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    version 22: awakening


    OCEANE -- Year 208


    "Because if she had not met him, she knew she would have been searching her whole life for the piece that he filled her heart with." -- Eva, written by Shelbi

    i only like the sad songs, ryatah
    “ I will love you until we run out of mornings. Then I will love you in the dark. ”

    She’s gotten very good at this, losing her mother. At least now she’s tall enough to see over the tall grasses so she can make her way to the river. Ryatah always told her that if they got separated again, they should meet there. There is a small fear roosting between her ribs, a sneaking idea that she may be truly lost this time. She manages to force a brave smile across her small face in spite of it. Nevermind the way her heart beats a small thread of adrenaline into her veins.
    There is a thick fog that makes it harder to see the closer she gets to the sound of running water. She snorts softly and squints as though it will somehow clear her vision. Echis nearly slips in the mud near the river and she gives a squeak of surprise while she stumbles to catch her footing once more. When her mother returns, she will have to insist they meet near the river rather than at it next time.
    Oh! But there’s a pale figure up ahead grazing on something, and she wonders if maybe that is her? The girl happily toddles forward. This time, she is careful with her steps as she draws closer. But this stranger does not have wings or a glowing halo like Ryatah. Echis pauses and cranes her neck around to see the stranger’s face just to be absolutely sure. The figure lifts its head and for the first time the girl realizes this person is littered with ugly scars. His wild green eyes meet her horrified stare, blood dripping from his chin.
    A monster.
    She shrinks back, ears curled back as she whimpers softly. He turns and easily closes the distance between them with long strides. “I’m-I’m sorry I didn’t mean to..” Her voice quakes and cracks as she tries to figure out just what she’s apologizing for. But he says nothing, simply lowering his head to meet her gaze as he looks her over. He steps away to dip his face into the frigid river waters and rinse the blood from his face. Then he is back, rudely fussing with the fluff of her baby mane.
    “Do you have fangs?” he asks, nudging at the corner of her mouth. She blinks in surprise and touches her tongue to her teeth. There are fangs there now! Echis didn’t even realize her body had reacted before her mind did, coating her in scales and arming her with fangs to defend herself. The terrifying man nods to himself as he takes a step back. “What’s your name?”
    I’m Echis. My mom will be here soon, so please do not eat me,” she explains as she stares up at him. His stoic expression does not change aside from the corner of his mouth curling into a fleeting smirk.

    “I know when you go
    down all your darkest roads
    I would have followed all the way
    to the graveyard.”
    She is perhaps not nearly as concerned when she notices Echis has slipped away again as she ought to be, given the fact that if anyone knows the dark things that lurk in Beqanna, it is her. It would have made sense for her to be on edge, to want to keep her children close to her sides and be hesitant to let them out of her sight, but it has, in fact, done the opposite. Instead she looks to the shadows searchingly but not fearfully, and she lets her children wander without fear of them never returning. The dark always returned her, after all – sometimes changed, and sometimes worse for wear, but it always spit her back out eventually.

    Still, she sighs a soft sigh and makes her way towards the river, if only because while Echis seemed to have a penchant for disappearing, she did not do it with mischievous intentions the way most of her children did. Echis was a testament to the light that could be born from the dark, and it was something that stirred a kind of fear in Ryatah’s chest. She knew she could not save her; she could not protect her innocence, and she could not keep the shadows from crawling closer. It was a helpless feeling, and not one that she was accustomed to, since it seemed like most of her children were born half-way in the dark already.

    The sound of Echis’ sweet voice is muffled by the sound of water running over rocks, and when she gets close enough to see a familiar green-eyed figure touching her, she freezes.

    Larva, despite his possessive-sounding promises, was not someone she had actually expected to see again, and she certainly had never counted on him coming across their daughter. For some reason the fathers of all of her children, regardless of whatever may tether her to them, never seemed to care or seek them out, which has never bothered her. For the most part, it was better that way.

    The way Larva is touching and inspecting Echis leads her to believe it may have been best if he had stayed away, too.

    “Larva,” his name is said softly as she closes the space between them, and she does not hesitate to come alongside Echis. Her gaze diverts to her – though her attention never fully abandons him, either –  and she lowers her head to press her lips to the top of her poll, dragging her nose across her neck before drawing her into her chest. “He’s not going to eat you, love.” And now her dark eyes meet the green of his, a knowing smile whispering at the edge of her lips, illuminated by the glow of her halo when she says, “That wouldn’t be very fatherly of him.” She watches him carefully, though, knowing full well what she says is a lie; she truthfully has no idea what Larva would do. She doesn’t know him well enough to trust him, but if he is anything at all like nearly every other man she has been with, he likely had no limits to who or what he would kill.

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