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    version 22: awakening


    OCEANE -- Year 208


    "Because if she had not met him, she knew she would have been searching her whole life for the piece that he filled her heart with." -- Eva, written by Shelbi


    Age: 19

    Gender: Mare

    Breed: FriesianxWarmblood

    Height: 15 hh

    Player: Call

    Killgore is currently away. Reason: Not specified.
    Away Since: 04-05-2017 — Returns on: Unknown


    Color: deep bay (EE/Aa)


    Markings: faint star, scar left hip

    Mane & Tail:


    Dark,likes power/attention, jealous,self absorbed,conceited Join 5/26/15



    Children: stillborn unnamed colt(x Khaos) Kirin-adopted(Khaos x Urgle)m Kult-(x Khaos)m Kersey-(x Carnage)f Kingpin-(x Gryffen)m Kasey-(x Chezter)m Kohl-(x Lupei)f


    Genetic Traits:

    Non-Genetic Traits:

    Trait Genetic Code: TEGteg



    From Calcordia here to find her way to a place of power, for now any will do. Arrived from Calcordia with her younger half-brother Killdare, having failed to wake him before setting off. (Oops silly her) There in Calcordia, their father governs the military branches. Breeding himself to mares in attempts to create the perfect soldiers, most of his fillies end up broodmares for others, trading them off in exchange for boy children. Few like Killgore herself choose to instead join the ranks, to subject themselves to her father's 'training' Where he does all manner of things to break their will, few mares manage completion. Killgore had settled battles, learning from a young age that only the strong could survive. She had raised herself from the platform that would lead her to be a broodmare for her fathers soldiers, and had instead fought to earn her place. She had hardened her heart, and her soul for that matter, selling it to whatever devils she could get to show her favor on the field. She had taken life, for gains, sometimes for nothing in return. Well, now that wasn't true, she did enjoy it. Perhaps that's why she had grown into one of her father's favorites. He was disappointed with her decision to take leave with Killdare, but he did allow it. Of course, after he made Killdare swear to have her back should she need it. Upon arriving to Beqanna she meets Khaos, a stallion made entirely from iron, as well as control over the metal. She journeys with him to reside in Silver Cove, where they learn they have much in common. Both enjoying to torment and causing others pain. She finds there is room in her heart for Khaos. Their first breeding results in a stillborn black colt, and Killgore experiences heartache for the first time. This only fuels her madness. During her grief she is challenged by another one of Khaos' females named Branka. Killgore ends the fight with a victory and they later become friends. She finds her 'son', Kirin one day after seeking distance from the herd to work through the feelings her failed birth had given her. The child is abandoned in the hills, still covered with dried afterbirth. She passes the child as her own, and raises him without much incident. Khaos has little reason for suspicion, and they are both pleased with the boys wings, if not the purple color of his coat. Her second child is true born of herself and Khaos. She names him Kult and at first does not take much of a liking to the plain bay. His father Khaos is absent, his iron statue resting on the cliff the only evidence to what really happened to him. He might as well be dead. She later sees Kult's true colors, his desire and joy in the kill..she is pleased. Branka's second child gives heir to the cove, and the children take over forming what is mostly an all children society. She and Branka merely teach and care for the young children, brainwashing them to think they are descended from some god-like creature that Khaos was. To say they had pretty much fallen off their rockers was quite the understatement. Her 3rd child is fathered by space Carnage, Kirin had demanded her to do so after watching the horse'S comet-like descent into the atmosphere. Anything for her dear Kirin. The pairing resulting in her first daughter. A bay purple-pointed filly she names Kersey.

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