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    version 22: awakening


    OCEANE -- Year 208


    "Because if she had not met him, she knew she would have been searching her whole life for the piece that he filled her heart with." -- Eva, written by Shelbi


    Age: 13

    Gender: Stallion

    Breed: Anglo-Arabian Hybrid

    Height: 15'0"

    Player: Calcifer

    -Conformation: 15’0”, less-refined frame with crested neck, Elk-shaped head. Stands square with thicker bone structure, erect tail. Long legs, smaller ears.
    -Closest to-date breed appearance: Shagya Arabian
    -Eye Color: Forest Green #228B22

    -Breed Look-Alike: Eastern Timber Wolf
    -Appearance: Lighter gray legs, underbelly. Silver coat, white-washed around eyes and over mouth.
    -Eye Color: Green
    -Conformation: Broad-chested, built uphill with long legs, wide face. Medium ears, long tail. Best tracker in wolf lineage

    Color: Iridescent blue roan (literal blue) ()

    Eyes: Forest Green

    Markings: None

    Mane & Tail: Midnight blue


    Longclaw is a dominant personality, to the extreme.

    Strengths: Vigilant - Staunch
    Vices: Savage - Cunning - Carnal

    *Inhabitant of Nerine
    *Inhabitant of Pangea, pre-fall
    *Guard of Tephra
    *Soldier of Tephra
    *Commander of Tephra Guard


    Parents: Wyrm x Heartfire

    Wildling: Male, Anglo-Arabian Hybrid Blue Roan with amethyst purple ombre legs/mane/tail
    Longclaw x Syl
    tegteg [LIMITED IMMORTALITY][SHATTERING][color changing][immortality][water walking][wolf mimicry]
    Expressed traits: limited immortality, shattering
    Played by Kristin, Due Nov 20, 2017;

    Wolfbane: Male, Arabian hybrid Palomino (ee/Aa/nCr) with iridescent blue aardwolf markings
    Longclaw x Femur
    tegteg [FANGS][INVISIBILITY][WINGS][carnivore][vision manipulation]
    Expressed Traits: Fangs, invisibility, wings
    Expressed Defects: Spinal Mane (Upright mane that stretches from forelock to dock)
    Played by Calcifer, Due Jan 2017

    Dayé: Female Hybrid Palomino (ee/Aa/nCr) with light blue sheen
    Longclaw x Diorae
    tegteg [WOLF SHIFTING][IMMORTALITY][shapeshifting wings][lion's mane]
    Expressed Traits: Wolf shifting, immortality
    Played by Tati, Due Jan 2017

    Sawtooth: Female Arabian hybrid, Iridescent blue roan
    Loongclaw x Femur
    tegteg [WOLF SHIFTING][FANGS][WINGS][self-manipulation][shapeshifting wings][invisibility]
    Expressed Traits: Wolf Shifting, Fangs, Wings
    Played by Kristin, Due May 2018


    Genetic Traits: Wolf Shifting

    Non-Genetic Traits: White Fire Manipulation, Twin to Rapture

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg [WOLF SHIFTING][*WHITE FIRE MANIPULATION][immortality][self manipulation][shapeshifting wings][vision manipulation]



    -Born 03-19-2017 in Nerine, along with twin Rapture
    -Taken away by sire, Wyrm, to train in Pangea
    -Maters wolf shifting
    -Pangea falls
    -Along with sire, Wyrm, murders grandsire Lupei; eats his heart
    -Gains white fire manipulation, masters power
    -Enticed by Deimos & Co., who plan on invading Taiga; declines
    -Joins Tephra ranks
    -Meets Ajatar, brings her to Tephra
    -Meets mate, Femur, for the first time
    -Meets Diorae, his lioness, for the first time
    -Travels to Nerine with Ajatar, intercepted by sire, Wyrm; altercation occurs
    -Healer Corva restores Longclaw
    -Ellyse gains control of Tephra
    -Femur finds Wildling, Longclaw's son; steals him home
    -Warrick gains control of Tephra
    -Longclaw is Promoted to Commander of Tephra's Guard
    -Hosts Beqanna-wide Training session
    -Retires in times of peace
    -Personality begins to disappear as curse worsens
    -Drives away last child, Wolfbane, and settles into solitary confinement
    -Happens across Harmonia and daughter Ajatar on Tephra's beach
    -Attempts to rid Tephra of Harmoina, passes away from Ajatar forcibly stopping him with her powers
    *Dies 6/26/18

    Longclaw's submissives ((herd)), in order of favoritism
    Femur, his mate
    Diorae, his lioness
    Zephyr, his dragoness

    Their Pups (*Male +Female Unborn)

    Nerine children; circa Nayl's rule w/subkingdoms Sylva & Hyaline
    Tephra inhabitants, (Ruler Offspring, then Ellyse, then Warrick)

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