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    Svedka -- Year 212


    “He only knows home in his dreams and even those dreams do not mimic large, centuries-old redwoods. Lio doesn't remember the last time he laid his head down and truly felt comfortable.” --Elio, written by Phaetra

    Head in the Clouds.

    Age: 23

    Gender: Mare

    Breed: Morgan mix

    Height: 15.0

    Player: Lavender

    Buckskin paint photo: Buckskin Paint Mare daze3.jpg

    Color: Buckskin Overo ()

    Eyes: Amber

    Markings: Overo - rich gold along top line black legs white patches along belly haunches and shoulders

    Mane & Tail: Full and jet black


    Full of life. naturally friendly. Daydreamer. Adventurer.
    Tangerine is lively and relishes excitement. She enjoys approval but also knows her own value. She gets along with others well and often finds herself in the peacemaker roll. She sees other positive attributes even when they are not obvious. So far she has never stayed in one place for very long.



    Solace & Svedka (xWarrick)
    Celest (xCarnage)
    Marble (xWarrick)
    Sibyl (xWarrick)


    Genetic Traits: Precognition

    Non-Genetic Traits:

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg



    Her First Life
    Came from a small family group. She left home on good terms to find her own way. Previous home was a small ever changing group of horses who lived on "The Great Plains" . Her mother was a storyteller, well known on their plains. They traveled across the plains like the other groups of nomadic (non magical) horses there. Often they would find other groups and camping together for a week or more. Her family group consisted of her Father, Mother, older half sister, younger full brother. She had other half siblings that she had met in passing.

    Arrives in Beqanna in the fall of year 189 - April 2017

    Two years old - Arrives in the field where she meets Warrick and follows him to Tephra. Winters in Tephra becoming close friends with Warrick. She is falling for the kind yet sad stallion with the tragic past, but he is not ready to be more than friends. As she leaves to travel Beqanna, she often thinks of the time they spent together and the love she feels for him, the first to greet her in this new world.

    Year 190
    Now three, Tang travels to Hyaline in the spring where she meets Amet, the Dragon king who is charming and beautiful. She spends the summer with the young residents of Hyaline, forming a close friendship with Amet. There is an attack (a group of young horses burn and poison the land) one night in early fall and Tangerine is burnt on her left hock. In the aftermath she makes diplomatic visits with Amet and helps keep watch over the territory. Warrick Also pays her a visit that fall, and Tang becomes pregnant with his twins. Now having spent over a year in Beqanna, she feels herself becoming more attune to the magic of the place and begins to have dreams which hint at her future and the future of those she cares about. In the winter, she dreams of the birth of her twins and decides she needs to travel to Tephra to find Warrick.

    Year 191
    When she finds Warrick, he is elated to find out she is carrying his twins. Solace and Svedka are born and the young family spends six months in quiet happiness. Along the way, Tang helps nurse an abandoned foal named Kaiode. He bonds with her children, especially Solace, and the colt and his adopted father "Rou" spend much of their time with Tang and the twins. Then Kaiode is killed in a freak accident and Solace is involved. Tang had received a premonition that one of the colts was in danger but wrongly assumed it was Svedka, her rambunctious son, and she feels very guilty that she did not clue Rou in on her dream. Six more moths pass in Tephra and Tangerine is growing restless in the peaceful kingdom. Solace will not process the event with her mother, Svedka is independent and wild, and Warrick has gained several well-deserved promotions for his diligent work as a diplomat. But she yearns to run again and leave the confines of the tropical island.

    Tangerine soon had a dream where she meets Carnage, the dark god, in The Meadow where they conceive a child. When she awakens from her dream she leaves her sleeping children to go find him. In the meadow, the god comes down from the stars and during that surreal night, she becomes pregnant with Celest.

    Year 192
    Tang travels back to Hyaline, after a difficult goodbye with the father of her twins, hoping to cure the festering restlessness in her chest. She has told no one of her pregnancy yet. After a falling out with Amet, she is lured by Carnage to his lair where she is tortured and given strange visions of the filly, she carries.

    Year 193
    When carnage is done with her she wanders through a wasteland of his creation, heavily pregnant and dehydrated, only to magically re-appear in Hyaline where she gives birth to Celest. The mother and foul then hide in the riverlands for six months while Tang suffers from anxiety related to her torture. Celest bring Amet to Tang and she says goodbye, that she is returning to her homeland. After several large disagreements, Celest then runs away, having no interest in leaving Beqanna. Tang travels to Tephra to say her goodbyes to Warrick, but he decides to accompany her on her journey and they leave with Svedka for the journey.
    Year 193
    Tang spends the year recovering. Warrick helps her hear, and together they dance under the moon and enjoy the carefree lifestyle of her ancestors. Warrick returns and tang takes more time to see family.

    Year 194
    In the winter, Tang returns to Tephra where Warrick is now King

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