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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

    She sells seashells by the sea shore // PARTY

    The nereids had been working for days in preparation of the party. The beaches were cleared of storm-wrought debris, the jungle trails to the main sights on the island cleaned up and defined. It would be a bit of a party crush if they had to stop and look for lost foals all night, so while the work had been a bit laborious, the sea mare figured it would probably be worthwhile. 

    Once things had been tidied and made visitor-friendly, the real fun bits had begun. The island was a beautiful place to begin with, but they had taken cares to make it incredible. Garlands of sweet hibiscus and plumeria hung from trees in the social areas, places where it would be easy to lounge and talk to friends new and old. Aquaria had collected hundreds of pearly-black mussel shells and used them to adorn the sand in eye catching patterns. 

    It was fine work, if she said so herself, the way the sunlight turned each one into a tiny blue flame in the white sand. It had taken her hours, but it was the kind of work she liked. Something she could sink into and be completely absorbed in until it was just right. It made her heart do a happy little leap every time she passed it once the designs were complete. 

    Next she moved the the main beach, where they anticipated the majority of the activity to occur. It was a broad swath of sand, even at high tide, dotted with sea grasses and hardy shrubbery that gave way to the jungle vegetation. A long, straight stretch of the shoreline had been set aside as a race track for the more athletically inclined guests to test their mettle against each other on the surprisingly difficult footing. 

    The other end though they'd prepared an unusual exhibit. A laboriously hollowed pit in the sand, filled with salt water. It was only a foot or so deep, maybe a horse length in radius, but it had been a project of great interest to the sea horses. They had collected a variety of creatures that they believed many guests would be unfamiliar with. 

    Sea cucumber and urchin, starfish and a juvenile red octopus. A rocky piece of coral had been painstakingly shifted from the reef and submerged in the center of their temporary tide pool, bright with anemone and alien shaped organisms. Crabs scuttled under and around rocks and snapped tiny claws at passing minnows. 

    All in all it was a work of art, something they should all be proud of. The pearl mare smiled at the creation the morning the party was set to start, her usual clinging starfish friends transferred lovingly into the pool's calm water for the duration of the festivities. Guests should start arriving soon, and throughout the day. 

    She waited in the sand to greet anyone who passed by, ready to immerse herself in the experience of the celebration. She'd donned a wreath of red-throated golden hibiscus for the day around her neck, and hoped that she wouldn't have cause to act in her more severe duty as the island's peace keeper. Vaguely, she wished for a mango, or one of the other pieces of fruit they'd stacked in the meadow. But she would see to her task as a greeter before seeing to her own hungry belly. It wouldn't do to miss a guest.


    OOC: So a little more scene-setting and a welcoming committee! Feel free to say hi to Aquaria on your way in Smile
    Oh look! More islands. 
    Bean is staring out to sea. Probably mesmerized by the waves. It is relaxing enough to lull her to sleep, and she snores on occasion. Yep, Bean has gone and dozed off to the sight and the sound of the sea stretching before her.

    Hours later; maybe minutes; she awakens and stretches out stiff hocks and pasterns, twists and turns until the kinks are all out of her neck and back. She shakes herself like a dog shaking off water and snorts, content and sated in a warm happy way. Bean looks like a big dog, no surprise there!

    Brown eyes set in a brown face attached to a brown neck… brown from head to hoof, she looks around. Looks for Blue, looks at the palm trees and the clouds, the coconuts and seashells and has no clue what to do with herself. Not until her gaze comes back around to the sea, to the tide that goes out and leaves passable paths towards other places…


    Bean lets out a little squeal of delight. That is the perfect thing to do after a good nap! Pleased, she tries out into the tidal flats and ignores all the interesting pools that hold fish and other sea ilk inside them. She’s more interested in the things on the horizon, like taller palm trees and sunnier islands. Not that she was much for the tropics anyway, it was just something to do.

    The brown mare finds herself approaching one such island, bigger than the one she came from. Can she claim to live there? Well, maybe but she hadn’t discussed it with Blue or him with her. Never mind, she preferred the life of a wanderer and was greeted by the magical placement of a pretty lei around her neck.

    It smelled like heaven! She closed her eyes and breathes in the scent of the flowers - plumeria, but she didn’t know that. Or that they are also referred to as frangipani. Just that the yellow flowers and pale seashell looked nice against such ordinary brown. It was the only time Bean thought of herself as pretty, as she managed to look bashful and sweet.

    Which she could be anything but! For now though, she was taken in by the garlands of tropical flowers and the bright tropical colors and oh look! There was a pearly mare and a glimmering long pool in which things moved enchantingly just beyond her vision. 

    Bean smiled and drifted close, feeling like she floated over the sand instead of dragging her feet (she might have just been so excited that she stepped right into one of the smooth gaits her breed is known for, a tolt or something). “Hi there,” she said brightly, smiling.

    Aquaria ❤️

    The pearly sea mare did not have to wait long for the first guest to appear. Warm sand and a cool breeze made for a pleasant combination as she smiled brightly at the soft brown girl approaching. Already, she was adorned with a delicately woven lei in creamy colors that accented her coat beautifully. 

    "Akeyi!" She greeted with enthusiasm, admiring the girl making her dancing way closer. Her own feet spun in the sand as she gestured to the island at large. "Ischia welcomes you to our little party. My name is Aquaria. Please, enjoy what the island has to offer as long as you're here." She beamed, fins swaying in the breeze. "You are invited to eat, drink, explore and mingle with the other guests to your heart's content. Our only requirement is that the peaceful vibe we've cultivated here is respected and that while on our shores, all kingdom disputes are put aside." 

    The consequences of not doing so were left unsaid. Hopefully this would work. Peace and harmony could be maintained, nurtured. She would see to it. Eva expected it of her, and she hated to disappoint anyone. So if somebody decided that they'd rather fight, she was more than willing to throw them off the island. Physically. 

    Of course, it would be best if it didn't come to that.

    Her smile never wavered as the duties of hostess called, despite the mildly unpleasant train her thoughts had taken. She shook her head, and continued. "Yes, well. There's much to see! Behind me is the tide pool, where we've collected some of the more fascinating kinds of critters you can find in Ischia's waters." An octopus tentacle rose from the pool almost on cue, waving a second before it disappeared once more beneath the rippling surface. "There are also a variety of beaches, waterfalls and jungle trails all open to exploring. A little later we'll be having games on this beach that you are more than welcome to join in. Enjoy!" 

    And there was her speal. Easy enough, and she truly hoped the girl would have fun.  


    Bean radiates happiness, much in the same way that a heater radiates heat and if it could go shooting out of her, it might look like sparkly sunlight. Instead it just manifests as a brightness in her brown eyes and a grin so big that it should seem to stretch from ear to ear. She is happier to be met by such enthusiasm, enough to match her own it seems.

    “Oh!” she lets out a little cry of delight the moment she gets a better look at the pearly mare and her lovely fins. “Extraordinary!” comes the breathless exclamation as she inches closer to examine the curious lack of traditional hair and the delicate spines and skin in such a beautiful color. How intricate and beautiful! 

    Her gaze is pulled back to the smile on the mare’s face and her offer to drink, eat, and be merry. Bean did not come to fight, poor thing would lose anyway or chicken out gracelessly. She did come to explore, and maybe graze on some unknown tropical fare… but probably mostly to find treasure of some sort, fancying herself a pirate on these shores.

    Much to see? Oh that caught her attention again! Pirates (and Bean) like things to see and steal, even if it’s not polite to steal from nice hosts. Except Bean doesn’t plan to actually steal anything of much worth anyway, maybe a coconut or a seashell or the pretty lei around her neck that she knows won’t last too long. 

    She peers around the pearly mare at the exact moment the octopus waves a tentacle at her. It causes the little brown mare to emit a happy snort of greeting and surprise before her eyes fly back to her host’s face. “What was that thing that waved at us? Can you show me more like it?”

    Maybe she could take one of those back with her… until she realized it probably needed water like she needed earth underfoot and air all around her. Her smile faltered for a moment at the realization that she couldn’t keep that as a pet or a companion since she wasn’t exactly suited to an aquatic lifestyle herself. She almost huffed until remembering her present company and smiled once more.

    “I’m Bean, by the way.” because that seemed like a perfectly good time to introduce herself after bombarding the other with questions. 


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