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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

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    All for One [Any]
    The black patrols in his equine form today. Summer's mild breath is upon the Isle - well the southern tip anyways. His aquamarine gaze watches, with pride, over the residents who graze upon the only thawed section of turf. Among those grazing are his lady, Camomila, his beautiful spotted daughter, Jesla, the bear-shifter, Caelestra and, her son, the mammoth-hybrid, Intoxication. Jesper remains aware of Leilan though, he stayed near the pond. In addition, the ink-hued stallion caught a whiff of Firen, the young wolf cub that, by now, was no longer a boy.

    Jesper smiles a soft smile of relief as he beams with pride. He had not seen nor heard from Sabrina in quite some time. Her consort, Crevan, had gone quiet also. And, Lepis had kept her distance. He feels at peace. He feels as though he has a purpose again. The only thing he would change now is to see his son and daughter. To tell them the whole story and, how much he loved their mother. That he did not abandon them knowingly. He literally had no clue they existed. If only they knew he lives here. If only they could come here; would come here and listen. He snorts softly as the gentle breeze shifts. His bronze-tipped lobes rotate mechanically as he scans the Isle for threats of any kind.
    You’re uncontrollable
    and we are unlovable
    It’s almost time to leave, and yet he feels nothing like leaving. Perhaps then, it’s time to talk to Jesper about his stay, and what comes next and all that nonsense - or, perhaps, his friend could as well be asked to help out the girl he’d adopted. Did he even know about the palomino who was now a lion cub? Perhaps he did, perhaps he didn’t - certainly that keen canine nose would have picked up the scent of the filly, but maybe he’d thought she was passing through, or… well, whatever.

    And yet he’s still Hyaline’s Lieutenant. Or at least, he should be, if Kensa was still there. He hasn’t heard anything from the mountainous lake kingdom lately, but then again he hadn’t sent messages that way either. He’d figured if she needed him she’d call on him, otherwise he might just go see what had come of the lake and mountaintops lately, next winter.

    He trots through the snow southwards - well, what could you call south when you were in the northernmost part of the known world - circling around most of the others who live here (he still considers himself being here temporary and doesn’t want to mingle too much with them since he knows he’ll be leaving) and finds the stallion in his actual birth-form near the border, on patrol.

    ”I see you’ve chosen a less-smelly form today, Brother.”

    and I don’t want you to think that I care
    I never would, I never
    could again
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    Two things I know I can make: pretty kids, and people mad.
    Acute olfactory sense picks up Leilan's strengthening cologne long before the scales roan can be heard crunching through the snow. He aborts his patrol to shift into a soft halt. Poll lifts and bronze-tipped lobes cease their constant rotation to fixate in the direction that his brother's scent arrived from. Chassis stands alert with masculine crest stretching to hold refined head up. Gently-sloping shoulders align evenly to bring front limbs squarely under his thorax. His left hip stands an inch, or so, higher than his right hip because his right hind falls under his barrel and his left hind positions itself slightly behind perpendicular from his pelvis. His tail drapes idly past his hocks, as even the warm season on the Isle does not welcome the bugs. Jesper could not be more grateful for this.

    Aquamarine gaze is drawn to the motion of an approaching being. The pace is steady and even, a trademark of the silvery bay with blond locks. A warm smile crosses his whiskered lips as Leilan's stoic features come into focus. Jesper listens to the dragon's snarky greeting before a warm chuckle erupts from his vocal chords. Stepping forward into a more relaxed position, Jesper assumes a stance with his left fetlock cocked and his left toe resting in the white powder. "I find that wet dog is not even bearable for me during the warm months." He emits another chuckle, this one half-hearted as he finds amusement in his own words. After a few breaths, the black stallion goes on. "I trust your stay has been fruitful. What is next on your agenda, brother?"

    We got older and I should have known
    that I’d feel colder when I walk alone
    It is strange, perhaps, to any outsider, that they still call one another their brother. The Brotherhood they belonged to is gone, save for the two of them and their leader, Jesper’s grandsire. Brennen had, in fact, been somewhat of a family figure to Leilan as well, but more in the sense of a distant uncle - at any rate, the man was family but less of a brother to him. Not like Jesper, who was his best friend, a sparring partner either in mocks or with words, as became apparent once again when the sleek-built male continued the joke at his own expense. In fact, he even made it worse for himself, the unexpectedness with which he did so forcing a chuckle out of the broader roan, as well.

    ”Fruitful is a word.” Going briefly over the past year, the scaled silver roan decides that that is as good as anything. ”A fairy sent me here. I did a few tasks she asked of me, and some she did not need to. I’ve adopted Beryl as she had nowhere else to go… now you have a lady lion running around the Isle.” His eyes turn to the northern part of the Isle without finding anything so his gaze focuses back on the black stud in an instant. ”I’d much appreciate if you could help her shift back.” He grins a little - after all, though shifting is what he asked the fairy for, to be fully horse or fully dragon instead of this in-between state, he doesn’t know yet how it works exactly.

    His brother-in-name asks about his future plans, but the roan shakes his crest. ”Now, I’m not so sure what’s next, yet. I’ve been thinking to hit the Field just to see if anything interests me these days.” he smiles a little, unsure if Jesper would like such news of his leaving again, but the point is that ever since he stopped being Icicle Isle’s leader, he has the feeling of not entirely fitting in out here, even if he seems made for the place. As a former leader he feels like an intruder, some days. Some other days it’s fine, but really his days in Hyaline under Kensa had been much more ideal.
    no. 7 | ice forged in fire

    Two things I know I can make: pretty kids, and people mad.

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