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    SOCHI -- Year 207


    "He will inevitably decide that it all fell apart because he had orchestrated it and he will carry the blame like a stone in his chest, too. He will add it to the pile and perhaps, someday when there are enough stones to weigh him down, he will walk into the sea and let them drown him" -- Kensley, written by Savage

    oceane, alcinder, halcyon

    Profile: Oceane

    Rank/Home: Lady of Loess
    Currently: Captive in Pangea

    Traits: Zoolingualism, Wings

    Looking For: Friends, frenemies, enemies, slow-burn love plots, turmoil, character dev, the works

    Short Description: Fueled by curiosity, does not condone bloodshed except when forced to protect someone she is close to, holds her cards close to her chest, has difficulty showing romantic attachment

    Close With: Castile, Lepis, Aquaria, Soran
    Friends With: Leilan, Ilma, Oriash, Isobell
    Dislikes: Ghaul, Draco, Anaxarete, Ivar

    Notes: Currently, cannot be posted outside of Pangea. Her captivity will be up on the 1st day of Autumn. Open to any & all suggestions for her development, including turmoil!

    Profile: Alcinder

    Parents/Home: Castile x Oceane ─ Loess
    Currently: Awaiting Oceane's return, bothering Lepis

    Traits: Zoolingualism, Wings, Immortality

    Looking For: Friends, frenemies, enemies, childhood crush, turmoil, character dev, the works

    Short Description: Energetic with an insatiable appetite for asking questions, possesses a soul that is a little too old for his body, wary of strangers except those he knows as his mother's friends, incredibly proud of his parentage

    Close With: Lepis, Cormorant
    Friends With: Leilan, Ilma, Aquaria
    Dislikes: Ghaul, Draco, Anaxarete, Clarissa, Ripley

    Notes: Currently, bothering Aunt Lepis as he awaits his mother's return from her captivity. Looking for some direction for this boy. Open to any suggestions!

    Profile: Halcyon

    Parents/Home: Aquaria ─ Ischia
    ∙∙∙ Birth parents are unknown (Reia x Pteron)
    Currently: Just returned to Ischia from Loess

    Traits: Tiger Shifting, Happiness Induction, Invisibility

    Looking For: Friends, frenemies, slow-burn love plots, turmoil, character dev, the works

    Short Description: Usually in his tiger form, or at least touting his tiger print, Halcyon is comfortable with routine and finds difficulty in change. He is reliable and patient but rarely is he able to voice his feelings aloud.

    Close With: Cormorant, Aquaria, "Uncle" Pteron
    Friends With: Beryl, Titanya
    Dislikes: ---

    Notes: I'd love a slow-burn plot that involves someone who could bring out Reia's feral-ness in Halcyon (nature vs. nurture, yay!). However, it would have to be someone who doesn't seem to be leading him down a dark path, as he would not knowingly commit an act that he would deem "evil". This could, potentially, be something fueled by lust or admiration.
    Obviously Al and Co need to reunite. And Hal and family are always a welcome thread!
    Wouldn’t mind threading Leilan with either mother or son again, but I feel he has little reason to visit Loess or Pangea so common land in that case I suppose.
    Also would love a thread in Ischia with the tiger boy. Aodhán is there and I think he hasn’t met anyone who prefers being a (half)tiger so much as Halycon (:

    Bruja - yES, I definitely want to do an Aquaria/Hal thread. I can toss a starter up today between work projects!

    Vanilla Custard - When Oceane is done with her captivity, she will definitely come visit Leilan in his new abode. In the meantime, I would love to thread with Aodhan and Hal! <3 Would you like me to start, or do you want to?
    I would definitely love to write with you again!
    Bean is back, of course and up for meeting anyone.
    I also have Gwendy who is a baby with lion mimicry. 
    Might bring back May too, not sure yet.
    (and others)
    Kristin - OH *heart eyes* Halcyon would love to meet Gwendy. He has tiger-shifting so they can be cats together Smile
    Tangi yay perfect! I can throw up a post for you in the meadow if that’s works!
    (and others)

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