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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

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    Loess is all she has ever known, all that she has loved. In its warm embrace rests almost her entire family. Their presence is an everlasting comfort that keeps her warm during the coldest nights.

    But suddenly, all of that is disrupted.

    Obediently, Cyprin climbs the hills and crosses the gurgling brooks until she finds herself in the Pampas. The directions handed to her are meticulously followed. Fear of wandering astray keeps her mind and heart steadfast during the hours of her travel. It’s only when the invisible line from which Loess and the Pampas kiss that she opens her mind and allows her thoughts to reel. Fear comes in waves, striking the front of her mind again and again, but then there is hopefulness. Castile would never put her in harm’s way; family means far too much to him.

    Yet, she cannot help to wonder why her, and why now?

    Her voice is gentle on the breeze when she calls for Noah – her brother explicitly stated to search for her – and her bright eyes flash in a kaleidoscope of colors. Nervous, but still excited to experience something different from the cave, Cyprin waits patiently at the border for the leader to arrive. Once she does, a honeyed smile lifts the edges of her mouth. ”Hello!” a warm kindness blossoms in her chest and threads through the gentleness of her words. ”My name is Cyprin. Castile sent me,” she pauses to gather her thoughts but quickly resumes after a steadying breath, ”To live with you, if you’re willing to have me. Sort of like a bridge between our homes. He has been concerned for you since that one guy challenged you.” The concept of taking someone’s land causes her skin to prickle uncomfortably, but she has been told before that it is simply a way of life. ”So, I’m here to keep you company and… sort of try to deter challengers? Not really sure how though.” A lighthearted chuckle slips from her lips, her gaze bright and amiable.

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    Even more shocking than the sudden influx of visitors, which has been quite unusual, is an unknown visitor who actually calls for her by name. Noah is not exactly a social butterfly – she knows a bare handful of people. And it’s not any of that very limited group of people at the border. Still, the stranger’s voice is gentle and she’s waiting politely, so Noah creeps closer with a shy smile, heart racing, but the girl’s first few words offer her a great amount of peace of mind. With the introduction, the blue mare also says Castile sent her, and the little red mare trusts Castile.

    “I’m Noah,” she says quietly, offering a shy smile as she leans in to catch the rest of Cyprin’s words. She doesn’t want Castile to have to worry about her, but something in her heart is warm at the affirmation that he cares about her well-being. “I’d be happy to have you, if you don’t mind sticking around.” she fidgets a little, tucking her chin for a moment and then glancing around. “I’m not sure either, other than perhaps if I am not alone here people will not think the Pampas are as easy pickings.”

    Somewhere out there in the bright winter sunshine is her daughter, the only family she has other than the family she’s chosen in her friends. But also out there somewhere in the fields is Aodhan, who somehow stayed despite her unease. “You should know, I suppose, that he’s still here. My, um, challenger, I mean, her voice drops even quieter, if that’s possible, given her default volume, and she drops her gaze as well. “He hasn’t been aggressive again, and I just never had the nerve to kick him out, so he just stayed.” It still doesn’t quite sit right with her, he makes her quite nervous, but what else is there to do? She still hopes with time they might be something…friends, even. Maybe.

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    An old soul with young eyes, a vintage heart, and a beautiful mind

    This isn’t the lion’s den, or even the monster’s mouth. When Cyprin looks around, she is engulfed by a vibrant wave of colors. Flowers sprout and reach for the sunlight that swallows them all in entirety. And Noah? She is nearly as sweet and lovely as the territory she holds.

    The delicate smile broadens across Cyprin’s pretty face, and her eyes brighten with rising hope. ”It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ve heard great things,” and that is no lie. Castile has often mentioned Noah. The topics have ranged from her honeyed personality to her grit to her successful battle that ensured the safety and leadership of the Brilliant Pampas. Thus far, Cyprin has not heard a single negative aspect of the woman. A wave of encouragement blooms in her chest; a friend, she imagines. That must be why Castile ushered her here - to finally branch out of her comfort and to befriend others where she has been too afraid before. ”I don’t mind at all!” To stick around, to roll in the flowers and gallop the hills. At least here, she isn’t forced to watch her draconic family take flight while she is eternally grounded.

    But Cyprin’s broad grin falters as Noah’s voice lowers to a more intimate tone of secrecy. Drooping her head – as though that will help her hear – Cyprin mutely regards the warning and peculiar situation. Her eyes, unbeknownst to her, flash into an array of colors at the turn of her curiosity and surprise. ”Interesting,” she finally whispers when Noah has quieted, the words suspended in the air between them. ”Do you think he is biding his time to get people to support his mutiny one day?” A shudder spirals down her back at the idea of such an event. ”It’s weird he stayed, but… good to know.” It can make it easy to monitor him, but there is still the wavering suspicion that Cyprin mentioned. It rattles her thoughts, unsettles her, but she is here as support. She can’t be weak for such a role.

    Straightening herself and rolling her shoulders, she says, ”Don’t worry. I’ve got your back.” Mustering all the strength and courage she has, Cyprin solidifies her place and familial oath. 

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