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    Svedka -- Year 212


    “He only knows home in his dreams and even those dreams do not mimic large, centuries-old redwoods. Lio doesn't remember the last time he laid his head down and truly felt comfortable.” --Elio, written by Phaetra

    [private]  don't come looking for salvation; Reynard

    The darkness had fallen so swiftly over the land that it had been impossible to prepare for. Were it not for the disturbingly alien beasts that had stolen from the land beneath their very feet, the red and white colt might have been enraptured by such a strange and intriguing thing. But the monsters had come, and now they face far greater concerns than the sun imprisoned behind the moon.

    Reave had been quick to discover just how he could adjust his sight to suit the darkness. And just as quick to find he could share this ability, gifting both his mothers better sight in this endless dark. He is too young and self-centered yet to realize that perhaps it is not just them he could share this with, but undoubtedly he would soon discover it. After all, when death seemed to hover just around ever tree trunk, there is very little of childish whimsy that could remain for long.

    Indeed, even in the short time since the permanent night had descended, Reave has found himself forced to adapt. Forced to consider consequence for the first time in his young life.

    And also for the first time in his young life, he has not yet been tempted to venture far beyond the confines of his home. In this brand new world, there is a vast difference between the darkness one knows and the darkness one doesn’t. Even so, it does not take him long to begin venturing alone, still too certain of his invulnerability (a certainty granted almost exclusively to the young) to pay overly much heed to the warnings all around him.

    But when he rounds a trunk and finds himself face to face with a red spotted colt roughly his own age, he nearly leaps out of his skin. Almost instinctively, he lashes out with his fear and alarm, but as sight and emotion bombard him, he abruptly recognizes the colt as yet another relation he hadn’t yet had the opportunity to meet.

    Withdrawing abruptly, he offers a faintly sheepish grin by way of apology.


    Cheri and he had made it back home, with not too much trouble on the way. It had been dark, yeah, and he'd been sure that they were being followed for a while. But one by one, all the other kids at the playground had been collected by their parents. Even the strange spiny boy's father had pulled him away. Once the sun winked out, it seemed every parent had been quick to return. All except for his and Cheri's. 

    It made sense. It did, it was just a bit scary being the only ones left. Better than being completely alone, though. Reynard had felt all kinds of fear before Cheri turned up. Now they were together, and the way home seemed like their best option. Together, they could face the dark. 

    It had been surprisingly easy to get home again. He'd just come this way with mama, after all, and the path was well worn. Still, he and his twin didn't relax until after the scent of cedar and pine was thick in their noses again, and they could feel the rough textured bark of the giants against their cheeks. Home. 

    It was easier to relax under the redwoods. Enough so that the twins no longer felt the need to be glued to one another. Cheri wandered off, looking for Mama or Gramma Lilli, some grown up to explain the sun going out. Rey dawdled. He knew they should find a grown up. But this was such a strange, new experience. He kept blinking, expecting the light to be there when he opened his eyes, but it never was. 

    His dawdling lead to proper wandering, wondering what else had changed since they'd been gone. Memorie couldn't be far, maybe she had some ideas about things. It wasn't Mem he ended up finding though. Instead, a scent like Gramma Lilli, but not quite, got his attention, and the moon spotted colt followed it to where the thicket split. 

    A whip of Fear struck him, and he fell back as if kicked. "It's just me..." He grumbled, realizing a bit late that he hadn't actually explained anything. "Me", who was "me" in the dark? Anyone and no one, that's who. Blowing an anxious breath through his nose, Rey looked for the stranger, and made out the general shape of a boy quite like himself. 

    He had cousins running through the woods. That wasn't the surprising part. More that it had taken this long for him to bump (literally) into one of them. Worth his own faint smile, Rey shrugged into the dark, looking to see if anyone else lingered at the edge of his vision. Didn't seem to be. "Whatcha doing?" He asked after a beat, figuring that was as good a place to start as any. 


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