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    version 22: awakening


    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

    the untamed

    Age: seven

    Gender: Stallion

    Breed: hybrid

    Height: 15.2hh

    Player: laura


    Color: dark wine red (ee/Aa)

    Eyes: light grey

    Markings: broken blaze, four socks

    Mane & Tail: dark red



    brigade was raised with his twin wonder by his father’s wolves and is wild, reckless, and adventurous because of it. he is rough around the edges, stern, and keeps things close to his chest. despite this, he is possessive of things that he likes and extremely protective. he can be quick to anger, difficult to get to know, and terse. due to losses in his life, he has become increasingly closed off, keeping others at a distance and driving those who would get close to him away. still, underneath this stony exterior, there is still a boy within him who is kind, loyal, and even humorous.


    Parents: daemron & pyxis

    Children: aloy (x kensa)


    Genetic Traits: antlers, shapeshifting wings & power augmentation

    Non-Genetic Traits: --

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg [ANTLERS][SHAPESHIFTING WINGS][POWER AUGMENTATION][wolf shifting]

    Defects: --


    YEAR 200
    * Born in Tephra with his twin Wonder to Daemron and Pyxis. They are the couple’s firstborn.
    * They are raised alongside wolves and spend much of their time together, exploring the kingdom.

    YEAR 201-202
    * Brigade begins to wander outside of Tephra to look for adventures throughout Beqanna.
    * He meets Irisa and develops a childhood crush on her.
    * He also runs into Juice in his liquid form, learning about some of the magic that others possess.
    * He participates in the first plague quest in Island Resort but takes the wrong turn and is eliminated.
    * Sees his father with his injured wolf Red and leaves to find help.
    * Flies to Loess where he barters with Castile for healers. He ends up trading himself.
    * He returns to Tephra with Leliana who heals Red. Brigade returns to serve in Loess as part of the deal.
    * Runs into Irisa again where they have a short exchange. He realizes he still has feelings for her.

    YEAR 203
    * Does not participate in either side of the Tephra-Loess war and feels wildly conflicted because of it believing himself to be a coward.
    * He is afraid of what happens to his family and doesn’t return home to check on them.
    * Meets Brinly and they both fight, doing their best to hurt one another.
    * Attends the Hyaline party where he meets Nimue Isolde. He quickly realizes he is bad company and leaves.
    * Meets Kensa for the first time where a mutual attraction quickly flares into something dangerous.

    YEAR 204
    * Runs into Vastra, Brunhilde, and Lilliana in the forest. Manages to make them all angry or hurt.
    * Crosses paths with Kensa in Loess and realizes he can’t fight his feelings. Invites her to stay the night.
    * After Castile beats Sylva, he appoints Starsin to lead Sylva. Brigade volunteers to go with her.
    * Goes to the mountain to quest for something he doesn’t understand but is turned away.
    * For a short while, he is able to almost understand the language of the birds but never quite understand it.
    * Talks with Starsin in Sylva where she intentionally reveals that Kensa is actually in a serious relationship.
    * Goes to Hyaline where he confronts Kensa about her relationship. He runs away when it becomes too serious.
    * Meets Irisa again and she takes him to the dream world which he uses as an escape from his pain.
    * Runs into Kensa again on the outskirts of the forest. They finally make love but it feels like a goodbye.

    YEAR 205
    * Meets a mare named Lilian in the river and yells at her for almost dying. Brings her to Sylva.
    * Continues to try and keep Lilian from trying to kill herself in Sylva.
    * Kensa comes to Sylva to introduce him to his daughter, Aloy.

    YEAR 206
    * Brigade is killed by a pack of wolves who attack him in the forest.
    * He wakes up in the afterlife where he participates in Nikkai’s first quest.
    * He makes it to the end but chooses to send his mother back in the end.
    * He ends up winning Power Augmentation and eventually returns to Beqanna.

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