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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

    [open]  You’de be home; Arquus, any
    We got older and I should have known
    that I’d feel colder when I walk alone
    The frosted roan is a frequent wanderer, and so to him, the idea of at least visiting the Resort wasn’t so bad. Ruinam might be more his kind than he’d thought once before - although they were in fact some form of opposites as well, a thing that he kept in mind when asking about both recruiters’ land climates.

    The heat of the Resort seemed more bearable to Leilan now, than it once had in Ischia. Perhaps the latter was slightly hotter, while this island lay more to the north, benefitting to Leilan with a colder sea to the northern side of the island. He wondered briefly about Arquus’ thoughts, but they would not have to make any choice in the moment; two lands they would visit and tour, hear their political ambitions and connections. Although Leilan wasn’t honestly certain that he would truly leave Icicle Isle unguarded - truthfully he’d always keep tabs on his brother-by-oath. A sideways glance to Arquus and he figured that Brennen and Jesper would have liked him, too - he would have made an excellent Kraken, but times had not been forgiving enough for them to continue recruitment or even form a society - unless it was to be in secret.

    Shaking such thoughts from his head, the scaled roan waited for low tide and swam where they could not walk. Any new abilities well-hidden under the icy scales that he had maintained, he had not cared to let the world know already that he had visited the fae for an upgrade - the choice to present himself as a horse, not a pointy-toothed monster. Because wasn’t that the point of his question? To not-immediately-show?

    And then there was perhaps the tiniest doubt that he might shift and stay locked that way, like Beryl had at the time. Perhaps in quieter times -hah, would any ever come for him?- he would have dared to practise; for now, he settled with the idea of stealing away a few moments to try different parts of shifting before settling in for the whole thing.

    He was, thankfully, already familiar with the changing eyes, teeth and scales; so those he had pretty good control over so far. Wings though… not quite yet, he thought. The idea of him flying as not fully shifted looked ridiculous in his mind, either way.

    When they finally made it to the Resort, Leilan somehow expected parrots, like in Ischia - but there was a lack thereof, and so he noted to himself that there would be no pre-announcements at the time. A small shrug-like motion rolled through his shoulders as he started to move closer to the structures on the beach to investigate them; bringing him closer to the treeline just a bit, but not fully, as well.

    ”At least they know what good looks can bring them,” he muses aloud to his newly made friend. Looking to Arquus and then the Resort’s jungle, he calls out. Ruinam would come perhaps, or maybe just about anyone who lived here. Who, remained the question - and honestly Leilan’s personal choice would very much depend on it.
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    Arquus Ruinam @anyone who likes to help recruit! ^^
    Two things I know I can make: pretty kids, and people mad.

    winter wonderland

    The past few weeks have been rather quiet and dull, the white stallion has been idling in the deepest parts of the jungle, caught in an unsure loop of singling himself out and casting himself away, stuck in a sort of mentality that he has not come across before.
    And now he lays quietly, covered in falling leaves and blossoming flowers, even though it is summer, when the resort comes to life with new colour and scents, the stallion seems rather hollow, almost lifeless as he lays still, only moving to shiver when a wave of cold air brushes over his body, relieving him of the dry summer sun that usually coats the resort in light at this time of the year.

    His ears perk up when he hears a call, it sounds rather familiar, though he can't quite pick out who it is.
    Suddenly the male shoots upwards, his muscles shaking gently as he balances himself, he appears rather lean with ribs showing at his sides and his hindquarters poking out, weeks of malnourishment have slowly taken a toll on the male, both physically and mentally.
    Slowly he moves toward the visitor, his unkept mane bouncing against his depleted neck, filled with leaves and wilted flowers from the season before, he shakes them off, though his attempt is rather indolent, and so some leaves remain stuck to his mane.

    Finally, the stallion reaches the edge of the jungle, large shapes peer through the canopy, casting a shadow over the resort. The shapes have been here for quite a while, though he still doesn't know where they originate from, or who might have built them.
    The visitor's scent is a lot stronger now and he identifies it as Leilan, though this time his scent is a little different.
    Ruinam also notices a second scent accompanying Leilan, though he does not quite know who it might be.

    He attempts a trot as he moves toward the pair, a smile adorned on his bony face, happy to see visitors on the resort again.
    He halts not too far away, dipping his head down in greeting as he slows, his ears prepped forward and a smile wide on his face "Hello to you both, what can I do for you today?" he asks, his tone rather flat and tame as he speaks. 

    Leilan Arquus

    nobody dies a virgin, life fucks us all

    This place may not have a slate-blue painted mare with a hypnotic existence, but it did have that jovial fellow. And, Arquus never turned away the opportunity at companionship. It also had plethora of desirable views: the ivory whiteness of sand glistening in the distance with a never-ending cobalt blue that reached beyond his sight.

    His eyes momentarily lost in the view.
    (What lies beyond the ocean?)

    In their travels Arquus finds admiration in Leilan, who strategically decided to visit both locations. Their friendship grew over each step taken, though much of their journey is spent in silence as the hours grew longer. Who knew the field brought more substance than airless recruiters and passive offerings?

    Most likely offerings that had no substance or truth, just run of the mill script.

    His apparent judgment proved wrong when Ruinam and Cyprin came forth. Their easy-going nature and light words mere invitations for information rather than demand for commitment. Less suffocating and invasive, more memorable and neutral.

    It isn’t a surprise when Ruinam is first to acknowledge their entrance, another example as to why Ruinam rose higher in the books of Arquus than most other leaders. Someone with attention and devotion, perhaps proving that some of the strong still did stand.

    Even despite the weak finding more ways to cheat their way to the stop.

    “Quite the formal welcome Ruinam,” his tone is jovial, as if he expected nothing less from the loyal king, “pleasure to see you again. We came to learn more about your Island Resort, perhaps see if we might be a fit. Like, for example... How about that water?”

    His eyes—as blue as the landscape around them—shift to Leilan, allowing him to take over the important questions. Arquus isn’t sure yet where he will stand, perhaps with a leader like Ruinam he might be a little more…eager


    Leilan Ruinam
    We got older and I should have known
    that I’d feel colder when I walk alone
    Waiting was never Leilan’s strong suit, and frankly he is about to enter the strange ruins on the beach when the sound of another approaching them, becomes apparent. Turning back to him with a wide, charming grin on his face, the frosted roan follows the conversation, offering a light chuckle when Ruinam greets them formally, and Arquus calling him out on it.

    ”While we’re at it, perhaps a drink would even be in store?” he questions the white male, smiling a bit with the analogy. But really, he wonders what the inland is like, having seen the Resort plenty times from further away, but never truly visiting. Never really finding out what kind of horses lived here, either; well except for the slightly too formal, but likely a good mate once loosened up, Ruinam.

    And besides, a drink of fresh water was always a good idea, especially in these temperatures.
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    Two things I know I can make: pretty kids, and people mad.

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