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    SOCHI -- Year 207


    "He will inevitably decide that it all fell apart because he had orchestrated it and he will carry the blame like a stone in his chest, too. He will add it to the pile and perhaps, someday when there are enough stones to weigh him down, he will walk into the sea and let them drown him" -- Kensley, written by Savage

    [open]  I have never been nothing; lepis, any


    I have never been nothing. I am the blood of a dragon.

    The nausea swirled without restrain in her stomach. Her head swarm with feelings of melancholy, the double-edge sword of regret piercing her every thought. Every bone, muscle, and organ in her body felt heavy. Her lungs felt stiff as they took in the air, her heart struggled to keep a steady beat, and her vision became blurry. The uncertainty hung over her like a black cloud, her personal rain cloud as she flew all the way home.

    Regret washed over her like the long slow waves on a beach. Each wave was icy cold and sent shivers down her spine. How she longed to go back and do something instead of looking the other way, as if she had not witnessed her grandfather’s madness.

    There was no turning back now.

    No way to make it right.

    Dracarys knew this moment would eat at her every day of her life. She envied the emotionless, the heartless monsters, unable to feel the torments of life in this very moment. Perhaps it was easier to be lifeless as all monsters were.

    The first warm colored rays of the sunrise kissed the still dust rocky hills on the horizon. The soft rays, the same ones she woke up every morning to see, to witness their love and care, did not bring her the same feeling. The new day only solidify the reality of what she had witnessed. In the dark there had only been the smell of fire and the destruction, but under the radiating glow of the sun there was no hiding what had already been done.

    For a moment, the dragon mare wished that it would sink back down below the horizon. She wished in her heart that there might have been more time, more time to change what had happened, but she knew she couldn’t argue with the sun. A new day had come, and she knew she had to face it head on despite it all.

    Descending from the pastel colored sky, her body sliced through the morning clouds. With natural grace, she landed in the center of the hilly terrain near the ever-sparkling fresh water spring, and folded her dragon wings at her side. Her silver-blue eyes glanced around, a sparkle of sadness and determination filled them. More than ever, she wanted answers to what had happened on the frozen island.

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    The path ahead of her is littered with obstacles. Some are simple things, dealt with by simply allowing enough time to pass. Others are more difficult: her people being held by Pangea, the potential blowback of Castile’s actions in the north, the difficulty of restoring to Loess the might and glory that has been allowed to fall away. These issues rank in importance, and the dun monarch means to address them in a set order.

    That order is disrupted by the sight of a familiar blue figure. Not a detrimental disruption though; if anything Lepis feels a faint flutter of relief when she recognizes. The woman had been on Icicle Isle at Lepis’ request, seeing how the isolated place faired in the absence of their leader (and if it faired at all). When she had not returned by the time that Castile had flown north, the pegasus had worried for her safety. Yet she stands now in the heart of Loess, looking unharmed.

    Unharmed, but unhappy, Lepis sees as she draws closer. What had happened in the North? When Castile had returned the day before, arriving at the kingdom meeting smelling of ash and fire she had not demanded answers of him. There were priorities that came before inquiring into the activities of the dragon, such as insuring that the Loessian lady is safe despite her capture. That responsibility is the cause of the weariness that lines Lepis’ golden face; she had not gotten much sleep this night after returning late from Pangea.

    "Dracarys," she says by way of greeting when near enough the spotted roan. "I’m glad to see you’ve returned."

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    I have never been nothing. I am the blood of a dragon.

    A burning rage hissed inside of her like a deathly poison. Screeching, demanding to be released in the form of violence. It was like a volcano erupting inside of her; fury sweeping off her like ferocious waves. The wrath consumed her, engulfing every principle she ever held and destroying the boundaries of loyalties she built.

    Dracarys holds herself together though, as much as she can hold off the volcano erupting inside of her. Her expression is stoic, but the sadness and determination in her bright silver-blue eyes only turn to rage as they scan the alpine horizon. Shadows consume her thoughts, tangling everything that would seem sensible to explain what she had witnessed, but she can only focus on the horror and the madness.

    It isn’t until she spots the familiar winged perlino dun mare that she finds herself reeling back into reality. Her expression changes to anger, wearing a hard scowl on her dark blue lips. Lepis must know, she decides.

    “Your grandfather desires a bit of chaos,” she remembers Lepis telling her now. Dracarys had been eager to hear, eager to finally step up and make something of herself in Loess. His goals he wanted to achieve only seemed ordinary—to expand Loess. But the events she just witnessed changed everything. If this was the way her grandfather wanted to expand Loess, then she would make damn well sure her opinion was heard.

    When the winged mare greets her and states she is happy she has returned Dracarys only scoffs at her. The blue dragon mare dismisses all antics of pleasantry. Such things were such a waste right now when rage filled every bit of her.

    “Am I supposed to count myself lucky after my grandfather destroyed someone else’s home?” She spits out without care. “Are these his grand plans for expanding Loess? Destroying lives and tearing families apart? Is this the chaos he desires?” The same chaos that had destroyed another home. She could not forget about the Loess and Tephra war her father told her about. Every detail of it comes back—she is ashamed for being a dragon again and calling herself the granddaughter of Castile. “He couldn’t help himself again after Tephra, could he?” She blurts out not holding her raging thoughts anymore. “Are we just tyrants now?”

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