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    version 22: awakening


    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

    Never land inside my hand; birthing

    And there's a lesson waiting to be learned
    the firestarters always get the burns
    and the good guys never get the girl

    She comes to his home, because she has none of herself - not truly, not… yet? Not really, anyway. The home she so stubbornly birthed Terhi in, even though it was plague-ridden at the time, is gone. Her baby had already been affected, so she knew it was no more harm than any place else.

    The Plague has long gone, and even the battles of Tephra is history now, for years already. Time moves on and the mare finds that she has more vitality, and simply accepts this fact for what it is. Ruinam, the Island Resort’s leader, has gained an ability he claims his forefathers had from the fairies - the same who told her she was perfectly capable of facing fighters and warmongers without an added safety, but gave her peace induction instead. The reasons why she has this ability are unknown to her, as well as that she doesn’t understand why she has the gift of foresight if it doesn’t bring her anything too useful. Nothing she can actively use to see if a decision might be right or wrong.

    But, acceptance. She accepts that her body has changed for the better, why not her mind? Or, better… worse maybe… who knows. It’s a twist for sure.

    At least she knows where to find certain people. Though again - without the gift she would probably have made the same choice; she will have her snowflakes here on this island. She might not have found the same beautiful spot perhaps, but when she lies down, it is all the same to her.

    This is the first time for her, having twins. Having a body that she knows will heal itself quickly, too. Having the foresight of this knowledge- but even in her years of experience and her knowledge of things that are about to happen, the pain still surprises her and she lets out an audible gasp as the waves come and go.

    As is a horse’s nature, without the panting and gasps she would have birthed silently. First one, then two near identical twins slide out of her womb, but she forgets the efforts immediately, just like in the past.

    They have nothing draconic about them, as she knew, and still it’s nice to see this confirmed. As she licks them clean, she murmurs them their names. ”Viti,” the eldest is called, ”Pyry,” the second. Viti appears to be having a little trouble, but she knows he’ll have a friend to get him through his difficulties soon.

    and shooting stars cannot fix the world

    Any fool knows men and women think differently at times, but the biggest difference is this: men forget, but never forgive; women forgive, but never forget.
    Robert Jordan, Wheel of Time

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