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    Reave -- Year 219


    "She did not wake up one day healed, she was simply moving and she realized that somewhere along the way grief had stopped stabbing her every motion. It’s a strange feeling. She is lighter and heavier at once. She doesn’t know what to do with the time that’s opened before her, what to do without wounds to claw open." --Cordis, written by Cassi

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    الحريه - freedom

    She wakes up, squinting at the brightness of the sun surrounding her.

    In a panic, she scurries her long legs around, lifting herself off the ground with immense force, kicking, squealing and bucking…

    It couldn’t have happened again… the reins around her neck tighten as she rares her hooves in the air….

    But, as her feet hit the ground, her imaginary attacker is gone.

    Breathing heavily, she shakes her head and looks around.

    Nothing. Nothing but her, desert, and a few weird rocks. She smells nothing. No humans. No predators. Nothing but fresh air.

    She stomps her feet and shakes her head. There are no more reins here. Her jaw unclenches- there’s no bit poking into her gums. Nothing choking her or keeping her from running away.

    She lowers her head. She closes her eyes.

    “Peace” she thinks to herself. “Finally.”

    She walks around the different rocks and ruins. It almost looks a lot like… home. Just a lot less… endless.

    In a weird way, she misses home. Although there was danger, a captor at every food plot, the desert was pure, absolute freedom. She could run for miles with absolutely nothing holding her back. It was unconventional, sure… you’d have to go days without water… but she got used to that in the barns anyways.

    (I’m totally new here, anyone with any suggestions, feel free to let me know… I also have no idea how to function with html or templates)
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    A short distance away a body of deep dark chocolate drifted in an occasional lazy step. Spun pale gold that rivaled the very moons beauty shifted with the play of the breeze. Midnight eyes would drift towards the prone sleeping form of the golden mare she’d stumbled across in the night. How did a soul find enough comfort to sleep in such an open area? She wondered briefly as she nosed through a clump of dry twigs, seeking something decent to munch on.

    But soon enough that peace was disturbed as the strange metallic gold mare started awake, rearing, bucking, and fighting some unseen foe. Valoris’ she head came up abruptly, and the mare took half a step back staring with wide eyes. That certainly wasn’t expected, backing further away the dark mare hide behind a larger set of stone that tumbled to the ground. She’d spent the night watching over the mare, foolish perhaps, but after loosing so much she wasn’t inclined to leave another unprotected for any reason.

    Twins perked atop that long equine cranium as the other began to move about in a more normal and less chaotic fashion. Muscles shifted, as the mare eased forward. Was it wise to reveal herself? It would be rude not to. That barrel expanded before an exhaled sigh slipped free followed by a soft whinny, to reveal her presence to the other.
    Ankhalet's ears twitched to the sound of footsteps and a whinny. She jerked her body back around to the sound and stomped towards the sound. She soon noticed- thank God- another mare. A beautiful, chocolate, strong looking horse. Nothing like the bony high-strung starving amalgamations she was used to seeing in the barns in the desert back home. She eased up a bit- her presence being at least of her own kind, comforting. She hadn't seen another horse in ages. It had been so long. So lonely.

    But, she was still scared. Scared of everything around her. Would she try to hurt her, try to make her vulnerable again? Trying to lure her to being "domestic" and stupid? She doesn't have any reigns or bits or anything but... still... She tried to hide her fear as best as she could but failed miserably.

    Her ears twitch as she looks back at the chocolate mare with wide, scared eyes. She huffs and shakes her head, still being cautious.


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