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    Svedka -- Year 212


    “He only knows home in his dreams and even those dreams do not mimic large, centuries-old redwoods. Lio doesn't remember the last time he laid his head down and truly felt comfortable.” --Elio, written by Phaetra


    Age: 62

    Gender: Stallion

    Breed: Friesian Hybrid

    Height: 16.2hh

    Player: Kuna


    Color: Chestnut (ee/Aa)

    Eyes: Naturally brown


    Mane & Tail: Dark chestnut

    Old Amazonian Tattoos: Fire tattoo that goes from the bottom of his left cheek into his left eye; bright red tinged gold flower tattoo on his right shoulder with vine twining up his right foreleg; ribcage tattoo on both sides of his ribs of his ribcage with living fire weaving between the bones



    Parents: Jackel Lantern x Glamour

    Fluttershy (x Isnofret)
    Kaida (x Scorch, female, twin to Noori)
        Starfyre (x Carnage, female, twin to Sunfyre)
        Sunfyre (x Carnage, female, twin to Starfyre)
    Noori (x Scorch, female, twin to Kaida)
        Cerva (x Eight, female, triplet to Daemron and Nihlus)
            Atrani (x Dovev, female)
        Daemron (x Trekk, male, triplet to Cerva and Nihlus)
            May (x Pyxis, female)
            Brigade (x Pyxis, male, twin to Wonder)
                Aloy (x Kensa, female)
                Elodie (x Lilian, female)
            Wonder (x Pyxis, female, twin to Brigade)
                Flower (x Nightlock, female, twin to Tangled)
                Tangled (x Nightlock, female, twin to Flower)
                Bea (x Nightlock, female, quadruplet to Tamlin, Rosine, and Thorn)
                Tamlin (x Nightlock, male, quadruplet to Bea, Rosine, and Thorn)
                Rosine (x Nightlock, female, quadruplet to Bea, Tamlin, and Thorn)
                Thorn (x Nightlock, male, quadruplet to Bea, Tamlin, and Rosine
                    Basilica (x Prayer, female)
                    Claudis (x Prayer, male)
                Fawne (x Nightlock, female)
                Azure (x Nightlock, female)
                Lumineer (x Nightlock, male)
                Aero (x Nightlock, female)
                Sorren (x Nightlock, male)
                Splendora (x Nightlock, female)
          Phesque (x Pyxis, female)
        Takei (x Trekk, male)
        Trekori (x Trekk, male)
        Nihlus (x Sinder, male, triplet to Cerva and Daemron)
            Nyssah (x Nuage, female, twin to Nyreen)
            Nyreen (x Nuage, female, twin to Nyssah)
            Lhoire (x Brennen, female)     Tylana (x Trekk, female, twin to Tsara)
        Tsara (x Trekk, female, twin to Tylana)
        Targaryen (x Trekk, male)
        Last (x Carnage, female)
        Limb (x Carnage, male)
    Rain (x Scorch, female)
    Simeon (x Scorch, male)
    Shahrizai (x Scorch, male)
        Caspien (x Ilka, male)
        Ether (x Ilka, male)
            Harbinger (x Faultline, male, triplet to Haunt and Harken)
            Haunt (x Faultline, other, triplet to Harbinger and Harken)
            Harken (x Faultline, female, triplet to Harbinger and Haunt)
            Eternal (x Briseis, female)
            Torryn (x Briseis, male)
                Cyan (x Breckin, male)
            Wrenley (x Briseis, female)
            Capulet (x Briseis, male)
        Illum (x Ilka, male, twin to Heartfire)
            Lumos (x Rapture, male)
            Radiance (x Ryatah, female, twin to Illuminae)
            Illuminae (x Ryatah, female, twin to Radiance)
        Heartfire (x Ilka, female, twin to Illum)
            Rapture (x Wyrm, female, twin to Longclaw)
                Ferran (x Levi, female, twin to Firen)
                Firen (x Levi, male, twin to Ferran)
                Lumos (x Illum, male)
            Longclaw (x Wyrm, male, twin to Rapture)
                Daye (x Diorae, female)
                Wildling (x Syl, male)
                Wolfbane (x Femur, male)
                    Marni (x Lepis, female)
                    Pteron (x Lepis, male)
                        Adarra (x Reia, female, twin to Halcyon)
                        Halcyon (x Reia, male, twin to Adarra)
                        Cormorant (x Aquaria, male)
                            Enoch (x Ichor, male)
                        Torrent (x Aquaria, male)
                        Aureus (x Aegean, male, twin to Asena)
                        Asena (x Aegean, female, twin to Aureus)
                        Barley (x Aegean, female)
                    Gale (x Lepis, male, triplet to Tiercel and Eyas)
                    Tiercel (x Lepis, male, triplet to Gale and Eyas)
                    Eyas (x Lepis, female, triplet to Gale and Tiercel)
                        Narcisus (x Carnage, male)
                    Celina (x Lepis, female)
                    Elio (x Lepis, male)
                        Lannister (x Catcher, male)
                    Kestrell (x Lepis, male)
                    Aela (x Lilliana, female)
                    Nashua (x Lilliana, male, twin to Yanhua)
                        Elegance (x Noel, female, twin to Luminesce)
                        Luminesce (x Noel, female, twin to Elegance)
                    Yanhua (x Lilliana, male, twin to Nashua)
                        Memorie (x Borderline, female)
                        Chalkydri (x Clarissa, male)
                        Cheri (x Amarine, female, twin to Reynard)
                        Reynard (x Amarine, male, twin to Cheri)
                    Wherewolf (x Neverwhere, male)
                Sawtooth (x Femur, female)
                    Zen (x Titus, male)
            Dagen (x Dovev, male)
            Brazen (x Dovev, female)
                Reave (x Lilliana, male)
        Augusta (x Ilka, female)
        Luster (x Ilka, female)
            Dark (x Dovev, female, twin to Dustov)
            Dustov (x Dovev, male, twin to Dark)
        Cimmerian (x Ilka, male)
        Beverly (x Ilka, female)
        Brightly (x Ilka, female)
        Peridot (x Ilka, female)
            Flutter (x Litotes, female)
        Ion (x Ilka, male)
        Sistine (x Ilka, female, twin to Clockwork)
        Clockwork (x Ilka, male, twin to Sistine)
        Phosphor (x Ilka, male)
    Ea (x Scorch, female)
        Grimdark (x Deimos, male, twin to Allure)
        Allure (x Demios, female, twin to Grimdark)
        Sela (x Ramiel, female)
        Kha (x Ramiel, male)
        Sabrael (x Ramiel, female)
    Wrynn (x Scorch, female, twin to Leilan)
    Leilan (x Scorch, male, twin to Wrynn)
        Chryseis (x Briseis, female)
            Varick (x Ivar, male)
                Riptide (x Sabbath, male, twin to Katarine)
                Katarine (x Sabbath, female, twin to Riptide)
                Crowns (x Sabbath, male)
            Laurelin (x Ivar, male)
        Oisin (x Breckin, female, twin to Eurwen)
        Eurwen (x Breckin, female, twin to Oisin)
            Muirin (x Carnage, female)
            Brienna (x Corban, female, twin to Fechin)
            Fechin (x Corban, female, twin to Brienna)
        Aodhan (x Breckin, male)
            Aeolus (x Eva, male)
            Loire (x Eva, female)
            Odinokiy (x Carwyn, male, twin to Dharya)
            Dharya (x Carwyn, female, twin to Odinokiy)
                Estrid (x Carnage, female)
            Intoxication (x Caelestra, male, twin to Sobriety)
            Sobriety (x Caelestra, female, twin to Intoxication)
                Sachin (x Saphris, male)
            Fenwe (x Let, female)
            Elayne (x Eva, female)
        Ilan (x Breckin, male)
        Ophanim (x Jenova, male)
            Ciara (x Anaxarete, female)
                Sixteen (x Carnage, male, twin to Catryn)
                Catryn (x Carnage, female, twin to Sixteen)
            Beulah (x Marijka, female)
            Ozias (x Arkus, male)
            Azlan (x Johari, female)
            Beelzebub (x Glassheart, male)
                Messiah (x Anastasia, male)
                Abyss (x Brunhilde, male)
                Aelius (x Ava, male)
                Writhe (x Jackel, male)
            Alita (x Ava, female)
            Meraxes (x Anabel, male)
            Bela (x Adna, female, twin to Rupture)
            Rupture (x Adna, male, twin to Bela)
            Malone (x Starsin, male)
                Ghidorah (x Candle, male)
                    Sylvanas (x Nikkai, female, twin to Revelrie)
                    Revelrie (x Nikkai, female, twin to Sylvanas)
            Lilt (x Starsin, female)
                Rosemary (x Litotes, female, twin to Somerset)
                Somerset (x Litotes, male, twin to Rosemary)
                Proverb (x Litotes, male)
            Larrikin (x Starsin, male)
            Roue (x Starsin, male)
            Soothe (x Kensa, female)
            Pleasure (x Starsin, female, twin to Pandemonium)
            Pandemonium (x Starsin, female, twin to Pleasure)
            Orville (x Starsin, male)
            Edrahil (x Starsin, male)
        Thorgal (x Roseen, male)
        Naia (x Thalassa, female)
        Yuki (x Mura, female)
        Riddikulus (x Jackel, male, twin to Mimblewimble)
            Kulin (x Warstorm, male)
        Mimblewimble (x Jackel, male, twin to Riddikulus)
        Roselin (x Lilliana, female, twin to Oren)
        Oren (x Lilliana, male, twin to Roselin)
    Sarkis (x Scorch, female)
        Cthalpa (x Tindalos, female)
    Vi (x Scorch, female, twin to Volcan)
        Reshi (x Astray, female)
        Drustan (x Carnage, male)
    Volcan (x Scorch, female, twin to Vi)

    Note: Rain was a stillborn, therefore her name was unofficially given by Hestoni and Scorch
    Last Updated: Nov 25th, 2020


    Genetic Traits:

    Non-Genetic Traits: Immortality with Scorch

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg [immortality with Scorch*][glowing horn][glowing tattoos][wings]



    Hestoni was born on the shores of Silver Cove (Dec 2011). His mother, Glamour, was a herd-mare to Jackel Lantern at the time, but her eyes were clouded by ego and pride. She wasn’t a very good mother for her son and Hestoni spent much of his childhood alone in Silver Cove. He followed his mother when she transitioned to Echo Trails to follow Jackel Lantern, but in his adolescent years he abandoned his mother and father once he realized he would be better off without them.

    He spent a decent amount of time wandering the wilderness of Beqanna in solitude, but eventually settled down with a pretty mare named Isnofret in Volcanic Village (June 2012). Hestoni had rarely smiled during the course of their relationship, but Isnofret managed to get a few out of him at points. Only a year later (July 2012), Isnofret birthed their daughter, Fluttershy. Hestoni was immensely happy at the arrival of his daughter, but it wasn’t much longer before his mate and their daughter suddenly disappeared without any signs.

    Hestoni spent more time wandering Beqanna in search of Isnofret and Fluttershy, but his search was in vain. Eventually, the large chestnut ended up in the Meadow. An Amazonian princess, Scorch, was fleeing from her home and met Hestoni by the river winding along the outskirts of the commonplace. She was terribly distraught from a recent traumatic event that had occurred in her life and her discomfort made her more fiery than she already normally was.

    Although Scorch offered him several insults to push him away, Hestoni was intrigued by the wilderness of the mare and her intricate, twining fire tattoos. Eventually Scorch was fed up by Hestoni’s persistence and brought him back to the Jungle with her. She made him her manservant and he received the traditional tattoos of the Jungle (a flower on his right shoulder with vinery twisting down his right foreleg), the personalized tattoo to show Scorch’s ownership (flaming fire that goes from his lower left jaw up along his cheek and into his left eye, where colors of red and orange and yellow swirled), and his own personal tattoo (the appearance of his own ribs on either sides of his ribcage with swirling, living fire weaving between the bones).

    Despite their rough start, Scorch fell in love with Hestoni as he had with her. Through the many trials of Scorch’s life, her manservant was always there to comfort her away from prying eyes. Eventually their first children, twins Kaida and Noori, were born (Dec 2013). Hestoni fell in love with his two darling girls and cherished his time with them. However, the two were destined for greater things and both fled the Jungle not longer after their maturity.

    Whenever Scorch went through her tragedies — and their were many — Hestoni was always there to catch her. When Echion died (Feb 2014), the manservant was there to comfort Scorch when she fell apart. Hestoni heard of the magician-god Carnage taking up residence in the Forsaken Valley and, seeing how Scorch had never said goodbye to her mother, traveled there to make a deal with him. Hestoni enlisted himself as Carnage’s personal slave in return for Scorch to spend a day with the deceased Echion’s ghost so they could have their final words (Mar 2014). Hestoni would be able to visit his family every two years as compensation, but in the meantime he was forced to do Carnage’s dirty work in several realms and universes outside of Beqanna.

    One wild, thunderstorming spring night Scorch made her way to the Valley to birth their second child (May 2014). However, the filly was a stillborn and Scorch was heartbroken over more emotional tragedy in her life. She named their daughter Rain, for the thunderstorm that pushed through the land and the terrible sadness that filled her spirit. In the meantime, Hestoni visited his family every two years for one day only. Despite the torture of Rain’s death, Scorch birthed their first son, Simeon, within the borders of the Jungle (Sept 2014).

    During the course of Hestoni’s service to Carnage he was forced to partake in many dangerous, dirty missions. He murdered and rampaged and coaxed and lied and dealt. The torture of it all wrecked his soul and his physical body. In one universe separate from Beqanna, Hestoni stood on the edge of a cliff with an angry ocean below him. He leapt off the edge of the cliff, committed to ending the misery of it all. However, rather than breaking his body against ragged cliffs and forceful waves, Hestoni fell onto the hard floor of one of Beqanna’s commonplaces (Oct 2014).

    In the final wanton toss of his life, Hestoni had broken the bond tying his soul to Carnage and was freed from his deal with the devil. He immediately ran back to the Jungle to be reunited with his family and tell them the good news. Not long after (Jan 2015), Scorch and Hestoni’s second son, Shahrizai, is born.

    When Scorch becomes Khaleesi of the Jungle (Mar 2015), Hestoni is promoted to her consort. Although he doesn’t have much authority over the Amazons themselves, he spends his time in their company and caring for his growing family. During Scorch’s reign, she gives birth to Ea (Apr 2015), who is eventually used as aid in an alliance between the Jungle and the Dale. They also add another set of twins, Wrynn and Leilan, to their brood (May 2015), and an additional daughter, Sarkis, while Scorch is the Khaleesi (July 2015).

    Hestoni spends much of his life in the comfort of the Jungle, watching over his wife and their many children. However, in Scorch’s final pregnancy with their third bout of twins, things go amiss. A magician named Camrynn had been stirring trouble within Beqanna and had taken one of the twins, Volcan, out of Scorch’s womb to be held in a time-bubble separate from Beqanna. Scorch births Vi among the healing waters of the Falls, as she can tell something is wrong (Sept 2015).

    The trauma of losing her tenth child and not knowing where she was took its toll on Scorch. Linked through the Jungle’s magic to his wife, Hestoni also ages dramatically in the months following Vi’s birth. They spend their last months together in broken company before they both finally pass away within the embrace of the Jungle (Sept 2015).

    After many years spent together in the gray world of the Afterlife, Scorch returns from the dead thanks to their grandson, Nihlus (Aug 2017). However, Hestoni is unable to join her and spends the next few years living through Scorch’s ghost-conversation skills, speaking in her mind and looking through her eyes. It’s just enough to keep him from drowning with boredom and longing to be with his wife, but the time still drags on before Hestoni is able to leave the Afterlife and travel directly to Nerine (Apr 2018) to be with Scorch.

    Their reunion is sweet and sexy, but no children result from it. Hestoni spends the next few years catching up with his children still roaming around Beqanna and enjoying the company of Scorch as she helps lead Nerine toward success and activity as a kingdom. Tragedy strikes again when Hestoni falls asleep inside a cavern in Nerine (June 2018). For several years, the magic of Beqanna keeps him trapped inside the cavern and he emerges to find Beqanna’s landscape changed, infection everywhere, and Scorch having betrayed him twice-over with Brennen and Brunhild (Jan 2019).

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