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    SOCHI -- Year 207


    "He will inevitably decide that it all fell apart because he had orchestrated it and he will carry the blame like a stone in his chest, too. He will add it to the pile and perhaps, someday when there are enough stones to weigh him down, he will walk into the sea and let them drown him" -- Kensley, written by Savage

    breakable, unbreakable; ALL
    V u l g a r i S
    He is tired of discussions after the sour endings in both Loess and Ischia but he feels it’s time to seek out the people of Tephra. Things have changed since their last meeting so long ago and they had the right to know it. Vulgaris sent his younger children to play in the jungle and chase their beloved rabbit while Sabbath remains at his side. It pains him that so many of his children have all come home to roost just as things are turning grim once more. But he finds himself at the base of the volcano, his serpent-child before him as she waits patiently for him to give the call.

    Tephrans, we have much to discuss,” he says, chin tilted up as he projects his voice loud enough for them to hear his summons. Maleficar rises from the shadows, looming off to the side as he usually prefers to do. Vulgaris swallows nervously and prays Leliana is one of the first to arrive so that her presence might strengthen his courage. He waits until they arrive, in pairs or all alone, before he begins their meeting.

    Loess has rejected my offer of armistice in exchange for their pursuit of the northern crown. However, Wolfbane has asked that we leave Taiga to him. I believe he fights for Loess and Loess alone – not for Castile, not for Lepis, and not for me – and that the north is safe,” he says, but he can only hope. The future is too uncertain for them and that is precisely why he has gathered them here. “But I will make no decision without you all. We have suffered together and so we will continue to thrive together.

    He pauses, allowing them to consider his words before he divulges the rest of the information he has gathered.

    Before we consider marching on the south or allowing fate to run its course, we must also address the changes in the east. Litotes has abdicated his throne and Dawn has been usurped by a new queen. I do not know what she intends to do with Pangea, but I think it is important we send two of our own to meet with them and gauge their intent.

    And then he waits, observing them quietly after catching them up to speed with all he has learned.
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    This is also an activity check so if your pony doesn't have anything to say, just reply here letting me know you're still a resident and whatnot. If you're ranked and trying to get a promotion, gimme a full post reply pls.
    Hi Rouhi only just got here but he'll be happy to help if he can!
    I might turn this into a real post later but don’t hold your breath.

    Anyway Ryatah says ignore the south and the taiga/nerine debacle for now because fighting other people’s battles for no reason is a waste of time/resources and also most definitely try to ally with Pangea because they aren’t going to want Ana as an enemy.

    And I guess she will go to Pangea so she can say hi to her 73 kids that live there.

    Nightlock, Rosine, and Aislyn are here too. And maybe Casimira?
    Obviously Jakub is here. Rather conflicted, but here and will defend Tephra with his life. Not sure how Vulgaris feels about him right now buuut I will consider making this into a full post later.
    bea is here but she is baby so she doesn't know anything
    Tamlin is here and a baby and doesn't care what happens so long as no one messes with his family
    Myrkari is here to party, and will be 100% down to do whatever she's needed for. tl;dr she lived here with her family before so this is kinda her house in a way.
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    Her first meeting!! At least, it is her first meeting since she was a filly living in the Dale. This is different, of course, because now she’s not just simply curious (although, of course she is! She is very, very curious) but she actually does want to contribute. She wants to help this place that has become her home, as she adds little threads of herself into the garden that is Tephra. Blooms of golden roses – not yellow, but glistening, shimmering gold – border the part of the forest that she has grown to napping in. Sweet smelling blooms blanket the floor and she spreads them throughout the jungle when she remembers to – small tokens here and there.

    She likes the idea of someone treading on the blooms and enjoying their faint but beautiful scent.

    Her mind is drifting but it snaps back into place as she joins the crowd – feeling nervous because of how few faces she recognizes. The feeling only gets worse when Vulgaris begins to speak and she does not recognize anything that he is saying. Some of the lands sound familiar from the brief lesson Leliana had given her – but the conflict and the names of those within the are completely foreign to her.

    Isilya has been itching to drown herself in this world of horses and their relationships and families. She’s a ghost lingering on the edge right now, tethered by a few friendships, but she wants to be a part of Tephra. Whatever that involves.

    She is quiet on the other conflicts, worried about the hint of war, but she does not think she knows enough about who (or what) is involved to really voice an opinion. The idea of a new queen does interest her, however, and her spring-sweet voice finds an opening to make a small addition.

    “I would be happy to go to Pangea as well, if I could, to see what the situation is like there. Hopefully the new queen will be a friend to us.” She smiles at the white mare who had offered to go, though Isilya is not well versed in politics so she is not sure whether she will contribute anything. But still, it’s really just making friends, isn’t it? And she is certainly getting better at that!

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