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    Mazikeen -- Year 214


    "“Content to admire you from afar.” Well that’s just bullshit. She wasn’t *content* to be admired from afar. She would rather not see him at all then be tortured by a buffered distance." --Mazikeen, written by Squirt

    [private]  feeling a little bit boulder

    Anuya had gone up the mountain anxious and walked down it confused. She felt like she was being tricked somehow. She understood what was being asked of her, she wasn’t quite that dumb, but it still seemed…

    Well it seemed like too much fun. And Anuya didn’t know when she had become so old that her first instinct was to be suspicious of fun. She loved fun! Usually.

    Sure the fairy had said the hard way but, as Anuya considers one of the flat rocks near the bank of the river, she’s not too sure… what’s so hard about moving things. She moved things all the time, technically. When she ate she was moving the plants, right?

    The late afternoon sun glistening off the surface of the river is just too tempting and she decides there’s really only one way to figure out if this counts or not - and that’s to do it. So Anuya lowers her dark face and picks up one of the stones in her teeth and flings it into the river. It sinks with a satisfying ‘plop’ but the satisfaction doesn’t last. It can’t really be that easy - can it?

    So she tosses a second and a third and she’s just picked up a fourth pebble with her lips when she thinks she hears something nearby. Her long ears twitch and she turns her head to investigate, accidentally flinging the small stone with the motion. Well, it wasn’t like she was a pro at picking up rocks, a mistake here or there is understandable.

    oh, I see stars rushing through my mind, colours have no time to fade
    oh, I found out there's another side where the sea and sky collide

    artwork by Skellri

    Riptide or WHOEVER you wanna send <3
    R I P T I D E
    He has always been different, but it only became starkly obvious once he started to leave home. At home, he was simply a perfect melding of his parents—his mother’s sharp teeth and his father’s frosted scales, with siblings that were similar. Though the rattle at the end of his tail and the exceptionally reptilian shape of his head was indeed different from either of them, it was not considered strange.

    Once he began to venture out into the common lands, though, he realized just how peculiar he looked in comparison to the rest. Not everyone had fangs and scales, this he already knew. But to see how few of them had oddly shaped heads, or rattles at the ends of their tails was enough to plant the first few seeds of insecurity into his young mind. He looked less equine than anyone he had ever encountered, and he found himself bristling at the way he thinks they—the general population—will react.

    It does not stop him from making his way to the river, hoping that perhaps the afternoon sun would be warmer here than it is in Nerine. And without the seemingly incessant seabreeze, it does feel warmer, and he finds himself lazily sprawling across the sun-soaked rocks, letting the warmth of the sun slowly begin to melt the frost of his scales.

    He is drawn out of his doze-like state at the sound of something hitting the water nearby, and with a disgruntled sigh he pulls himself up until he is standing, shaking the sleep away just as another rock hits the water. Following the sound he travels along the river bank, and he is rounding a slight bend just as she turns to face him, flinging a rock as she does so. He follows it with his eyes as it arcs through the air, landing in the grass nowhere near the river. “You missed,” he tells her dryly, and he looks to the river, and then back to her. “What are you doing?”
    — i slithered here from eden just to sit outside your door —


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