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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

    [private]  into the sun

    Autumn has arrived and surrounded by the lush reds and oranges of the season, it is little wonder how Vastra’s thoughts keep straying to a particular mare. Her heart still soars with the memories of their flight together, twisting and dancing through the air - the place where the sandy coloured mare felt most alive. And to share that feeling with someone that she loved? It was a feeling beyond anything else.

    She had meant to keep closer tabs on the fiery mare, meant to riddle out the reasons why she was looking so sickly the last time they spoke, but time is a slippery thing for her. Without a particular land to drift towards, she is left hoping that they will cross paths again. That this time she will see more of a spark of life in her friend, that she will be the fire-mare she had first met that fateful night.

    Just once more, Vastra thinks, and she won’t be foolish enough to let the other mare slip her grasp again.

    It’s late in the afternoon when the sea-grey eyed mare finally stops her wandering - and she unfurls her wings to stretch but does not take off just yet. They fold back into her sides slowly and she watches the various horses she sees moving about, going this way or that or meeting up with someone. She still has a predatory manner to her watchful gaze, the lion within never too far out of reach but at least for now it is asleep and she is a version of herself that is more whole than she has been in a long time.

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    i'm a geyser, feel it bubbling from below
    hear it call, hear it call, hear it call to me, constantly

    One might think Brunhilde is at home in the summer, being the walking vision of a late-season sunset; but she is most drawn to fall, most comfortable in its colors, sweetened by its sugary plums.

    As the sun rises and falls, the days grow shorter, and Brun grows. She pales in comparison to her parents' legacy, falls silent and short where her siblings and half-siblings grew -- but for the first time in . . . forever, the flame-wearer feels comfortable. In her own skin, she shines and among others, she glows.

    The woman grew and grew until one day she realized that more than just her psyche bloomed. As time wanes, Brun's barrel rounds out and her back begins to ache. The realization takes some time to dawn on her, but when it finally does, she frowns in confusion. She had only allowed one since Beelzebub to touch her in such a way and . . . Sorcery, Hildy thinks, first feeling anger then a sudden rush of excitement.


    "Vastra," Brunhilde calls, tossing her head up so that the tangle of mane over her face flips to the side. A shy, uncharacteristic smile lifts her lips as she rushes into an embrace. When their chests meet, Hildy presses a lingering kiss to the sand-colored mare's shoulder. "I have a surprise," she whispers into that soft skin, closing her eyes. She is nervous, and it shows in the way she hesitantly draws from their embrace.

    "I think . . ." Brun murmurs, turning her head just a little to the left and staring at the grass. "I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant. And you're the only one . . ." she trails off, nervous eyes flickering back to the shapeshifter.

    and hear the harmony only when it's harming me
    it's not real, it's not real, it's not real enough


    When she sees Brunhilde, she feels the joy like a physical caress - feels the affection for this other mare like an inferno. One she welcomes. She stares, openly and appreciatively, as she approaches - relishes in the sound of her name on Brunhilde’s tongue. It does not escape her notice that Brunhilde is looking healthier, the sharpness of her bones not as noticeable.

    Vastra has not been around enough pregnant mares to spot one when she sees one - does not even recall her own pregnancy all those years ago. Perhaps that is for the best - for she would have been consumed by bitter jealousy. Instead, she gets to focus on the embrace she is greeted with, ears pricking at the promise of a surprise.

    She’s worried, but thankfully it does not stew for long.

    When it hits her, the smile that lights up Vastra’s storm-grey eyes is unlike any she has experienced in her entire life. Nothing predating this very moment compares to this rush of happiness. She whinnies for joy, laughter interrupting the sound as she steps forward to nuzzle Brunhilde’s neck, and then out of their embrace to nuzzle gently, reverently, at the very sides of her belly. “Brunhilde this is… this is wonderful.” Vastra doesn’t understand how this could happen but she is too amazed to think about it too much.

    It is chased quickly by fear, and she backs up so she is facing the fiery mare once more - a fierce determination in her gaze now. “I will never let anything happen to you - either of you - for as long as I live. I promise that.”

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    artwork by space1993


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