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    Gale -- Year 215


    "To be a woman is to face monsters" --Brunhilde, written by Phae


    Age: adult

    Gender: Stallion

    Breed: hybrid

    Height: 16hh

    Player: kahzie


    Color: iridescent navy blue with cremello brindling (Ee/Aa/CrCr/Dd/nT)

    Eyes: electric blue

    Markings: many glowing cremello scars, 3 stockings and a sock, crooked blaze

    Mane & Tail: bright white and upright, stretching from his poll to his tail

    Very handsome, looks very like his father Wolfbane. Tall and well-muscled, with an angular, concave face and a cresty neck. Looks like an oversize Welsh Cob. Minimal white feathering on legs.

    Gale was born a dark navy blue with an iridescent sheen. He has a small number of glowing perlino dun stripes on his neck and barrel. His mane is short and upright, running from between his ears to the base of his tail, where the two blend together. He often has blue lightning flickering across his body. His self healing (and now his magic) cause his injuries to immediately heal, but when the hair grows back it is perlino, and it glows like the rest of his markings.

    His Companion is a male Osprey named Erne. Erne is black, having come from Islandres where all the animals are black, and has yellow blue (while Cursed) eyes which Gale sometimes shares by using Vision Manipulation.

    Powers (as of 7/29/21)

    Gale struggles to use abilities not listed below per my own personal canon which is that he gains abilities only by consuming the physical heart of another who possesses the ability. Abilities are ranked (novice, intermediate, advanced, and expert along with Source/date if applicable).

    VISION MANIPULATION: Expert (born with)
    SELF-HEALING: Advanced – still heals spontaneously (born with)
    GLOWING MARKINGS/SCARS: intermediate - limited control over brightness (end of eclipse trait)
    LIMITLESS SHAPESHIFTING: Expert (gained from consuming Mazikeen’s heart, 5/23/21)
    GLOWING HORNS: Expert (gained from consuming Mazikeen’s heart, 5/23/21)
    FIRE AURA: Expert (gained from consuming Mazikeen’s heart, 5/23/21) REGENERATION: (gained from consuming Wishbone’s heart)
    BONE BENDING: (gained from consuming Wishbone’s heart)
    LIGHT HEALING: (gained from consuming part of Aela’s heart)
    EMPATHY: (gained from consuming part of Aela’s heart)
    LIGHTNING AURA: expert (gained from Straia’s entity)
    TELEPORTATION: intermediate (gained from first horse killed with Mazikeen
    LIGHTNING AURA: Expert (gained from Straia’s entity)
    QUETZALCOATLUS FORELIMBS: Expert, wears constantly (gained from Starlace’s entity)
    HORNS: Expert, always wears, look just like his son Malik’s
    TELEPATHY: novice
    TELEPATHIC BOND WITH MAZIKEEN:novice - the bond is almost entirely one way, with Mazikeen able to read his thoughts


    Gale often stares for awkwardly long amounts of time. He is very curious about the natural world, and enjoys hearing about strange and unusual phenomenon. He's prone to getting lost in his own thoughts and often struggles to make quick decisions. He enjoys battle because he does not have to think. Cursed, and therefore unpredictable.

    Gale has been cursed by Carnage, and as a result is possessed by a selfish, narcissistic, and often wrathful alter-ego.


    Parents: Wolfbane x Lepis

    Children: Sickle & Malik (x Mazikeen)


    Companion: Erne - black islandres osprey

    Genetic Traits: Black Magic, Spinal Mane, Glowing, Lightning

    Non-Genetic Traits: none

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg[BLACK MAGIC][SPINAL MANE][GLOWING][CURSED][LIGHTNING][vision manipulation][self healing][invisibility][kelpie mimicry][happiness induction][wings][faun horns][immortality]

    Defects: none


    Gale, triplet to Eyas and Tiercel, was raised in the kingdom of Loess by his loving mother and father, along with his many older siblings. When he was almost one year old, he followed other Loessians - including his father - into an attack on Tephra. He fell into a volcano and was presumed dead. Wolfbane was able to save only one wing and part of his spinal cord from burning in the magma.

    Gale was buried in the hills of Loess, and over the course of many years, his Self Healing trait was able to restore his entire body. Since his brain was entirely regrown, Gale remembered almost nothing of his life, and wandered to the Meadow. There he met Ruinam, Castile, and Oceane. Not knowing his true name, he chose the name 'Blue'. After hearing that Island Resort was quiet and peaceful, he decided to go there.

    Blue lived peacefully at the Island Resort, where he lounged around and did nothing but swim and fly and eat fruit. He began to remember his family and previous life, but none of his memories contained sound or smell - only sight. He thinks this is a result of his Vision Manipulation helping him.

    His sister Eyas arrived on the Island and told him of his name and family, spurring him to visit the Mountain, where he gained a companion animal (and osprey named Erne) and white faun horns. He took over leadership of the Island Resort after Ruinam's departure in early 208.

    Eyas moved to the island in BQ 210, followed by several others, and Gale successfully quested to rename his home during BQ 211, and appointed himself the first Chief of Islandres in the spring of BQ 211, at the start of his sixth year living there.

    Gale participated in the 2020 Alliance, and lost in the final round to Jamie. Immediately after, monsters broke free, an the eclipse that occurred during their battle became permanent. Gale lost his wings and horns after his final battle. In the fall of 213, Gale discovered he has the ability to Shapeshift, and shortly after inherited the family Curse.

    Gale spent the better part of BQ 214 learning to master his shifting and struggling with the future implications that came with learning he is Cursed. After several months of denial, Gale admitted to himself he was in love with Mazikeen, and has decided to live in the moment and enjoy what life he has left. Gale attended the Midsummer Festival with Mazikeen. He gave leadership of Islandres to Fenwe and Islay on the first day of Autumn 214 and moved to Hyaline with Mazikeen, who has recently found out she is pregnant with twins.

    Later that Fall, Gale realized he had been being affected by the Curse for some time, and at that point it took over his body completely. Mazikeen discovered it sometime during the winter of 214, and made a deal with the Curse. It promised to leave Gale alone during the day in exchange for the twins that Mazikeen carried, but she hid the twins with Wishbone when they were born.

    Furious, the Curse killed Mazikeen and consumed her heart and eyes, and in doing so became the embodiment of black magic.

    Mazikeen returned from the dead, and through a combination of magic, murder, and Aela's emotional magic (which had been recently stolen), the Curse changed both itself and Mazikeen permanently, giving itself the ability to feel positive emotions and taking away Mazikeen's ability to do so.

    Having gathered all but one of Beqanna's magical entities, Gale went to Tephra under the guise of stealing Nikkai's Waterfall. He killed Wishbone and stole Sickle, and used her death and resurrection to further alter Mazikeen (and himself without being aware of it). He returned Sickle unharmed to Tephra, and took out his frustration at the unexpected changes in himself on Ciri, killing her and then resurrecting her in the Common Lands in the Summer of BQ 215. In midwinter 215, Gale and Mazikeen stole Bolder away from Taiga, and a few weeks later Gale took Malik from Wishbone. Using his magic, he took the memories of Malik from almost everyone who had ever seen the boy, and returned the boy to the age of a newborn. He also took Malik's memories, and is raising him in Hyaline with Mazikeen.

    (last updated July 29, 2021)

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