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    Assailant -- Year 226


    "But the dream, the echo, slips from him as quickly as he had found it and as consciousness comes to him (a slap and not the gentle waves of oceanic tides), it dissolves entirely. His muscles relax as the cold claims him again, as the numbness sets in, and when his grey eyes open, there’s nothing but the faint after burn of a dream often trod and never remembered." --Brigade, written by Laura

    amazon legend

    Age: 81

    Gender: Mare

    Breed: Hybrid; think baroque.

    Height: 16hh

    Player: Sid


    Color: Originally bay roan; now, a hairless, skin coloured, burnt, crispy rat. ((EE/Aa/Rr))

    Eyes: Shifting.

    Markings: A hand-sized red rose with a green stem on the left side of her chest.

    Mane & Tail: None existent.

    [Image: scorch2.png]


    She a bitch but she got a big heart yo.


    Parents: Arcteryx x Echion Katriel

    Children: Noori (x Hestoni) -f, dragon vision with Kaida, twin to Kaida *Cerva (x Eight) -f, Poison Ivy Manipulation, Triplet to Nihlus and Daemron *Nihlus (x Sinder) -m, Rain Manipulation, Triplet to Cerva and Daemron *Daemron (x Trekk) -m, Wolf manipulation, Triplet to Cerva and Nihlus *Takei (x Trekk) -m Kaida (x Hestoni) -f, dragon vision with Noori, twin to Noori *Starfyre (x Carnage) -f, twin to Sunfyre *Sunfyre (x Carnage) -f, twin to Starfyre Simeon (x Hestoni) –m Shahrizai (x Hestoni) -m, No tail Ea (x Hestoni) -f, dragon vision & twilight manipulation Wrynn (x Hestoni) -f, twin to Leiland Leiland (x Hestoni) -m, twin to Wrynn Sarkis (x Hestoni) -f Vi (x Hestoni) -f, twin to Volcan Volcan (x Hestoni) -f, twin to Vi Blue (x Brennen) - f Arctyrus (x Brunhild) - m



    Genetic Traits: Dragon Vision (can see at night, in heat vision, and with hawk vision), Twilight Manipulation (can manipulate both light and dark depending on the current amount of light).

    Non-Genetic Traits: Fire Armor, Immortality

    Trait Genetic Code:

    Defects: Bald; infertile.


    Originally, Scorch was not meant to be the progeny of an Amazonian legend. In the spring of March, 2013, Scorch, Crito, and Alecto were born to the Desert queen Katriel and the Tundra king Arcteryx. Due to the unexpected labor, the triplets were born while Katriel was on the cusp of the Jungle for a diplomatic meeting. For a brief period of time, Katriel succamb to exhaustion. During this time, Echion brought her own children - freshly born - to the very spot. Wishing a better life upon her own twins, the Jungle's queen switched Rharian and Tivona with Scorch and Crito. Thus, Scorch grew up as a Jungle princess, completely oblivious to how her life could have been if her faux-mother hadn't schemed to change it. After one particularly exhausting journey, Scorch collapsed and fell asleep. A magical nightmare overtook her. In it the woman faced the voice of a trickster demanding her to do his bidding, walls of fire (which she ran through and caught fire but did not feel a thing), dungeons full of traps, chimeras, magical healing water fountains, and a dragon. When her quest was completed, Scorch had killed the dragon and received Dragon Vison (the ability to see in heat, at night, and as well as a bird of prey). The trickster was angry at being bested, and so when Scorch awoke, she was actually on fire. This is why the woman now has no hair to speak of, save a few scragglies for a mane and tail. Burn scars will forever mar her. The early years were uneventful (other than the dragon dream), spent largely with Crito or in solitude. In truth, Scorch's childhood was rather lonely, for her mother never showed affection. Scorch grew up assuming the coldness she felt from Echion was the treatment each of her various siblings received, yet she strived for more in every aspect of her life. She always wanted to make Echion proud. When the Scorch decided to pledge herself to the Amazon (receiving the traditional red flower and vine tattoo [hers rather sharp and fearsome ] as well as fire all over her body), it was with hope that things would change between mother and daughter. Unfortunately, that was not the case. As Scorch travelled through the ranks - she'd always been rather violent and rambunctious, never mind hardened and angry; and somehow, she'd mastered recruiting after the first few tries - Echion birthed Myrina. The two were almost inseparable, and Scorch suddenly realized that she was different. Well into adulthood now, Scorch confronted Echion about her different upbringing - the neglect and the shallowness. It was then that Echion realized just how well she had trained Scorch to be just like her. Angry, scornful, proud. Everything an Amazonian queen ought to be - yet the painted pegasus held it against Scorch. None of her genetic progeny lived up to her expectations during her lifetime, but Scorch stood before her a perfect example. To Echion, blood was not just a fluid; this is where faux-mother and faux-daughter differed. The two fought loudly until Echion finally revealed the truth, that Scorch was "adopted." It was not until Scorch pressed the matter further that she found out who, and that "switched" may be more apt. As most women tend to do when offered identity-changing information, Scorch fled. Not without a well-worded curse or two, let me tell you. While she was away, Scorch fell into a depression and stopped eating. This would be one of her most unhealthy coping tools throughout life. Upon her return, Scorch found Echion dead. Murdered by Tivona, current queen of the Valley, her own daughter. Alecto had been present too, but refrained from joining her poisoned mother to the Jungle. Most everyone in the situation was angry, you see. Rharian, Tivona's twin, returned the fallen queen to her kingdom, and watched as the sisters grieved. Kagerou had been Echion's Lady, and everyone agreed that she should be queen. Scorch agreed too, but when Myrina vowed to kill Alecto, Scorch blew up, screaming and swearing and fleeing. If not for the crazed air of the situation and her obviously unhealthy state of being, that may have been the downfall of the fire-sister. Fleeing to the meadow, Scorch happened upon a politely persistent man named Hestoni. He larger than she, and a tad older, bearing red fur and handsome brown eyes, was not a pleasant thing to stumble upon. She took offense to his existence, of course, and bid him fuck off. Fuck off he did not, and instead he became intrigued with the way she went from lifeless to on fire when angry. When his solemn approaches could no longer be deflected - she was malnourished after all - Scorch decided to punish the man, and bring him home to her life. Kagerou had just called a kingdom meeting when the two arrived, and Scorch announced Hestoni as her manslave. Hestoni did not object - her passion captivated him. Not long after, the two conceived. Noori and Kaida were born to the pair, and they shared Scorch's Dragon Vision. Scorch, being abrasive and unsure, leant on Echion's parental style. The twins grew up with harsh treatment, seldom hearing words of affection and often being left to each others company. At a young age, both girls took the oath, but only a few years later, they both earned the slash of a traitor and fled the Jungle and their childhood. Scorch has forever wished to go back and mend things, but the opportunity has never arisen. One day, wishing to distract herself from the pain of her twins, Scorch sought out the new queen Kagerou. The two hit it off quite well - Kagerou was an empath, and could see past Scorch's brutal mannerisms. Without needing to ask, the leopard sister understood why Scorch was the way she was. In truth, she enjoyed the fire-sister's bluntness. Without meaning to, Scorch revealed to Kagerou that they had both had the same dream. The revelation hit Kagerou like a rock. They both were blessed with Dragon traits! With plenty of teasing - Scorch being the hairless rat and Kagerou the old hag - the two bonded like Scorch had never bonded with anyone before. To this day, Scorch considers Kagerou to be her best friend, even though Kagerou has passed on to the next life. Not a day goes by that Scorch doesn't think about her dear leopard queen, and in a sense, she knows that Kagerou will always be beside her. Although Scorch's grief had dwindled by now, Hestoni saw that things would never be right again if he did not take action. He secretly went to the Valley and sought a favour from Carnage. In exchange for his enslavement, Echion would be revived for one day so that Scorch may have the closure she needed. This all went down according to plan, apart from the fact that Scorch now grew lonely despite her closure. And y'know, Hestoni was a fricken slave to Carnage. Attempting to distract herself from the emptiness, Scorch began working very hard and battling through thick and thin, from season to season. Some she won, some she lost. After stealing a Tundra brother, Errant, king of the Chamber and Scorch's brother challenged the warrior to a battle. Scorch lost and went to the Tundra for a year - one of three she has spent there over her lifetime. During these sentences, Scorch has drawn close to her brother, though they did not even know each other as children. Thanks to her dedication, Scorch was rewarded with Razor Sharp Hooves and Teeth by Kagerou. Because of her hard workings, Scorch lost a battle to a Valley member and was sentenced to a year there. She jumped at the chance to be with Hestoni again - they made love in a rain storm, and clung to one another as they always did every two years they were allowed to be together. When their third daughter was born still, it sent Scorch into turmoil. She fought wolves to keep her daughter's tiny body intact, but eventually gave way. When the time came for her return to the Jungle, she took two rib bones from her daughter's body, as they were the ones closest to her heart. Returning to the Jungle, Scorch immediately sought out Kagerou. The Queen had just stepped down, having suffered the loss of a daughter, too. They grieved together, found solace in their shared agony. Setting the bones on the earth to embrace her dear friend, the Jungle magiked the bones on to Scorch permanently. Found beneath the traditional red flower, two rib-bones cross. Her daughter - Rain, named after the storm in which she was conceived - will always be with her. Weeks later, Kagerou passed into the next life along with her husband. Scorch has never grieved someone's life more, nor adored them so. Kagerou's figurative daughter Quark inherited the throne. Scorch bowed beneath her in remembrance of Kagerou. Although she rose in the ranks, the fire-sister never truly approved of the sunshine Queen. After the death of Nocturnal, Quark's lover, Scorch and the Queen fought. Bad things were said, and things were never again the same between the two women. *SIMEON IS BORN BORN* Not too long after, Quark vacated Lagertha is save Simeon Quark is leave Brunhild is queen Scorch is Halloween dream and get Twilight stuff Hestoni is kill someone to not be slave HURRAY Scorch and Hestoni is baby to Simeon (go to tundra) Brunhild and Scorch is buddy buddy Scorch is General and Blood rider Kaida is baby and then fight Scorch Scorch and Lagertha is fight Scorch is baby Shahrizai To be continued.... ._.

    Projecting himself from the realm of the living, Nihlus rescued his grandmother from the dead at the cost of losing most of his ability, as some of his magic transffered to her. Then, Scorch awoke, revived from death, in the meadow. There she was found by her granddaughter Heartfire, and an old friend and Amazon legend, Tantalize. After learning about the changes made to Beqanna's landscape, she quickly slipped back into the wood work for some time, grieving her great losses - including her separation from Hestoni, who remained dead (though they communicated now via ghost whispering, thanks to Nihlus).

    When she finally found herself ready to face this new world, Scorch arrived to the kingdom called Nerine just as its crown shifted. She'd heard that Nerine housed what remained of the Amazons, and figured that would be a good place to start; when she found out that Hestia, and Amazon of Old, was now Queen, she decided to stay. She and Hestia reunited and became close friends, with Scorch quickly ascending to the rank of Advisor; the second in command. She functioned in this station for two years as Hestia reigned, distracted slightly from her duties when Hestoni miraculously awoke from the dead too. They tried for a child, but were unfortunately unsuccessful, unbeknownst to them because of their infertility.

    When Hestia became overwhelmed with the new reality of Beqanna, and felt that she'd fulfilled her promises to Nerine, she left this world in a burst of flames. In her wake, Scorch assumed the Nerinian throne, appointing Wishbone immediately as heir with the intent of leaving the throne as soon as she could. Although her best friend Brennen was ruling the Brotherhood of Old, she herself felt too old and cranky to really be useful in this new, lame Beqanna - but who knows, maybe there's some mischief yet to be had.

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