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    version 22: awakening


    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby


    Age: 10

    Gender: Mare

    Breed: Arabian Hybrid

    Height: 15.2hh

    Player: Shelbi

    Eva is currently away. Reason: hiatus - taking a break for a bit :)
    Away Since: 04-28-2020 — Returns on: 11-30-2020

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    Color: Purple (Ee/Aa/nCr/nCh/Dd)

    Eyes: Warm orange-gold

    Markings: Orange/yellow hooves

    Mane & Tail: Sunset ombre with gold highlights and seashells

    Eva is a purple Arabian Hybrid mare standing at 15.2hh while favoring more of a lean muscular Arabian build with a finely chiseled bone structure, a slight concave profile, arched neck, and high-carried tail. Her purple coat can be identified matching an amethyst or sunset purple coloring. Her mane and tail, noticeably a long length, are a sunset ombre color from amethyst/sunset purple at the beginning fading to orange, yellow, and red colors at the end. She has gold highlights and seashells in her mane and tail and gold hooves. Her eyes are a warm orange-gold color.


    Personality Type: ENFJ
    Strengths: Charismatic - Curious - Loyal - Reliable - Genuine - Altruistic - Intuitive
    Vices: Naïve - Selfless - Sensitive

    • Charismatic – Eva is naturally a charming and curious individual that likes to be around others. She can often inspire devotion in others. Eva likes to take the lead as she is often outgoing and enthusiastic.
    • Loyal and Reliable – She is loyal, reliable, and genuinely kind to others, especially her family and friends. The idea of letting down another person or a cause she believes in can really irritate her. She is one to rarely disappoint, especially when it comes to keeping her word to others.
    • Altruistic – With a warm and selfless heart of genuine intentions, Eva is altruistic and ruled by her heart to do good for the world and others. She is open-minded and highly accepting of others.
    • Intuitive – Eva mainly relies on her intuition and feelings and often is reflective.


    • Naïve – At times, Eva can be found off guard especially through circumstance, nature, or misunderstanding of others. She is likely to feel pity for those that are against her rather than anger, giving her a reputation of being naïve.
    • Selfless – To a fault, Eva is too selfless when it comes to helping others. She prioritizes others and their needs. She feels other’s problems are her own and strives to keep her word. Sometimes this will spread her too thin to the point where she will struggle with her own needs and to express her needs makes her fear that it might cause conflict or disunity.
    • Sensitive – Eva is receptive to criticism as she feels it can make her a better person, but it is easy for her to take a little too much to heart at times. Sometimes she can feel like she is not doing enough, especially when it comes to helping others.


    Parents: Bruise x Lucrezia

    Aeolus (x Aodhan) - male
    Loire (x Aodhan) - female
    Donny (x Velkan) - male, twin to Millicent
    Millicent (x Velkan) - female, twin to Donny
    Eugene (x Velkan) - male, twin to Egwene
    Egwene (x Velkan) - female, twin to Eugene


    Genetic Traits: Singular regeneration, Nereid shifting, Glowing, Seashells

    Non-Genetic Traits:

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg [SINGULAR REGENERATION][NEREID SHIFTING][GLOWING][SEASHELLS][krampus physiology][shapeshifting wings][invisibility]



    Beqanna Year 200, November 2018
    Eva is born on the shores of the Beach after her mother, Lucrezia, is severely injured from being attacked by her father, Bruise. Her mother breathes one last weird before passing away, calling her daughter Eva. The girl remains on the shores of the Beach for some time. Eventually, a storm comes and pulls her out into the ocean. Eva is then transformed by the ocean into a nereid. She lives out her earlier days alone, exploring the waters, and learning how to use her abilities. Eva only knows she is the only nereid at this point.

    Beqanna Year 201, January 2019
    Eva continues to live her life freely as a happy nereid. She enjoys exploring the ocean and has mastered her abilities quite well. She becomes curious of the large dryland sometime during this year. She watches the others on the land, especially those within Silver Cove. One day Eva decides to investigate a bit closer to Silver Cove and she becomes acquainted with Ember. She also participates within the Island Resort quest to help find a cure for the Plague that has consumed Beqanna at the time (she is gifted seashell mane and tail for participating).

    Beqanna Year 202, March 2019
    After participating within the Island Resort quest, Eva decides to investigate more of the big island of Beqanna. She meets Adria who is the first other nereid she meets within Beqanna. Eva also befriends Cosmos but is weary of the kraken-mare due to being attacked by a similar sea creature during the Island Resort quest. Cosmos tells her she will owe her a favor if she ever needs one.

    Beqanna Year 203, May 2019
    Adria invites Eva to come to Ischia and becomes a motherly figure to her. Eva also meets Velkan at the River and becomes good friends with him. During Autumn, Eva is charmed by the handsome Aodhan and becomes pregnant with her first child (Aeolus).

    Beqanna Year 204, July 2019
    Eva gives birth to her first son, Aeolus, and discovers he can shift into a sea-serpent, making her concerned for the predator he might become some day. Adria tries to comfort her on such matters. Eva takes Aeolus to meet their son in Brilliant Pampas. She meets Adria's sister named Aquaria in Ischia. Eva goes on a diplomatic visit to Nerine and meets Heartfire. She also becomes pregnant for the second time by Aodhan (Loire).

    Beqanna Year 205, September 2019
    In Spring, Adria is removed from her leadership position in Ischia by the current Tephra King, Vulargis. He replaces Adria with his daughter named Larke. Adria comes to Eva about the changes of leadership and the future of Ischia. Eva goes to meet Larke and Larke asks her to co-lead Ischia with her. Eva accepts and goes to tell Aquaria about the news of her co-leading with Larke; however, Aquaria tells Eva her concerns about Ischia. Eva begins to question the Tephra King's change of leadership, especially with not asking what the residents of Ischia felt about it. She begins to doubt that Ischia's voice doesn't matter to Tephra and grows frustrated by kingdom politics. Eva gives birth to her first daughter,Loire. In the Summer, Eva meets Lepis, Celina (Aeolus friend), and Lilliana on a diplomatic visit from Taiga. Ischia and Taiga create a friendly alliance. At the end of Summer, Larke and Eva call a meeting. Larke announces her co-leading with Eva but Eva opens up a vote for all residents to vote for their new leader since Eva believes it's their right as a Ischia resident. Aquaria votes Eva to be the rightful leader, Larke is shocked by the sudden vote, Vulgaris is frustrated by what happens. However, Vulgaris eventually sees Eva's intention and accept her as the leader of Ischia. In Autumn, Eva becomes pregnant with boy and girl twins (Donny and Millicent).

    Beqanna Year 206, November 2019
    In Spring, Eva gives birth to her first set of twins, Donny and Millicent, by Velkan. She meets Ilma in Ischia, who is on a mission to make many personal friends. The new Tephra Queen, Isilya, visits Ischia to introduce herself to Eva, Aquaria, and Adria. In the Summer, Ischia puts on their first ever Christmas Luau. Eva does not get pregnant this year.

    Beqanna Year 207, January 2020
    In Winter, Eva is visited by Aodhan. Aodhan asks her if he can stay in Ischia, Eva agrees and makes him a Beachmaster. They both agree and solidify that they have an open relationship. In Spring, Eva catches up with Aquaria and finds out she has adopted a son named Halcyon. She teaches Velkan how to swim. Eva meets Aziz who wants to live on Ischia. In Autumn, Eva becomes pregnant again by Velkan (Eugene and Egwene).

    Beqanna Year 208, March 2020
    In Spring, Eva gives birth to a set of twins, Eugene and Egwene, by Velkan. Ruinam comes to Ischia to discuss his idea with Aquaria and Eva.

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