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    Beyza -- Year 211


    "She kills him because no matter how far she has come from the bitter, angry young girl she had been, she is still Starsin, and if he wants to make her world burn, she will be certain that he burns with it." --Starsin, written by Colby

    Alexiel x Anabel

    Age: 9

    Gender: Mare

    Breed: Hybrid

    Height: 15.1hh

    Player: Taz


    Color: Palomino Tovero, Slightly White areas on body Glitter (ee/aa/nZ/nT/nO/nCr)

    Eyes: Green

    Markings: 4 White Stockings, Wide Blaze

    Mane & Tail: Flaxen


    Gluttony has spent the first 3 years of her life living with the birds of prey of Beqanna. Rarely found in her equine form the young mare has yet to learn how to properly socialize and behave. Because of this she is very child-like and naive to the true workings of the world and has much maturing to do. Flighty and dreamy, she often can be found watching the birds in the sky hoping to fly once more. Strange and almost too sweet, the dark side of her nature that boils underneath is currently hidden. Though it would take just the right traumatic event to unleash the beast that sleeps.

    Thunderstorms, Rainy Days, Strange Personalities, Birds, Flying, Silly Conversations, Sarcastic Bickering, Sweet Grass, Wildflowers, Spring and Fall Weather, Naps, Exploring

    Unnecessary Confrontation, Being injured, Not Flying, Socializing for too long, Mud, Cutesy Awkward Romance, Snow, Working on anything that seems pointless, Wasting time, Being out of control

    No Lovers

    No Friends

    - Ghaul , of Pangea
    - Warstorm , Nomad

    No Enemies

    Eagle Shifting [2 Spaces]
    Named as ____-shifting, this is the ability to shift into a single natural species. This can also include shifting parts of the body (eyes, tail, coat patters, etc.). Natural Form is equid.

    Phasing [1 Space]
    Ability to make one's own body immaterial to pass through objects.

    Fangs [1 Space]
    Fangs in place of Regular two teeth, one on each side.

    Glittering [0 Space]
    Can be all over or regulated to parts/markings. On this particular horse, their slightly white areas are the ones that glitter.


    Father: Alexiel [Infection x Anadil]
    Mother: Anabel [Deimos x Asterisque]

    Full Siblings:
    Brink [F, Alexiel x Anabel]
    Bereave [M, Alexiel x Anabel]

    Half Siblings:
    Meraxes [M, Ophanim x Anabel]
    Oriana [F, Alexiel x Paper Bag]
    Myrkari [F, Alexiel x Ilyena]
    Alexie [M, Alexiel x Lexie]
    Always [F, Alexiel x Jingle]

    Decline [M, x Tarnished]

    Yes. Pregnant with a Colt she intends to name Decline (x Tarnished). Due January, 2020.


    Genetic Traits: Eagle Shifting, Glittering, Phasing, Fangs

    Non-Genetic Traits: None

    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg [EAGLE SHIFTING][GLITTERING][PHASING][FANGS][telepathy][regenerative healing]

    Defects: None


    Year 202 through 206
    - Born Spring of 202 [May 2019]
    - Lived as a hawk the first years of her life, YR 202 - 205 [May 2019 to Nov 2019]
    - First attempt to live with her equine species, YR 205 [Nov 2019]
    - First attempt in the field to find a home, YR 205 [Nov 2019]
    - Meets Ghaul of Pangea in the field , YR 205 [Nov 2019]
    - Accepts Ghaul's invitation in the field to join Pangea, YR 205 [Dec 2019]
    - Makes her first trip to the meadow and runs into Warstorm , YR 205 [DEC 2019]

    Year 208 through 212
    - Gives birth to Decline (x Tarnished ) and adopts Voracity (Requite x Shirin) in Spring of Year 208 [March, 2020]
    - She spends the first year raising her first two sons within the Caves that sit among the mountains surrounding Beqanna.
    - She becomes pregnant again and gives birth to her son, Swerve in Spring of Year 209 [May, 2020]
    - Ghaul becomes king of Pangea and Gluttony finally leaves the caves with her 3 sons and she pledges her and their allegiance to the new king.

    Activity and Posting Status History:
    - November 24, 2019 through December 3, 2019: Slow with random bouts of large activity

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