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    Svedka -- Year 212


    “He only knows home in his dreams and even those dreams do not mimic large, centuries-old redwoods. Lio doesn't remember the last time he laid his head down and truly felt comfortable.” --Elio, written by Phaetra

    ISO: BQ Lines
    Hi frands!

    I'm in search of one of your closeted characters who need a bit of attention.
    I don't have any preferences on gender, traits, defects, appearance, projected personality, etc.

    The only specific that I'm looking for is that I'd love for the character to have a BQ pedigree, even if they aren't directly related or involved with anyone else currently on site.
    This character's linage would preferably have two past BQ generations or more.

    I would plan on writing this horse regularly, if not a little less than I currently post Oceane and Alcinder, and would obviously agree to return the character to you in the future if I was not meeting activity requirements set by you.

    Please drop your ponies here! ♥
    If you're interested, I do have have Hawthorn. He is twin to Element, who I have played sporadically and would definitely be willing to bring out to have some threads! Hawthorn was played briefly by Krys, but for only a couple posts and is definitely still pretty moldable. He is the son of Hurricane and Offspring, the result of an ornery magician Hurricane spurned lmao. Hurricane could also theoretically come out for a thread or two if you wanted!

    Here's his stats:
    Breed: Arabian/Shire Hybrid
    Gender: Male
    Color: Black, will fade to gray
    Color Genetic Code: EE/aa/Gg
    Genetic Traits: Immortality, Wings
    Trait Genetic Code: tegteg [WINGS][IMMORTALITY][invisibility][fire mimicry]
    Other: Red right eye, Twin to Element

    I don't have super stringent activity requirements, only that you try to post him occasionally. If you really make him yours, I wouldn't take him back even if he got closeted. Mostly I'm just interested in making sure he isn't sitting around being a pretty closet ornament forever lol
    Dacian x Devonae
    Bay hybrid mare
    tegteg [panther shifting]

    I got her back because of a...certain situation lmao. Her parents have pretty interesting history together (love/hate relationship) and Dacian goes back to Ryatah and Plume, and Devonae is an Atrox baby, so she has a few relatives still around. Was never really played as far as I know so she’s completely moldable.

    Raed x Twelve
    Blue with mulberry ombré hybrid mare
    tegteg [MIND READING][TRANSPARENT HORN][infrared vision][color changing]
    She was a random breeding for me. I’ve posted her a few times and she was nice but now that she’s older she could be whatever you wanted.

    I have a bunch they’re just all boring colors and no traits Lmao
    Ryatah & her 800 relatives, plus Briseis
    SORRY I hope this isn't too many, I'm going to offer a few just to give you more options

    - Warson x Adrina
    - mare
    - distantly connected to the whole Lepis/Ivar/Djinni family on mom's side and definitely some Skellig relatives on dad's; and some of us have some of her cousins around right now too!
    - chestnut with lime green blaze
    - mind-blocking (non-genetic)

    - Depp x Nativity
    - related to Agetta and her brood (and a half-sister to Ripley! lmao) and I'm sure Nativity has some relatives running around too!
    - buckskin
    - mare
    - mute
    - wings

    - Landen x Vastra
    - smoky grullo
    - stallion
    - lots of relatives via Infection on Landen's side and Agetta on Vastra's
    - no traits but might carry some cool stuff! I don't have his genetics done yet

    - Carnage x Agetta
    - grey from black
    - mare
    - lots of relatives! And some fun-ish history (fun if you're not Agetta) - Carnage murdered Agetta and when she came back from the dead he raped her and that's how Kalianah became born! She's named after the goddess of love in a book series and I always imagined she'd be super sweet as a sort of balance to the very shitty way she was brought into the world.
    Let me see, I have a few unplayed and that’s a shame; let me know if one of them interests you!

    Kybeth - I PMP’ed this one from Devin (ahem) and I’ve played him a few times as 2/3 year old at the time, but he could use some more development! He’s a meerkat shifter and a son of Brennen, chestnut roan (due to meerkat shifting I played this as a sort of sandy color, not so very red, but it can be if you want). His early life he spent (theoretically) with his mom but she’s out of the picture now. Last I played him he was a very nice guy (basically, the kind of guy that is easily overlooked/ friendzoned) living in Ischia when his dad ruled it, happily tunnelling around near the waterfall there and overall preferred his meerkat form. He could still be there or have moved. He has no offspring and no current love interests, and he just... sits in my closet. I’m pretty sure devin would rather have him played than not so, you can have him if you feel like him. I have a profile for him and HTML made by laura.

    Silver dapple with metallic silver mane/tail (I have art on her profile made by Endellion)
    tegteg [ICY APPEARANCE][DRAGON VISION][IMMORTALITY][equus mammuthus][twilight mimicry][mini bear shifting][self healing][telekinesis]
    She’s a relatively new and young one, I bred her as twins to Intoxication with Nyx (Aodhan x Caelestra). She is probably 2-ish by now? I haven’t really played her but she’s a bit of the tomboy-protective type, or at least that’s where she was going in my head. She could, through her teenage age, develop any other way if you like. She is very obviously a Leilan grandkid, who happens to have tons of lineage himself as well as several other kids and grandkids of his own (I think through Ophie mostly).

    Terhi - an Ilma baby, the second daughter, born during the plague times.
    She was born sick and had hallucinations and fever dreams until it was cured overall, but she’s still very sweet (and a bit if a night-owl). I have one thread with her and her brother Llowell who she’d heard of but never met before then, she likely also knows about Tähti’s existence (who is also gathering dust). She’s a TEGteg so she doesn’t express her traits, except for Sublimation which I won somewhere. Basically it allows her to turn into mist and back. She only recently got that so it’s still new to her and she could go anywhere from there. She has an older sister and brother, and three younger brothers by now. Also a sister through her father I think? Oh she is a palomino with a white constellation marking. I made that the old Owl constellation because she carries owl shifting but really, go nuts. She’s a nomad and hasn’t got a clue about the world currently, I think, but she could get more involved if you like.

    Ahhh, thank you so much everyone! I'm going to take a little bit to look through profiles and read posts and histories and all those fun things, and then I will let you know ♥

    In the meantime, everyone else is still welcome to toss ponies at me! I'll look at them as they come Smile
    I have a few, and they're all Galilee x Brennen babies. The first two were played pretty extensively, but then returned to me when the player quit and have just been hanging out since then, so if you wanted something pretty established they're a good bet! The other two one wasn't played at all and the boy only as a foal and then I didn't have time for him so they're more moldable. They still have lots of family links and history though! Brennen and Galilee were a pretty monogamous couple for a long time, they raised their kids together and were together until they both fell in love elsewhere. They're still friends. They raised their kids pretty close too, and Brennen tries to keep all his kids close so any of them could also easily connect with any of their half-siblings.

    Belgaer and Mosrael were close in age so very close, and close to another sibling Astarael who was upset that she wasn't a Galibren baby and turned evil and murdered a lot of people (or had them murdered) including having her nephew Jesper kidnapped and tortured and also one of her followers murdered the then-youngest Galibren Khaeli and her slightly older babysitter half-sister Alonwy just to piss off/hurt Brennen.

    Brennen x Galilee
    Arabian Hybrid
    Chestnut Leopard Appaloosa (ee/Aa/nLp)
    tegteg [BONE-BENDING][IMMORTALITY][WINGS][hawk shifting]
    Was played as pretty quiet, serious, a lot like his dad but more of a peacemaker than a fighter though dad taught him to fight. Was pretty close to Brennen and the other Galibren babies.

    Brennen x Galilee
    Anglo-Arabian Hybrid
    Bay Blanket Appaloosa w/purple spots (Ee/Aa/nLp)
    tegteg [wings][immortality][bone-bending][eagle shifting]
    More fiesty than Belgaer but close to him, also close to her dad, a warrior. Has lots of posts as well. Smile

    Brennen x Galilee
    Anglo-Arabian Hybrid
    Bay appaloosa, will fade to gray (Ee/Aa/Gg/nLp)
    tegteg [WINGS][bone spikes][immortality]
    Taeryn is also a Galibren baby; she wasn't played but would have been close to her siblings. Her next youngest sister and an older half-sister were murdered, so she was pretty sheltered as a young mare by her parents.

    Brennen x Galilee
    Twin to Qaen
    Arabian Hybrid
    Chestnut (ee/Aa)
    tegteg [WATER HEALING][immortality]
    I played him as a foal during the plague but have not played him as an adult. He has a few posts but could very much have evolved into anything you want since then! He has water healing and helped heal Brennen from plague symptoms as barely a baby so feelings run pretty deep. He deserves lots of love and I don't have time for him. Sad
    i combed mine for the ones with the least stupid names

    Lone Artist x Sophomoric
    Abstang Hybrid
    Probably black or dark bay
    Immortality, wings
    Doesn't have a teg done but! 
    No kids
    i don't remember ever playing her but her father was a bit of an asshole and her mother had down syndrome and was generally sweet

    Thakir x Apara
    Wouldn't even be able to hazard a guess as to what color she is so you could probably make it up
    No traits
    One kid with Plume, Arrythmia
    i remember playing her but only vaguely and it was so long ago that you could honestly do whatever you wanted with her

    Aeneas x Viona
    Probably some variation of gray
    No traits and no teg but could possibly carry some interesting traits!
    No kids

    Jarris x Plumeria
    Probably bay or gray or chestnut
    Doesn't have a teg done but it'd probably be the same as kilroy's [immortality][wings][blight]
    No kids
    jarris and plumeria's first kid (i think? you'd have to ask colby tbh lmao)

    Oceanus x Magdalene
    No idea on her color
    No traits
    Two kids - Ulcer (x Carnage) and Northstar (x Hemingway)

    Cristoff x Aingeal
    What is a color? idk
    No traits
    No kids
    only special to me because i named her after the horse who crushed my wrist like 12 years ago! also just generally one of my fav names

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