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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

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    The young chestnut stallion had made a long journey out of today. He’d trotted for acres and walked even further, wondering if air actually did have a weight to it and if he’d been gathering that weight the entire journey south. He’d trekked all day between Hyaline and Taiga, keeping to his side, and now his shoulders and awkwardly long back were aching. Yan wasn’t sure, but he thought he was pretty certain that at any moment his hind legs might just crumble and fall off entirely. His poor hooves hadn’t protested this much since they’d started changing.

    Food, he thought numbly, find food. His head slumped lower to the ground. What was left of a summer’s feast had turned to rot the further on autumn went, and soon enough winter would claim the little green bits that clung to tree bark and grew in the moist shadows. The rumble of his stomach betrayed Yan’s thoughts, so he stopped and turned into the wood to call it a night. The journey could continue tomorrow, when he was fed and rested.

    Yawning, the young horse brushed aside pine needles with his horns and let his ears wander to listen for night creatures. His tail slapped behind him, casting a dim glow of yellow light through the tightly-packed evergreens. The sun slipped out of the sky and cast the world into quiet darkness; Yanhua wasn’t afraid, though. He made his way confidently by the halo of his self-made light, and suddenly began trotting ahead when he spied a little crop of sweet-looking moss.

    He skidded to a stop above the little cluster of rocks where the moss was growing and then ripped at it with his teeth, groaning satisfactorily. It wasn’t an empty meadow (to a starving adolescent who never missed a meal), but it was more than good enough. Munching quietly now, Yanhua sighed and lifted his head. He considered the idea that this was his first time abroad by himself, and smiled confidently to think that the first day - nearly the first leg - of the trip was ending. This isn’t so bad! He thought cheerily, grinding the late night meal at the back of his mouth.

    Just then, something rustled in the forest. He stopped chewing and turned his head, alert and listening.

    I GOT | Extra | FEELINGS

    With her wing not yet strong enough to carry in her flight, Celina has been reduced to prowling through the forest of Taiga on hoof these last few months. It is not a mode of travel she dislikes, but the inability to make a quick getaway is an uncomfortable and constant weight at the edges of her consciousness. Still, she has spent the time she might usually practice flying to instead hone other skills, and that at least is a benefit. Though her right wing is still as bare a nursling, the missing flight feathers reveal a shoulder thick with muscle and a topline well tone with frequent intense activity. Her bare white side is marked here and there with scars, as navy as her short, sparse mane. There is no explaining the ‘why’ of them when all other wounds heal with rapid magic, glittering as green as her eyes as it works. Some still sparkled across her wing, skeletal feathers that are illuminated by the yellow-green glow of the fireflies that dance around her. Most are settled in her mane and tail, and they blink slowly, little orbs that shrink and grow.

    The strange creature that is her half-brother is viewed with the same sort of distaste as Elio. Her life would be easier with him gone, but there is a chance he might someday be useful, and so she allows him to live. Mostly, she just ignores him. Nashua is the better twin, after all, and this bright-haired wombmate of his had clearly inherited no positive traits at all.

    Well, perhaps he inherited a nice amount of height, Celina concedes, stalking toward him and then scowling to find that she must look up to meet his eyes. It sours her mood, and she nearly forgets where she had been heading. At her eye-level is the strangest sort fuzz on his chin, and she narrows her eyes and tilts her toothy head to better inspect it.

    “Looks like you finally found out where all the hair on your tail went,” she says, the amusement now flashing in her eyes quite typical of the frequent and rapidfire shift of her emotions. “Too bad it’s growing out the wrong end.” Though she truly laughs, it is at his expense. Celina is not at all fraternal, preferring to think of this particular spawn of her father as just another Taigan. Unimportant, both to her and to the grand scheme of the universe itself.


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