (x Blayne)
    15. Ilena (x Trashlip)
    16. Brinly (x Larva)
    17. Elya (x Eight)
    18. Evenstar (x Skellig)
    19/20. Cassian & Casimira (x Ashhal)
    21/22. Cavern & Islas (x Carnage)
    23. Aislyn (x Atrox)
    24. Alleria (x Carnage)
    25/26. Stave & Desire (x Carnage)
    27. Noel (x Ashhal)
    28. Beyza (x Agetta)
    29. Firion (x Atrox)
    30. Echis (x Larva)
    31/32. Radiance & Illuminae (x Illum)
    33/34. Astin & Maea (x Atrox)
    35/36. Selaphiel & Este (x Carnage)
    37/38. Baptiste & Iliana (x Atrox)



    Genetic Traits: archangel, gold stardust, infrared vision

    Non-Genetic Traits: immortality, darkness aura

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg [INFRARED VISION][ARCHANGEL][STARDUST][immortality*][darkness aura*]



    "She was close to touching him now, and there is a fleeting moment where she thinks she sees him flinch, like he thought about touching her, too. And in that moment, she thinks her heart might have stopped, but just like countless times before she is left waiting for a kindness that never comes.”

    » Started in the Thirteenth Dimension (June 2005) where she first met Dhumin and was eventually kept as a "slave" in Amazonhollow.
    » They came to Beqanna together December 2005 and lived in the Valley.
    » Was "murdered" by her first-born, Séduire, in early 2006-ish and brought back to life a few months later aka I needed a loophole to bring her back so really she was unconscious and came back with no memories for a little bit.
    » Dhumin left and she fell in love with Skellig (Tundra king).
    » January 2007 became queen of the Dale when Carnage took it from Moselle and made it a sub-kingdom of the Valley. Moselle gifted her with immortality because she knew Ryatah was nicer than Carnage and wanted her to keep the Dale safe.
    » At some point Carnage ripped her eyes out, something about trying to take his and Sage's son and she told him no, idk.
    » Ashley gifted her with infrared vision.
    » June 2007 her and Ashley were turned into statues by Charlemagne, and she took the Dale throne.
    » She was a statue for a few months because I didn't feel like writing her.
    » She also died again for real in like late 2008? 2009? It was before the Catastrophe because the Catastrophe revived her. And when she died her immortality transferred to Jarris.
    » Got immortality again somehow in some quest.
    » Did literally nothing besides reproduce for years.
    » Carnage gave her eyes again in like January 2019, it's pretty sad this just happened and I already can't remember anything.
    » but then she lost them again because she wouldn't kill an alien (sometime in 2020), and he replaced them with rocks. she got them back in later 2020. I should keep better track of things.
    » some time during all of this she tricked Atrox into being in love with her and now he's stuck with her forever
    » earned stardust wings after the eclipse ended, and archangel from the anniversary gift.
    » murdered by Gale Sept 2021, currently trapped in a black void.
    » brought back in January 2022 with the "help" of Carnage and then the actual help of Firion. Sometimes gets confused on what is real and not real.
    » her darkness aura is a result from being in the void.

    TLDR: she loses her eyes/dies a lot, and her current love interests are Atrox & Carnage, and past love interests are Dhumin, Skellig, Ashhal, and Illum.

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