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    Beyza -- Year 211


    "She kills him because no matter how far she has come from the bitter, angry young girl she had been, she is still Starsin, and if he wants to make her world burn, she will be certain that he burns with it." --Starsin, written by Colby


    Age: 4

    Gender: Colt

    Breed: hybrid

    Height: 16 hh

    Player: star


    Color: flaxen chestnut (ee/Aa)

    Eyes: green (#3a763d)

    Markings: glowing white and gold okapi stripes

    Mane & Tail: flaxen


    Nashua stands at 16 hands when full grown. A handsome young stallion, he most closely resembles an Hispano-Arabe. He has a refined face with large, expressive green eyes. He has a slightly thicker neck that traces back to his Spanish origins, deep chest and a strong compact back. Overall, a well-proportioned silhouette that stands on medium-long legs.




    Parents: Wolfbane x Lilliana

    Luminesce (x Noel)
    Elegance (x Noel)


    Genetic Traits: Wings, Healing, Lunar Protection

    Non-Genetic Traits:




    YEAR 208

    - Nashua was born in late spring on the border of Taiga alongside his twin brother, Yanhua, to Lilliana and Wolfbane.
    - The first few weeks of his life were spent on the move as Lilliana moved her twins between Taiga or Nerine, never settling on either place long.
    - The boys encounter their sire, Wolfbane, for the first time in Taiga during the summer of that year.
    - There are many new arrivals in Taiga that summer - the most notable being Elio and Celina. Nashua soon discovers that they are his half-siblings.
    - In the late autumn, Lilliana goes missing.

    YEAR 209

    - Nash goes exploring to the River in winter where he meets Leilan and Oceane. The ice dragon leaves an impression on the yearling and Nashua becomes curious about the Isle.
    - During a "flying lesson" with the Taigan mare, Popinjay, Nashua lands in Tephra and meets twins, Locheed and Laia, as well as Yanhua.
    - Feeling out of place in Taiga, Nashua seeks out the counsel of his older brother, Elio.
    - That summer, the yearling takes off on his first "adventure" to Icicle Isle where he meets with Leilan and Alcinder.

    YEAR 210

    - In the early spring, Nashua decides to visit Ischia in hopes of finding Velkan or Eugene. A thunderstorm forces him to land at the Island Resort where he meets Gale.
    - While visitng on the Island Resort, he meets a stallion named Aedan.
    - Nashua pledges his fealty to Leilan and volunteers as a Ward before summer.
    - While doing a patrol of Nerine, he encounters a filly named Cirilla. She reveals that she is a Princess of the East seeking asylum in the North from her father, Ghaul. Her brother - the heir of Pangea - is rumored to be hiding there as well.

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