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    version 22: awakening


    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

    Forest Nymph

    Age: 15

    Gender: Mare

    Breed: Hybrid


    Player: Neo


    Color: Bay ()

    Eyes: Sienna

    Markings: Star, snip, socks

    Mane & Tail: Black


    Younger years- manipulative, self centered, destructive After Hyaline raid- Passionate, kind, giving


    Parents: Rhonen x Karaugh



    Genetic Traits: Flora Revival

    Non-Genetic Traits:

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg[FLORAL REVIVAL][TELEPORTATION]



    Born as her mother gifted baby. Possessing Blight. She never cared for her powers until she met a stallion in the Forest, Levi. His interest in her trait caused her to find it tolerable. After the Hyaline raid and finding Levi in Tephra when visiting Warrick she found a tree she had killed when she was a foal. Realizing her mistakes and hate for the poison within her she ran to the Mountain. Finding the fairies and pleading for her curse to be removed. They told her to plant three seeds in honor of a fallen Kingdom(Taiga) and her powers would be exchanged for giving life to plants. She planted one in the Forest where they(her and Levi) had made a clearing. One in Hyaline where she also breathed life into the wysteria she destroyed during lost boys raid. One in Taiga. Entered Cryptic Quest as a forest nymph - just for fun. Used her new powers to restore Taiga Went to Tephra to fix the tree she had destroyed as a foal. Finds Levi... Levi, intruiged, follows her to the forest after she leaves Tephra. He finds her beneath a redwood in their clearing. They then travel to Hyaline to visit with Amet. When she finds her tree there is well she travels back to Taiga. Levi stays behind. Once in Taiga she meets Anastazja. She begins repairing the kingdom and remains there for the better part of a year. Until Warrick finds her. Curious to what she is doing. Eventually they get on the subject of family and she finds out her mother is held captive in Tephra. Her gaurd none other than Levi. Concerned she travels to Tephra. She meets Ceara at the border, Levi's sister. Who takes her to find Warrick again. After a short conversation, Ceara goes to find Levi at the cave but Kolera follows her, Warrick in tow. At the cave Levi brings Karaugh out in a cage of fire. Her mother explains vaguely the situation. Kolera is speechless. Warrick releases Karaugh and Kryptic, a half brother born during the imprisonment (not Levi's). Kolera discovers her mom hasn't change and is utterly disappointed in her. Once at the border Karaugh flees leaving Kryptic to his fate(whatever it shall be). Kolera and Levi exchange harsh words... They eventually make up. She becomes pregnant by Levi and runsaway out of fear he wouldn't want a child. Goes to Taiga and then to Mountain. Demands fairies for leadership of Taiga so she may have a home there finally. They curse the unborn foal with blight for her trespasses. Heavy with child she travels to the forest(her tree) and rests beneath it. Levi finds her there, well along and soon she gives birth. The foal is not breathing but eventually comes to life. She nearly dies and is saved by Amorette which Levi must go get(Amore also just foaled Levi a son Bryne). Zain accidentally blights Koleras redwood upon taking his first breath. From there they travel back to Tephra. Some time after her brother Klaudius has come to find Tephra with his family. Speaking of dark times. She lives deep within Tephra in exclusion. Zain grows up, befriending a foal BeetleJuice that K secured from a battle with Morty. They eventually leave to Taiga ... Yr196 She remained in the deep jungles of Tephra until the world is shaken by a calling of murder. Yr 199 She hears the call of Carnage for them to kill Rhonen, her father. She arrives in Pangea to attempt to stop them but Zain finds her and steals her health. Fallen, she awakens to the corpse of her father upon the soil. Sickened by the plague for having come to the kingdom, she soon succumbs to fits of coughing, hairless patches, weakness. Still when she hears the fairies call to them to help save BQ she willingly goes to the mountain. Traveling to Icicle Island in a quest to save BQ, she retrieved the icicled requested to be returned to the mountain but do to her illness she only made it to the redwood forest before collapsing onto the ground and blacking out. The fairies decided to save her with a breath of life and she teleported to the Brilliant Pampas where Noah(her sister) found her nearly dead in the meadow... New tegteg[FLORA REVIVAL][teleportation] Oct 2017 New tegteg[FLORA REVIVAL]{TELEPORTATION] Nov 2018

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