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    version 22: awakening


    OCEANE -- Year 208


    "Because if she had not met him, she knew she would have been searching her whole life for the piece that he filled her heart with." -- Eva, written by Shelbi

    grit and grace.

    Age: 9

    Gender: Mare

    Breed: hybrid

    Height: 16hh

    Player: Kahzie


    Color: grullo tobiano (Ee/aa/Dd/nT)

    Eyes: blue grey

    Markings: minimal tobiano markings across withers

    Mane & Tail:



    Parents: Stillwater x Djinni

    Children: none


    Genetic Traits: none

    Non-Genetic Traits: none

    Trait Genetic Code: TEGteg[WATER TELEPORTATION][kelpie mimicry]



    Starlin was born in Sylva in the Spring of BQ 192. She moved to Nerine with her mother and twin brother in the late winter of that same year.

    While living in Nerine, Starlin has decided to train as a warrior, like the Amazons of old.

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