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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

    Murder for a jar of red rum : Ruinam
    Sande couldn’t give a fig about what else might be going on in the world outside of the islands. As she made her way through the jungle where the color green was considered a state of mind and the attitude was mostly blasé, all she could manage to fill her pretty little head with was big plans. “Well there’s my future to think about, for one thing.” She sighed out loud, hardly noticing where she was going since these trails had been memorized by her tiny goat-sized hooves like, forever ago. “Ladies don’t get themselves into trouble.” She nodded, and her pale forelock bobbed with the action.

    “But think of all the studs! Aieeeee… Leon we’ll need a bon nonm fò to bring home to mama. Wi?” She nearly squealed at first, her eager toes dancing her along and out toward the back shoreline of Ischia. Poor girl - she seemed totally alone! If anyone at all was watching they’d certainly feel bad for her, going on and on talking to herself like that. But those who did know her - family and friends alike - knew that Sande kept a constant stream of chatter going like the parrots did, and none of it was wasted on deaf ears.

    A smallish, sleek critter scrambled out from the cover of giant’s leaves (the glossy ones that grew as large as some small ponies) to scurry along the sand, its tiny paws kicking up the grain in a flurry to catch and eventually claw its way up Sande’s tail as she strode along. That was Leon; a squat male fossa indigenous to these parts who’d been soul-bonded with the palomino mare since birth, and his demeanor was incredibly sour as the pair moved along.

    He hated riding on Sande’s back. He hated when she walked across the ocean as if it couldn’t swallow them both up in a heartbeat. And he absolutely hated that Sande was thinking of leaving this place for the outside world. His feisty chittering said as much without common-tongue words. “Tut Tut, what foul language.” His much larger horse-friend chided him, bending her knees and riding a large wave to Island Resort’s shore.

    Sande stepped nimbly from the grasp of the ocean’s pull, having spent her entire life surfing these waves and much larger ones in good and bad weather. I mean, she couldn’t like, rule the waves or anything like her mom, Adria, but she sure as hell could master the surf. “Papa!” She called out for Ruinam, feeling the guilt of not having visited in some time. It was just that her dad was always doing stuff and her mom was busy ‘convening with nature’ or something. Pitit fi ki renmen w la se isit la!” She sounded lovely, like a summer song. “Your loving daughter is here!!”

    Ruinam I thought you might enjoy a reunion <3 P.P.S: translations: "Good strong man", "Yea", "Your loving daughter is here"

    winter wonderland

    Ruinam has been lazing around the island for weeks now, quietly idling in the middle of the jungle, covered in moss and arrays of colourful leaves and flowers, looking like a rather sorry excuse for a leader.
    After managing to succeed in sort of winning the challenge for the resort and successfully gaining the ability to shapeshift into a dragon, the stallion became rather lazy, fooled into discomfort by his own ignorance twice now, letting the resort fall quiet, a shadow among other lands.

    He misses the comfort that his companion had provided him the most, still feeling the guilt stab at his chest even after so much time has passed. Every time he shits into his dragon form he can feel his companion being pulled away even further, the feeling is indescribable, but it keeps him awake at night and creates an illusion of hate that resides in his head and only his head alone.

    But as the stallion lays silently, a decidedly familiar voice causes him to startle, rising from his position deep in the undergrowth, a smile visible on his face.
    "Sande!" he calls out merrily, walking swiftly through the dense jungle to reach the beach.
    His chest feels at peace once again as soon as she comes into view, it has been some time since he has last seen her and so he is happy that she has come to see him.

    "How have you been, dear?" he asks with a wide smile, stopping beside her and greeting her companion "And how have you been?" he asks again with the tilt of his head. 

    Sande Hope this is ok

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