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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

    [open]  Nobody dies a virgin,

    nobody dies a virgin, life fucks us all

    He is relaxed, almost appearing disinterested.

    However, our reddish-brown painted stallion is anything but disinterested. In fact, you could say he is rather enthused by the social energy vibrating off the field treelines and feeding into his adrenaline.

    He had lived his life large, a well-versed Bachelor in Beqanna yet never making his mark, not in the way he envisioned. Though, Arquus preferred life on the fly, finding refuge in the unknown. He drooled for adventure, prayed for spontaneousness. He is as organized and goal-orientated as children are quiet and self-aware.

    He would know, he has two of his own to dodge.

    It is risky, coming from the darkness and emerging into the light of Beqanna again. Things had certainly changed and while it is too soon to tell whether for good or bad, Arquus is hopeful as always. It got exhausting prepping for the worst case scenario, leaving a blanket of doubt across his mind and he preferred freedom from the weight of what if.

    The sun is high, almost perfectly placed in the center of the sky to warn field dwellers that sunset is soon upon them. Vibrant horse coats dot the field abundantly, recruiters at no shortage even with the brittling cold. His coat had grown thicker, and more red with the season change. His eyes still vibrantly blue however, sticking out against the grayscale landscape like diamonds across dulled black coal.

    He pauses at the top of a large hill overlooking a few spotted groups conversing, wondering if they were worth joining or if perhaps he would be blessed with a visit all for himself.


    We got older and I should have known
    that I’d feel colder when I walk alone
    What - what is he doing in the Field - ? Oh no - it’s so not his place, not any more - and yet why would he be here?

    He’s tried wandering through kingdoms and meeting their guards and diplomats there. Loess, despite having the name of being fiery, hadn’t given him a warm welcome for it, in fact the opposite. Icicle Isle hadn’t changed a bit since he left it… but he left it to Jesper and felt perhaps that he shouldn’t mingle. Hyaline… it had a new ruler. Could be worth a try. He should try that next, probably.

    And still his feet brought him here.

    He was on the brink of making a one-eighty when he spotted the one-spot stallion. Curiously, the silver roan watched - watched, then made a stupid decision, jovially trotting up to the man and joining him. After all, since he’s here, he might as well greet some people. ”Mornin’.” A casual toss of the head follows, ice and metallic gold glittering with the movement. As his mane fall back more easily on his crest, his icy blue eyes take on a more green hue as he scans the other male. ”What’s a guy like you looking for in the Field?” his curiosity overcomes him.

    Perhaps the stallion has answers for himself, as well?
    no. 7 | ice forged in fire

    Basically here to join the ride and see where it leads, because I have no clue where he needs to go to next ^^
    Two things I know I can make: pretty kids, and people mad.

    nobody dies a virgin, life fucks us all

    It doesn’t take long, though it never truly does. The winds whisper here, they whisper of new faces and whose homeless, as if to alert recruiters of their whereabouts. And of course, he is here for them to find, strapped in for the long run so to speak.

    Mornin’, an effortless greeting as a roaned stallion appears next to him, seemingly mirroring Arquus’ gaze across the field like a coffee meeting before dispersal. Arquus turns his head slightly, just to catch a small glimpse of his new pal. He is well built--in comparison to Arquus--far more broad with feathered hooves and an abnormal amount of hair, as if winter is his usual thing. He is painted in a silver tint, with golden metallic highlights pulled through his mane. Handsome, surely, as handsome as Arquus would admit being a heterosexual male.

    But, he is also secure enough to acknowledge that two handsome stallions can be paired together. He isn’t into the competitive bullshit, that takes too much time and emotional investment.

    “Morning,” he responds chipper for friendship, and for a moment he inhales the sweet smell of field air to relish the occasion. To onlookers, they might even have been confused for old time friends with their shoulders inches from touch and their eyes so content on the view before them. As if here is where they come every morning to witness the hustle and bustle of recruitment.

    “Ah, I am sick of the water here. I am in search of something new,” sarcasm is evident on his tone while he lets out a small chuckle, nonchalant about their conversation entirely and more than happy to enjoy the small talk while it is still small; less pressure this way. “Don’t suppose you know where I can find some good water, do you?”



    winter wonderland

    Ruinam sits with his eyes closed, listening to the soft hum of the ocean as waves crash into the golden beaches of the resort, trimming the island and taking sand away, only to return it moments later.
    Though all of this sitting around is sure to make him mad, especially since after the challenge he had been hiding in the resort, almost as if he was desperately clinging onto it, for no reason at all, the resort was safe, at least for now.

    The ivory male decides to visit the field, so see what new faces might be willing to join the resort and possibly join the vision that he was so desperately holding onto.
    Ruinam decides not to dwell on the subject any longer, instead, he starts transforming into his draconic form for the first time.
    White scales and wings quickly take form as his body grows into a large lizard-like form, he feels the newfound strength pulse through his body as he swiftly ascends into the air, the gust of air under the beat of his wings circling under him and pushing the trees back.
    He rises further and further into the air until he is above the clouds, the feeling is freeing, as if all of his doubts are suddenly cast aside, basking in the moment.
    He twirls in the air, trying a few manoeuvres as he gets a feeling for his new body, the feeling is almost indescribable as he moves through the clouds with ease. 

    It doesn't take long for the ivory dragon to arrive at the field, quickly descending from the clouds, his wings extended against the rushing air as he lands, his claws gently clinging onto the ground below him.
    He quickly transforms back into his equine form, deciding it would most probably be easier to talk to others in a more subtle form.
    Ruinam searches the field, a familiar coloured stallion quite quickly comes into view, the male has visited the resort before and Ruinam identifies him as Leilan.

    He walks over to them with a kick in his step, eager to talk with him again and meet whoever he was speaking with.
    "Hello there, I hope I am not intruding on your conversation. I am Ruinam" he says to the bay male before turning to Leilan "It's nice to see you again Leilan! What brings you both to the field? From personal experience, I feel like Ischia has some of the best pools of water" he says humorously, casting his attention back to both of them.

    Arquus Leilan Sorry this is very messy but I wanted to get something out before I have to get out of the house, I also tried to shorten it down a bit so apologies if some of it makes no sense lmao
    An old soul with young eyes, a vintage heart, and a beautiful mind

    Why am I here?

    The question crosses her mind only when she has already arrived. Her hooves sink slightly into the sodden ground, the recent rains having soaked the soil and plant life. A cold chill shudders through her body, not having a fire inside her to keep her warm, or even a sibling at her side to perform such a task. A plume of her warm breath spirals from her nostrils, and for a hearts breadth, she pretends that it is smoke. A soft grin playfully tips her mouth and softens the rigid expression she had from bearing the cold. Winter is her least favorite season, but she at least makes the best of it.

    Another shudder, another step, and Cyprin commits. A deep sigh passes from her as she wanders through the collective knots of conversation until arriving to the group of three. Their testosterone outweighs every other nearby congregation, but that isn’t why she decides on them. It’s their airy sense humor and the flow of their discussion that reels her closer until she is among them, grinning gently as her eyes dart from one face to another.

    ”Let me know when you find the best watering hole,” she jests shyly, mustering her courage to speak out with them instead of shying once acknowledged. Her gaze finds the paint, grasping and observing the lines of his face, before she looks to Leilan and Ruinam. Their scents have both been in Loess once, albeit briefly. She remembers that, but not their names. ”I’m Cyprin,” she offers to them all. Not from Loess, the reminder in her thoughts whispers. Her place as a near princess, or at least of the royal family, is fleeting when she reminds herself to where she was sent. ”The Pampas have a couple good places to drink, but I suppose it depends on how picky you are.” A honeyed smile warms her expression despite the frigid cold nipping her heels.

    lior and nayl

    picture by Jiamin Zhu on pinterest
    We got older and I should have known
    that I’d feel colder when I walk alone
    The snip-and-splotch bay has an air that’s similar to Leilan - similar and different. Perhaps that’s how he could have been without the drama of his life - and how he would have been had he not done some things that could not be altered.

    But he could be, nearer to himself, and he would. It’s what his time of ‘banishment’ to the coldest place in the world, had done to him - his time of self reflection. He’d done it reluctantly at first, searched for all the holes in the net, and then accepted it as something good.

    It was good, truly. Good for him. Good for the world, no doubt, as he had time to reinvent himself.

    ”Sick of the water, huh? I guess that’s a way of saying it… I’m Leilan, by the way.” His green-blue eyes scan the male sideways, then he bows down to take a bit of the grass. Not an easy feat with his teeth, but he’s used to it by now. The scaled roan continues the topic of water effortlessly after that. ”There’s plenty sorts of water in Beqanna. Are you looking for any particular seas? Does it need to have a lot of fish?” he inquires, his tail casually moving as he looks upon the other stallion. He’s quite charming, if Leilan says so himself - certainly the ladies would flock to him every now or then. The question is if he wants that to happen constantly, or rather sporadically.

    It is then that the draconic stallion and his two-spotted friend are overtaken by another. The Resort leader, Ruinam. His smell might have altered a little, yet Leilan did not notice at first glance, as he hadn’t seen him for years. He’d once attempted diplomacy as Icicle Isle’s leader, thought it a joke on himself and shortly after the trip to the Resort, had quit his job entirely. Not that Ruinam had anything to do with it.

    One thing he remembered though. ”Have you finally sent your foxy friend to colder climates, Ruinam?” The arctic fox after all, had had no pleasure from living in the tropical Island Resort, he had estimated back then.

    Before the white stallion can answer however, a fourth joins them. Thank goodness not another male - three was a nice enough bachelor group, but also already made a crowd. The young lady introduces herself as Cyprin, skilfully inserting herself in the water conversation. It seems she wants to add something, then changes her mind and talks about the Pampas.

    This is interesting. Both the Resort and the Pampas aren’t exactly the coldest climates. But he might just make do in either.

    ”Tell me Cyprin, Ruinam,” ladies first always, ”something about the climate and inhabitants of your home? Perhaps we could visit both if we were to find a good watering… spot.” As if searching for a word not already used, and very accidentally landing on ‘spot’ when his gaze meets that of his newest friend’s with a mischievous grin in currently bright emerald eyes.
    no. 7 | ice forged in fire

    Arquus Ruinam Cyprin
    Two things I know I can make: pretty kids, and people mad.

    nobody dies a virgin, life fucks us all

    Arquus is enthralled by the attraction both himself, and Leilan have managed to catch. In fact, he is pondering on whether or not Leilan should be a new permanent addition to his life, a comrade shall we say. The guy must be good luck, or something.

    The first to join is a fancy beast, smelling of dragon scales and fire-y breath. Of course Arquus is unsure of whether this stallion possesses the power to transform, or if somewhere he has a private keep of dragons to use for diplomatic negotiations. Though both sound evidently beneficial in either case, whether Arquus is protected by a hoard of secret giant reptiles or the giant reptile is standing before him in equine form.

    What a delight.

    It isn’t a surprise this gentleman is familiar with Leilan. He seems to be the kind that could walk anywhere and still find someone who knows him. The kind who acts like he knows you even when he has no idea who the hell you are--you know, manners and such. Arquus liked to see himself in a similar light, though it had been so long he isn’t sure if anyone will know him.

    Even better, he muses, a fresh start is sometimes all that is needed.

    “Ruinam,” Arquus repeats slowly but surely in an effort to remember his name in future meetings. What a sad ending it would be to see our reddish-brown painted stallion swallowed whole before even making it past the field.

    “Ah-hah!” He exclaims, a soft chuckle releases as he shakes his head in a jovial manner, “now this is a man we need around. He has the inside scoop to the best water,” before nudging Leilan in a playful manner as if they were old time pals. He is unsure of whether Leilan feels as comfortable as he, but in all honesty he isn’t too worried.

    Arquus isn’t really ever worried.

    The three amigos, as Arquus decides to dub them, only have a few short minutes before a fourth arrives to kill the short-lived all boys club dream. She arrives with grace, elegance, and a feminine scent that Arquus focuses hard to ignore. It had been so long since he had conversed with any woman, really.

    “Well, you’re no use to us here then,” another laugh, hoping to show his humor while also wanting to seem inviting. It must not be comfortable, approaching three rather intimidating males. He sees her analyze him briefly, as if to memorize the features of his face in case she is ever to run into him again.

    The softest of slyness creeps in. He would ensure she would see him again.

    “Cyprin,” he smiles and nods before splitting his attention to the three of them, “I am Arquus of nowhere. I am easily sold, however. A cheap date, so to speak. Please, do tell me about where you are from and the waters you have to offer. I am parched.”


    Leilan Ruinam Cyprin

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