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    Assailant -- Year 226


    "But the dream, the echo, slips from him as quickly as he had found it and as consciousness comes to him (a slap and not the gentle waves of oceanic tides), it dissolves entirely. His muscles relax as the cold claims him again, as the numbness sets in, and when his grey eyes open, there’s nothing but the faint after burn of a dream often trod and never remembered." --Brigade, written by Laura

    [open]  I'm Gonna Own This Curse[Any]
    Escence & Eviction
    ~Twin Flame~

    His journey from the northern edge of Pangea is long.  The run in with his family puts him at ease just the slightest.  At least they now knew what happened to them, and what current events have taken place.

    There is only a mild confidence that his father had not been aware of the visit.  An equally small certainty that his twin flame is alive and well.  The worried thoughts eat away at his core as he travels.

    Go as far south as you can go and when you see fields of lavender you'll be there…

    When he reaches the end of their world, there is nothing but a vast aquifer before him.  He stands on the sandy beaches, black eyes cast across the open sea.  A gull calls from above, willing his masked face to rise to the sky.

    He snorts in frustration, bringing his head now to turn left, then pan right.  There were no lavender fields anywhere in sight.

    Drawing in a deep breath, he picks up a faint scent.  “Mother?” He whispers to himself.  There was a hint of lavender coming from the west and he wonders if she has followed him.

    Lunging into a powerful gallop he follows the heavenly scent getting stronger with each stride.  Soon he is crossing the river where it empties into the sea.  The brackish waters douse his black fetlock flames; only when he reaches the other side do they reignite on the sea grass flat.

    He stops then, his gaze trailing from the ocean shores, to the lavender tinted plains.  The smile he held vanishes when he realizes it was not the scent of his mother that he followed here. 

    The dark flames flicker casually around his body.  Gone is the vibrant orange glow of his red mane and tail.  Instead they are illuminated a ghastly black, along with his eyes.  Their dark glow scans the horizon, seeking any sort of life form.

    Open to anyone : )
    *Note: He is harboring disease from his father's blight in Pangea.  It may transfer to anyone who touches him or anything he touches, unknowingly.
    //Fire Mimicry-Healing\\
    Fire Mimicry- Glowing, Small Flames, Fire Aura
    **His fire mimicry trait colors are now black instead of orange**
    Current condition: disease carrier(blight)
    suffocate the fire  i started--------------------
    right when it kindles

    Leaving the siren to her swim, the palomino mare makes her way back through the rolling meadows of her home. She is heading toward the Mother Tree, and the waterfall that now glitters beside it, when something catches her eye.

    A stranger, standing and looking over her home.

    For a while, she only watches him. She takes in his bright coloration, and as she recognizes the pattern of his markings, Mynra realizes who this must be. Taking a breath to steady her nerves, the mare shakes out her long white mane and begins to move closer.

    “Hello.” She says, when she is near enough to converse. She wears the same regal expression she’d had when dealing with his father - reserved but not so cool as to be impolite. “Welcome to the Gates.”

    Though she is sure this must be Eviction, the son that the rotting Pangean had mentioned, she does wish to show her hand too early. Zain had said this boy was ‘good’, and though she knows better than to take such a creature at his word, she has seen how damaged good things become in bad situations.

    “Can I help you find someone, or some place in particular?”

    @ Eviction

    It was refreshing to see Eviction safe, for now. He’s still worried for Escence, but he knows that Zain wouldn’t hurt her since he’s got her brainwashed. He lovingly nuzzles Aurora before he takes off after Vic.

    He not far behind him, but Vic has a steady lead ahead of him. He opens his wings and shakily takes off to the skies, ensuring he is not going too high as he is still getting used to flying.

    After a little bit of distance, he lands letting himself rest as the night begins to fall upon the land. He travels overnight, each step being illuminated by his ethereal glow. He travels by foot for the most part, flying once the sun begins to rise the next morning.

    The terrain changes drastically, from the rocky crevices of The Dale to the rolling meadows of The Gates. He smiles, remembering the time he spent with Aurora in the Meadow. The luscious green pastures merge into a purple meadow. Just up ahead he recognizes the flickering dark black, once orange glow that Vic wears. He stops, seeing a palomino mare approach Vic. He keeps a close eye and keeps his ears pricked on them, listening to their conversation to make sure that she isn’t hired by Zain.

    Once he feels that the mare is no threat, Jack canters to the pair. “Vic!” He calls out, keeping his voice fairly low just so Vic can hear him in case Zain or any of his goons are around.

    @ Eviction
    @ Viszla

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