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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

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    Paint the sky with fire; Diplomatic Visit

    winter wonderland

    Everything had been passing all too quickly for Ruinam, escalating situations unfold far too fast, sending him into a downward spiral, a contemplative state where he wondered if time even existed, wondering existentially, what his worth was.
    The ivory stallion keeps tripping over himself as he travels to the icicle isle, his head cramped with a million different thoughts and ideas, with no time to contemplate any of them, he was still on the same mission he had sent himself on a few years ago, though now he had become unsure of himself, having done nothing in such a large span of time.

    Ruinam exhales deeply as he enters the cold water surrounding the icicle isle, a deep shock entering his spine as he adjusts to the temperature, carrying his trustworthy companion on his back.
    He had come to discuss something he should have discussed months ago, though this time there was nothing and no one to stop him.
    The stallion feels that the time is right for his plan to go forward, with the currently uncomfortable atmosphere in Beqanna, the stallion had to make a decision and rely on himself and his allies to carry it forward.

    Ruinam quickly reaches the shore of the frozen island, his white coat blending in with his surroundings as he shakes himself free of the cold water.
    Without wasting time the stallion calls for Jesper, a sense of urgency in his voice as he allows his companion to climb down from his back and enjoy what the island has to offer.

    Ruinam had always felt guilty for keeping his companion confined to the island resort, making him endure the hot temperatures in his thick arctic fur, he hopes that maybe Jesper will allow his companion to remain on the island, not wanting to part with him uncomfortably when he gains what he had wanted on the mountain. 

    Jesper Hi this is a bunch of gibberish cause I am bad at starters!
    Bronze-tipped lobes vibrate as an urgent toned summons rings inside. Poll lifts abruptly from his current activity and aquamarine gaze scans the horizon. Given the vastly flat terrain and the sparse vegetation, he can see most of the Isle in one sweep. The bearer of this call can not be seen which can only mean one thing: a visitor.

    The call came from an equine so, as muscular chassis shifts into a light jog, Jesper remains in in his black stallion body. He navigates the tundra with ease, avoiding any chunks of ice or, hard ridges in the frozen topsoil. Before long, a figure, nearly as white as the coating of snow on the ground, moves across the land. Bounding alongside, Jesper is pleasantly surprised to see a canine. His initial thoughts were of confusion. He knew of shifters like himself but, he had yet to meet a Beqannian so tightly bonded as these two. Their body language and mannerisms are synchronized which indicates that this stallion did not recruit a fox to join the Icicles.

    Jesper pushes on until he is a few strides away. He slows to a walk and then, a halt, all while a curious brow lifts in the direction of this unknown male. Jesper's acute olfactories detect a warm salty and mildly floral scent mingled in his pelt. The pelt that the ivory steed sports is not overly thick either. A visit from the tropics in the west? he wonders. The black offers a welcoming smile to both the stallion opposite in color from his own and, his companion. He had yet to receive a diplomatic visit from them yet though, he is not entirely convinced this visit is political. "Welcome! My name is Jesper, Tod of Icicle Isle. What made you leave the comforts of home and bring you to our doorstep?"

    No need to apologize Nyx! I love your words and Jesper loves all of the activity/visits.

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