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    version 22: awakening


    OCEANE -- Year 208


    "Because if she had not met him, she knew she would have been searching her whole life for the piece that he filled her heart with." -- Eva, written by Shelbi

    The Devil

    Age: 26

    Gender: Stallion

    Breed: Arabian Hybrid

    Height: 16hh

    Player: Shelbi

    Rodrik is currently away. Reason: hiatus - taking a break for a bit :)
    Away Since: 04-25-2020 — Returns on: 12-01-2020

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    Color: Chestnut (ee/AA )

    Eyes: Nutmeg

    Markings: White blaze

    Mane & Tail: Medium - Chestnut


    Rodrik is a patient, cunning, ruthless individual that knows how to get what he wants. Almost machine-like in his approach, he is known to be extremely effective at what he sets his mind to. He relies simply on himself (self-reliant, individualistic). He is a power-hungry individual with the skills and resources to match as he is manipulative, condescending, and scheming for his own benefit. Rodrik is very egocentric and determined (hardheaded). He will become competitive and stubborn to get what he wants. Despite this though, Rodrik can be warm and gentle to those he truly cares about, particularly his mother (Kagerou).

    Peronsality Traits
    -Egocentric, vain, condescending
    -Determined, hardheaded
    -Abstract thinker, fast learner
    -Assertive, competitive, stubborn
    -Self reliant, individualistic
    -Gentle and warm to those he truly cares about


    Parents: Rhaego x Kagerou

    Children: Straia (x Frostweaver) - female, tegteg [RAVEN MAGIC][immortality][necromancy][undead appearance][poison manipulation][wings]
    *Erebor (xWarship) - male, heat manipulation
    *Weaver (x Weed) - female, tegteg [RESURRECTION][plant manipulation][raven magic][undead appearance]
    *Korbin (x Warship) - male, twin to Bismark, tegteg [SKELETON PHYSIOLOGY][immortality][wings]
    *Bismark (x Warship) - male, twin to Korbin, tegteg [ETERNAL YOUTH][panther shifting]
    **Wilhelm (x Kannabis) - femlae, tegteg [FOAL SHIFTING][WINGS]
    Oksana (adopted)
    Lucrezia (x Evrae) - female, tegteg [magic][immortality][poison manipulation]
    *Rome (x Tarnished) - male, tegteg [EQUUS PARDALIS][immortality]
    Reap (x Nocturnal) - male, Triplet to Witching and Gravely, tegteg [ONEIROMANCY][poison barbs][immortality][wings][horn]
    Witching (x Nocturnal) - female, Triplet to Gravely and Reap, tegteg [IMMORTALITY][reanimation][poison manipulation][wings][horn]
    Gravely (x Nocturnal) - female, Triplet to Witching and Reap, tegteg [IMMORTALITY][equus mutatio][necromancy]


    Genetic Traits: Immortality, necromancy, undead appearance, poison manipulation

    Non-Genetic Traits:




    In the Beqanna Year of 151, Kagerou, Queen of the Amazons at the time (BQY 150-156; Oct 2013-Apr. 2014), gave birth to her very first son, a chestnut, named Rodrik. It was there in the jungle that the chestnut grew up and began his life. He met a few of the jungle members on the day of his birth, such as Quark, Priscilla, and Versailles, along with his father, Rhaego, and older sister, Rayelle. From there on, the young colt spent his days exploring and playing with the young foals of the jungle and his younger brother, Kavi (who was soon born after him). His favorite game of all was war.

    Rodrik had found no desire to ever leave the jungle and explore the outside world. In fact, he had become quite content with where he grew up. Perhaps it was that as he became older he had gotten more attention than one naturally needed. The chestnut had inherited his father’s physique and handsome features along with his mother’s nutmeg eyes. And for that, quite a lot of pride had grown into Rodrik, making him become egocentric.

    During his first year, Rodrik had met another young colt from the Deserts named Romek. The two yearlings had fought a friendly battle with one another in the mock lands of Beqanna.

    As Rodrik reached the age of three, he had come to the conclusion that there was nothing for him in the women kingdom (and he had no intentions of staying in the Amazons to become part of their hierarchy for male servants). So, the chestnut said his goodbyes to both family and friends and departed into the world. For some time, he travelled along the mountain range that stretched from south to north in Beqanna. He passed over unfamiliar lands and took trails that many barely crossed over. Rodrik learned much along the way, especially experiencing the difference in the weather. Eventually, he came across an empty kingdom called the Chamber (ruled by Tatter at the time, BQ Year 153; Jan 2014).

    Despite the vacant appearance of the evil kingdom, a blue pregnant mare named Ferenze had greeted him there. Rodrik later ended up meeting two old Chamberlings (Xanax and Belgarath) of the kingdom when the newcomer Slaide arrived (Osric, Son of Echion, past Amazon queen; who gave a false name due to being an unwanted child from Set’s side of the family, which had strong connections to the royal blood ties to the Chamber). It was then not long that the others he met disappeared back into the shadows of the kingdom and once again the kingdom became silent.

    Rodrik couldn’t handle the silence. Hel felt disappointment about the Chamber. He wanted to make the kingdom thrive again and return the glory back. So, he set out the Field and recruited Silvereye, a Shire who had a strange past of blood and murdering, and Etojo, who was much like Rodrik in personality and looks (Rodrik immediately liked Etojo). He also met his half-aunt Katya (Queen of the Gates in in BQ year 154; Feb 2014), though he doesn't know that they were related but she had left him very curious of who and what she was when recruiting Silvereye. As well, Rodrik had replaced Karson from the Chamber against a friendly challenge from Nayley of the Deserts and won the battle.

    In the Beqanna Year of 154 (Feb. 2014), a war began to stir across Beqanna due to the actions of the Valley Queen, Elite. She sacrificed many non-mythical horses to summon the magical stallion, Carnage. As well, the Valley stole multiple members from the kingdoms. A great meeting occurred in the Deserts to discuss the matters dealing with the Valley and massacre. As any young warrior who dreamed of battle, Rodrik planned to take part in it. The only other horses he knew there was Quark, Kagerou, and Romek. His mother had shown concern for him being there, but Rodrik was too headstrong and determined not be a part of this history. He wanted to get his name passed down onto generations yet to come. Rodrik returned to the Chamber to prepare for the war.

    During this time, Slaide (Osric) and Rodrik had crossed paths and discussed the current stance of the Chamber. He found out that Slaide was actually named Osric, son of Echion (a former Amazon queen) and Set (a former Chamber king). Osric was also born and raised in the Amazons. In the end of their conversation, Rodrik and Osric decided it was time that the Chamber had new rulers since the previous rulers appeared to be absent too long; however, Rodrik knew that Tatter, the king at the time, was going to the war.

    Eventually horses from around Beqanna, from kingdoms and other places in the land, made their way towards the Valley. Rodrik had waited too long for this day. He had lived out his early childhood days playing imaginary war games. Yet, a real war was much different than what he knew. Rodrik had learned that from his father, but he also had honed in skills of war from a young age. He was prepared for this; every bit of him was made for this. Kagerou had worried about Rodrik and found him through their mental connection. Rodrik ensured her that he would be okay; however, he did not anticipate that he would be the one worrying about his mother’s well-being during the war.  

    When the first Valley member showed up, Rodrik sounded their proclamation for wanting the Valley queen, Elite. And then chaos erupted around him. It was when his mother moved away from him, running into the chaos, that he feared for her even though he knew his mother was able to take care of herself. So, he followed her into the chaos. Rodrik eventually gounf his mother protecting a jungle mare named Malka from a stallion (who is a painted stallion named Hakeem). When the painted stallion attacks his mother, Rodrik is quick to fight back to protect his mother.

    After attacking Hakeem, Rodrik slipped away to find his mother frozen in horror. He is unaware of what has happened to his mother, but Rodrik could not leave his mother’s side no matter what. He stayed with her through the madness – horses shouting, dragons roaring, bodies crashing into each other and blood, fire, and ice surround them – because there is no care for anything else he has. He did not fight the others for the sake of glory, but stayed to protect his mother from the madness. Eventually, his mother told him this is wrong and he cannot agree more. The reason for coming to the Valley had turned into a blood massacre that killed many horses. Rodrik left the war behind with his mother. Last updated January 2016

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