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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

    [open]  where the skies end

    Magic is ugly when it implodes. 

    Like many places where enchantment reigns, her country had been timeless. No one knew exactly when it had come about, and no one could ever imagine that it would ever end. But the hunger for power is as insatiable as it is bottomless; enumerable battles between kings and queens, good and evil, light and dark roiled in the winds of the Country.

    In the end evil, the darkness, whatever the old biddies wanted to call it, prevailed. The War was lost, and a dangerous black magic found itself in the grasp of those who had slain thousands to get it. 

    Warstorm can still smell the smoke. Pink nostrils flare, then wrinkle at the foul living memory. Shaking her wild mane out of her face, the mare snorts and turns to smell a small bloom of summer flowers to rid herself of her own imagination. It's hot, and the sun's brightness makes Warstorm squint under its intensity. She smells other horses about, though doesn't see any in her immediate vicinity, which suits her just fine for now. Her father should be here soon ... wherever here is. 


    where the skies end



    Gluttony had been blessed that she had yet to experience a time of war and death. Unlike most that roamed the lands of Beqanna, she was inexperienced in it all. Though because of this, her heart soared free and her innocent child-like nature blossomed. Living among the birds the first few years of her life had kept her safe and naive to the world below. This is how she stayed, until finally, she came down to earth and chose to live the life of the equine. It was about time she joined them anyway. Three years was much too long to live in the sky without a return.

    The summer air is warm and inviting on this day as she makes her way through the open meadows. With wide green eyes, the glittering mare took in all the things she could see. How different the world looked from down on the ground. Everything was so much bigger and brighter than she had ever realized. Blinking softly she glanced downwards towards the tall grasses, her eyes delighted at the sight of pastel summer blossoms and for a moment she prances in place. With yet another round of child-like energy, the dainty mare snorts softly as she shoves her face into the tall grass and flowers. Step by step she moves carefully, her lips occasionally grabbing hold of the grasses growing between the flowers. With gentle tugs, her teeth pinch the grass and her tongue pulls it into her mouth.

    With another step forward the mares lips eagerly reach forward and for a moment they wiggle about until finally it is realized that grass isn't exactly what she has found. Slowly turning her head, Gluttony glances at the long multi colored leg in front of her. With a quick jerk of the head and a sudden sidestep the once bird of prey chuckles nervously. "Oh, I, I'm so sorry about that. I wasn't paying atten--," her dainty and happy tone quickly dies off when she notices the other's large beautiful wings. With her mouth hanging open slightly she blinks before speaking up once again, "you have the most beautiful wings! Boy do I wish I had wings like yours! Mine only come out when I'm flying as a bird!"


    Well, if she's going to be here for a while, she may as well get a good meal out of it. The summer grasses are lost the lush, bright green sweetness of their springtime youth but plenty of freshness still remains. Not only that, but there is clover here. Delicious, sugary clover -- Enobaria eats it anyway, even if she knows she will regret it later when the slobbers come. It's hardly ladylike to be drooling all over herself like a loony, but sometimes the reward is worth the cost. The painted mare will just ensure she's by herself later on. 

    Unless father shows up. Then she will just drool on him and watch him have a meltdown over her impropriety. But that's the cost of being the youngest daughter of a former King; everything is proper this and rules that and Enobaria has never really thrived under those circumstances. 

    She sighs softly, lifting her head. Icy blues glance around again, scenting the air. Where is her father, anyway? The storm could not have separated them by that much, could it? Puffing up her feathers, the antlered hybrid gives herself a good rouse, shaking dust and dandruff off of her skin and in doing so, resettling her feathers, and going back to grazing.

    A stick snaps, and Enobaria jerks her head up, muscles tensing. She has no idea what sort of predators may be lurking around this unfamiliar country, but back home, bears and wolves were more than happy to make a meal out of an unsuspecting equine, even if they were a magic wielder. If she recalled correctly, father said some of the bears and wolves were magically inclined too. What if there are sorcerer bears here too? Or warlock wolves? 

    Fortunately, it isn't a bear, but the sudden touch to her fetlock spooks the young mare all the same. Enobaria snorts and sidesteps, barely resisting the urge to flee. But it's another horse, a rather pretty caramel colored thing, who had been partially hidden by dense brush. Eno snorts and does her best to settle her feathers back down so she looks less like a wind harried pigeon. 

    "Oh, it's allright," she replies kindly, letting out a lungful of air. Pink lips form a smile at the compliment. "Thank you, that's very kind. ... Wait... did you say you fly as a bird? How curious! Do you turn into a bird? Oh, how wonderful that must be."


    where the skies end


    The young mare's excitement to find a horse with such large wings was almost palpable. Though when a bright green eye lands on the other's large antlers she continues to stare in wonder. It couldn't be more obvious that this was her first true time on Beqanna. She had yet to see all the blessings that the fairies and gods had blessed the population with. For so long she had thought she was the unique one out of the bunch, though she was quickly discovering that wasn't the case. For the first time in a long time, she was beginning to feel as though she belonged in her true skin.

    For a time she watches the other as they smooth their feathers and collect themselves. "You're most welcome! I've never seen such large wings! And I had no idea you could have them attached to your back!" Gluttony prances practically on the tips of her hooves as she moves a bit closer. "I do fly as a bird! Well, I mean.. I can change into one! From what I remember being told once, I can change into an Eagle?," her words are excited and rushed almost mixing together.

    "It's wonderful to fly the skies as a bird. Though I have never flown with simply wings! I bet that would be even more cool!" For a moment she looks up at the sky and smiles at the memory of how the wind felt sweeping through and around her wings. "If you had to choose... Would you spend more of your time in the sky, or on land?" The question stems from her recent decision to take the opportunity to create a life with her hooves on solid ground. For so long she had been in the form of the Eagle and flying among them that she hadn't given the world below a second thought. Though for some reason the call of the equine never truly left the back of her mind.


    alexiel x anabel


    Warstorm smiles, watching the mare prance about in excitement. Her brightness is contagious, and the painted pegasus dances a bit in place, ears up and tail flagged out slightly. It's nice to find someone friendly, and so quickly. Being in a new land is intimidating.

    She nickers and looks at her wings, spreading them just enough. "I've never seen wings attached any other way," she replies. "My father looks alot like me. Well, I look alot like him, actually. He has big pretty wings and antlers too, but he's kind of stuffy. He's around here somewhere, I'm sure."

    Warstorm imagines what it would be like to be a bird, soaring effortlessly in the wind. Big wings and alot of muscle do help, but no matter what, flight is always a bit of a workout for someone the size of a horse. It will never come as naturally to a pegasus as it does to a dove. The painted mare sighs wistfully. "I'd spend my entire life on the wind if I could, but flying is hungry work. I have to come down to eat and rest."


    where the skies end


    Gluttony so far seemed to be d oing a wonderful job so far at making friends, though the only horses she had come across so far were Ghaul and Warstorm, she considered this a particularly wonderful achievement. With a gentle movement of her head, a green eye lands on the antlered pegasus and for a moment she simply listens. Her ears prick at the mare's description of her father and for a moment she smiles. "He can't be too stuffy, you're so nice!," she exclaims, unable to stay quiet any longer. "I would like to meet him one day!"

    A large smile spreads across her face and for a moment she she thinks back on her own parents, and a small wish to see them dances through her. Though that wish is quickly stuffed down. Now was not the time to get sentimental. Now was the time to focus and make friends!

    She listens as the mare speaks of the wind and then of flying being hungry work and she chuckles softly. "That is too true. It's too bad we can't go without eating and could soar for as long as we desire. Though even if we could, I'd probably miss food!" She giggles playfully and catches the eye of the other mare momentarily. "Are you from here, too?" So full of questions, yet not ready to slow herself, the young mare is quickly faced with a sudden realization that makes her jaw drop slightly as she turns quickly to face the other. "Wait. I don't think I've introduced myself! That's so rude of me! I'm Gluttony, but you can call me Glee! What is your name?!"


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