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    Assailant -- Year 226


    "But the dream, the echo, slips from him as quickly as he had found it and as consciousness comes to him (a slap and not the gentle waves of oceanic tides), it dissolves entirely. His muscles relax as the cold claims him again, as the numbness sets in, and when his grey eyes open, there’s nothing but the faint after burn of a dream often trod and never remembered." --Brigade, written by Laura

    we're all mad here

    Age: 177

    Gender: Stallion

    Breed: Hybrid

    Height: 18 hh

    Player: Prism


    Color: Black w/ White Paint Markings (EE/aa/nT/nSpl + Birdcatcher Spots)

    Eyes: Teal

    Markings: White Face, Chest & Bird-catcher Spots

    Mane & Tail: White Splotched on Black


    prominent scars:
    -- right cheek: faded scar from a deep laceration [a fight w/ archam]
    -- left shoulder: three long slashes from the fangs of a hell-creature, gnarly scar tissue with the fur growing back white [monster attack / the eclipse]
    -- underbelly and sides: claw marks from a lion attack [fight w/ gale]
    -- chest: claw marks from a lion attack [fight w/ gale]

    chem's magics:
    -- his glowing smoke emanates from him, often spilling out around his feet or rising from his mane/tail/spine, he controls the thickness and brightness of the glow --
    -- his soul summoning allows him to bring up to two souls forward into the mortal realm, he often uses it to visit with dead friends and relatives, he's had it since the eclipse so he's pretty well practiced now --
    -- his multi-mythical animal shifting is well honed now, and he uses it often to conceal who he is and be left in peace --


    conformation & movement ref:


    1. There are often times he acts like a horny young lad with no sense and only one focus, but as he ages that is starting to fade. The obsession with making children, wooing mares, fighting and whatever else comes with a surge of testosterone and a strong body have all started to dull. They've not disappeared, no, certainly Beqanna isn't that lucky.

    2. He likes to have dominion over others, whether one on one or a group, he likes to establish ownership if he can. It's something that has always appealed to him, being a master of others, mostly mares. He found the taste for it while pursuing his instincts of trying to build himself a modest herd - he did so enjoy it. He's built many harems, all have fallen away or killed, some he's even just left without warning. He keeps trying, always hunting for someone to collect and keep, and a place to do it. It is indeed part of his personality now these days.

    3. He can be aggressive, sometimes unpredictably. For the most part however, he is in fair control of all of his emotions. He's never sexual aggressive, he will harass, but force isn't something he's taken with. He likes followers, not captives (not to say he wont steal a girl and try to convince her! ha.)

    4. He's sneaky. If dishonesty will make things easier for him or his agenda, it will happen very easily.

    5. Very forward. He will approach anyone and start a conversation.

    6. Blunt. He's very to the point.

    7. Touchy/grabby. He will reach out and touch you, its a compulsion most of the time. He hardly ever tries to fight the urge to reach out and take a sniff, or run is muzzle along someone's skin. It's not always lusty, but don't rule it out, for sure [laugh laugh laugh].

    8. He's not really very honorable. Or he hasn't been thus far, anyway. But he's not exactly sinister or evil either.


    Parents: Naire x Isriel

    - RURI [x sabe]
    - ZEPAR [x sabe]
    - KOTA [x padma]
    - GODRIC [x vessel]
    - GARONA & MARYSE [x sabe]
    - SAGECRAFT [x helleborn]
    - XZAVIER [x sreva]
    - RHETTE [x lewana]
    - FERRATH [x mataeris]
    - ECHE [x quietude]
    - HRAIROO & CHERVIL [x whisteria]

    colt | filly



    COMPANION ANIMAL: young white lipped python, female, irisaen [i-ri-see-nah]

    Genetic Traits: Immortality, Multi-Mythical Animal Shifting, Glowing Smoke

    Non-Genetic Traits: Soul Summoning,




    chapter 6 –
    coming soon

    chapter 5 –
    Chemdog hears about Leilan assembling a clan in the North. A raiding clan to rebuild the burnt Icicle Isle. He travels there to see what it is all about and fast becomes part of their raiding party. He grew bored with the raiding and after the Isle seemed revived enough to no longer need him, he wandered off.

    chapter 4 –
    For years after Hyaline he tried his hand at several kinds of living. Mostly he would just ask whoever owned a hunk of Beqanna for themselves if he may freeload there, collect some women and move on when he could. Wolfbane let him for a while, in Loess, but Chem never did much for him and ended up leaving to go back to the River anyway. For years he and Kota stay quiet, keeping out of sight as they move around Beqanna without any real purpose.

    chapter 3 –
    He fathered many children, but there was a daughter in particular that he had taken to. Padma raised their child nicely, giving her everything she needed, but shoving her to Chemdog as soon as the girl was weaned. They made for great partners, becoming close and traveling together much of the time. Both of them settled, Kota about 3 or so, in Hyaline where Chemdog became a Professor for a while. He educated the young and the vulnerable, still bedding anyone he could and keeping his daughter close. They both remained in Hyaline for several years until Aziz’s academy crumbled apart and back to the River he went.

    chapter 2 –
    Beqanna, as she always does, went through some major shifts in the land and its wild magic. His Village was soon swallowed into the sea and his little family scattered. Some mares followed him to the River, a select few, but many did not. They dispersed and that was the end of his first and only real harem he’d built. Since then he decided he would wander, making base at the River, foraging where he could and snatching up any willing (and sometimes not willing) ladies along his way. He spent many years just wandering.

    chapter 1 –
    Most of his life has been spent chasing women of various shapes, sizes, histories and attitudes. It is the pie of life for him, truly. He cannot get enough of them, and it has always been this way. His first home he claimed for himself of Volcanic Village; a hostile and beautiful spot that he held for years, gathering lovers, raising children, building a small empire and a healthy sized harem.

    He was born in the mountains, dropped on cold hard stone on a frozen Spring night. He remembers the deep shiver he had until he was finally able to warm himself. He’s accustomed to the frigid temperatures of winter – even in the high north. He will never be as cold as the day he was born. Chemdog was raised in the image and shadow of his Grandfather, Mohan, and so far he’s pretty much just like him in so many ways. He was taught to fight, sneak, and provide for himself as a nomad. He was taught politics and his mother taught him what she could of social sciences – how the mind works. Manipultaion. He upbringing was rough enough to make him interesting, seeing much bloodshed before the age of two, but also gentle enough to make him a decent father and grandfather to his own kin. At about 4 or 5 years of age Chemdog was on his own, wandering.

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