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    Wolfbane -- Year 210


    "She presses into him greedily, hungrily, and demands more. She does not know how to be gentle when she is with him—does not know how to quell the aching in her belly, the neediness in her touch. She would devour him whole. She would sacrifice herself completely. She would give and give and give—" --Tabytha, written by Laura

    Like a moth into flame, I consecrate the pain; Ghaul, Lilliana, any

    cold in the violence after the war
    hope is a fire to keep us warm

    Perhaps, if she had paused to consider things, it may have stayed her headlong rush into the unknown. But that would require a sense of caution she simply does not possess. So, in the wake of that tension fueled meeting, she pursues her destination with a single minded purpose, driven by barely suppressed agitation.

    Were it not for Lilli’s presence, she might have launched herself into a grueling run, pushing the bounds of even her already impressive stamina. It’s likely fortunate then, that her recklessness is tempered in such a way. Even more fortunate that she had somehow found a friend to provide sense in the face of her more dangerously impetuous instincts.

    She pushes their pace, unwilling (or perhaps more accurately, unable) to delay their course any more than necessary.The thrum of their hooves masks the silence, breath saved for exertion rather than unnecessary speech. Brazen cannot know her suspicions are correct, but the information Eurwen had given them had been more than sufficient for her to affirm them, at least in her own mind.

    Behind the mask of her armor and new sweep of curling horns, her features are stony and cold. Determined, eyes glittering with the force of her barely contained emotions. All of the reasons (and so many more) Brazen would never be a diplomat. She could not contain herself, nor did she wish to.

    When they finally arrive at the borders of the Pangean wasteland, Brazen slows her pace abruptly, bumping Lilli gently as she draws to a halt. Armored head raised, ears twitching atop her skull and nostrils flaring, she tests the air, the arid scent of sand and decay overlaying everything here. Had she only herself to answer to, she might have continued on, seeking out the one she had come here for rather than waiting. But Lilli’s presence reminds her of the irritating necessity of diplomacy.

    She debates ignoring it, but one glance at Lilli disrupts that thought. Sighing, she settles back, an agitated tip of head indicating Lilli should take point on this one.


    lilliana ghaul
    i can take you there, but baby, you won't make it back
    His wings are tender after the awful woman in Loess and her mate has tried to destroy them. He has resisted flying and prefers instead to keep them tucked against his back where they are safe from the wretched lepers of other kingdoms. While it feels strange to simply walk the borders of his home, is affords him the perfect coincidence of spotting Brazen and Lilliana when they come to a halt near his homeland. Though their outlines are foreign to him, a quick sniff of their scent tells him they are from Nerine. He grins.

    Ghaul’s talons carve a distinct trail behind him when he approaches, tilting his head curiously as he observes them. Neither of them has wings, much to his dismay, but one is very odd in her shape. The great beast offers little greeting as he circles them, turning his horns this way and that as he takes them in. Strange little things. But he often likes the unique forms, doesn’t he?

    He comes to a stop before them and shifts his weight as he grows more relaxed. “Welcome to Pangea. I am Ghaul, heir to Queen Anaxarete,” he says with a childish grin made from crooked fangs. “What is your business here?” His tone remains inviting and warm despite his ghoulish appearance. Perhaps they have come to take his playthings home? He would be delighted to bargain for their freedom, but he doesn’t get his hopes up before they’ve even introduced themselves. After all, they have hardly become acquainted with the hellbeasts that make up the Pangean population.

    We can walk and tour the canyons, if you like,” he offers, doing his best impersonation of a hospitable host.
    Brazen lilliana
    Her face is made up of introspective angles and the planes of them are lined with concern as they make their way from Nerine to Pangea. It’s a journey that is primarily made of following the River and then into Hyaline - a portion of the trip where Lilliana falls deeper into her thoughts and more into an eager stride with Brazen - before the mountains give way to the rifts of red canyons and the River becomes a trickling memory.

    There are things, thoughts that are lingering in the back of Lilliana’s mind to say to Brazen, but what is there to say when there is an inferno burning behind her eyes? Lilliana knows that look - knows what that look is capable of doing - and so she offers the steady support of silence instead, the warmth of her shoulder as it follows in fervent step with her friend. 

    Even if Lilliana has no words of comfort to offer, she can at least offer her presence. The Diplomat doesn’t know Brinly but the affection that Brazen has for her is enough for Lilliana to start formulating a plan; it's the reminder of Brine and the promise she made (that she would be safe in Nerine, that Ruth would be safe in Taiga) that spins the wheels of it.

    They stop at the border of Pangea with Brazen’s armor lightly jabbing in Lilliana’s shoulder and to give a moment of quiet consolation to her friend as she sighs, the chestnut mare grazes the neck of her traveling companion in reassurance. Lilli’s eyes glance up to meet Brazen’s and they flash - an unspoken message. There will be no leaving Pangea without Brinly and Brine. If they aren’t here, then they will simply move on from kingdom to kingdom until they are found.


    When he approaches, she finds herself drawing closer to Brazen. He is horns and scales and serrated edges - something Lilliana has never seen before all in one creature and she has to school herself like a green filly to stand still, to not let her skin shiver and fear roll off in her waves.

    She might not be a fighter as Brazen is but when the approaching stallion introduces himself as the heir of Pangea, the chestnut returns his introduction an incandescent smile. Her words become her shield. "Ghaul,” she says, trying out the word and feeling like it reflects the dust around them. "I am Lilliana,” and with a nod to Brazen, Lilli gives a moment for the other mare to introduce herself. He can probably smell the cliffs and salt on them but that doesn’t stop her from adding, "We come from Nerine.”

    At his question of their purpose here, she chooses her words carefully and looks to Brazen before speaking. "We came to learn about the leadership in Pangea and to see if there was any knowledge of two missing Nerinian mares that might have.. come this way,” she grins back at him in reply, something impish sparking behind her blue eyes. Not yet, she thinks. Not until they are certain. "Lead the way," she motions with the indication that they will follow. With another knowing look to Brazen, she takes her first steps and her ears prick forward. And then she light-heartedly states (as if they might speak of a Pangean summer or the lonely ledges of Nerine), "And you can tell us if you know anything of Brinly or Brine."

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