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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

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    The stomping lands; Any!

    His arrival at the icicle isle is surprisingly quiet, his padded feet carrying him out of the shallow water and onto the frozen island, the crunch of the snow below remaining muted as he walks inward to the island.

    Remaining water slowly drips down from his slightly hunched shoulders and makes its way down his thick pelt, creating small icicles that gather at the base of his stomach and the lower areas of his face, the icy appearance that Tox was born with adds to the effect, giving him frosted fur around his shoulders and hind. 

    The male's roan coat stands out against the white landscape, his bristled mane rising toward the sky, a dark, almost grey colour that differentiates from the rest of the colour on his body. His tusks protrude just beneath the bones of his cheeks, extending far from his roman-nosed face and provide the male with both defence and the ability to search for grass under thick snow and ice. The male's body is designed to withstand the harshest of cold weather with 6-inch thick hide and an extra undercoat that is 1 inch thick, Intoxication's back legs are slightly larger and thicker than his front legs providing him with the ability to walk for miles and propel himself forward in battle, the stallion's unusual shape and design stands at 20hh tall, meaning that even at a young age the mammoth horse was taller than anyone he knew, eventually even growing taller than his mother.

    First, the stallion decides to fill himself up, slowly and heavily lowering his grand head and striking the ice beneath him, raking away the thick snow to reveal the frozen grass that it hides, Tox struggles to pick at the low grass, his tusks making it quite hard to reach and grass that was lower than his tusks.

    Once at least half full, the stallion shakes his thick fur again, allowing any final droplets of water on the mane of his neck to fall, Tox then proceeds forward, suddenly emitting an almost primaeval-like call, a low and loud grumble that resides at the centre of his throat, calling forth the leader of the frozen island and any other inhabitants that may reside there.
    So far Intoxication had the intent of staying on the island, the cold landscape providing him with the perfect temperature to live in and allowing his body to function properly.
    Tox snorts loudly as his body launches into a voluminous trot, shaking the snow that lies beneath him. 

    His summer was kept busy by the arrival of his daughter and, duties as Tod of the Isle. Although the island was sparse in inhabitants, he had found plenty to keep his mind sharp. The fox-shifter stands in his equine form today. The autumn air here is much harsher than on the mainland but, Jesper is able to grow a thicker pelt than his desert-bred genes allow for. He is grateful every day for the gift earned from the Ice Queen's quest. As the brisk breeze rustles his black fur and his bronze-streaked tresses, Jesper also takes note of a new scent. His poll lifts and his ears prick forward as he pulls the other male's cologne into his olfactory sense. There is a familiarity about his scent though Jesper cannot place it just yet. The male's bugle echoes across the barren tundra and rings in the Tod's ears.

    Dutifully, the black stallion picks up a peppy trot, in the direction of the new guy. The steed maintains an alert but friendly posture as he approaches the mammoth equine trotting across the snow. Jesper slows into a walk and then, a halt. It is now, as he stands in front of him, that he gets his first, really good look. A pair of green eyes meet his icy blue ones. The younger stallion, despite his age, towers over Jesper by a solid five hands. With his height, and his tusks, he could easily plow over anyone in his path. His pelt is certainly thick enough to withstand the Isle's extreme climate. Its color bears a resemblance to Leilan but, his cologne does not. He had never seen a creature like this one before. However, his experience with the magic of Beqanna taught him to never judge one based on appearance.

    Jesper offers a warm smile and respectful nod of his head before he speaks in a tone that is light and casual. "Greetings there, traveller. I am Jesper, the Tod of Icicle Isle. Most of our visitors do not come here by accident. What brings you to the Isle? What do you call yourself?"


    The young stallion's speed comes to a crashing halt, sliding on the icy snow as he picks up a new scent, hoping it would be who his mother had described as the Icicle Isle's leader, someone he had been excited to meet, especially after having to hide away in the forests until his mother had allowed him to leave and travel to the frozen island.

    Intoxication quickly spots the other male as he trots toward him, halting comfortably on the ice as the other does the same, Tox's expression remains the same as the Isle's leader begins to speak, always having been a little self-conscious about his size and expressions, his different build making it harder to smile normally, almost perpetually looking as if he had been stung by a wasp.

    "It is nice to meet you Jesper," he says as warmly as he can, his deep and rumbling voice carrying harshly on the icy breeze "I am Intoxication, Caelestra's son. I have come to hopefully join you in your home" he says, a little warmer this time.

    At least now the odd-looking horse would be able to settle comfortably and move around freely without bumping into each tree that he sees or knocking over everyone around him.
    "My mother has told me a lot about you and your home, she said it would be perfect for me and my thick coat" he nods slightly, already loving the climate that the icicle isle provides. 

    The black stallion maintains his inviting smile as the young lad finds his voice. Bronze-tipped lobes catch his gruff pitch and, Jesper, in turn, offers a single dip of his poll. As aquamarine gaze lifts and levels with Intoxication's green gaze, the fox-shifter notes his eagerness to be accepted and welcomed. The black had hoped more canines would learn of his position and, make their way North. Alas, he remains as the lone dog and, that is something Jesper has come to enjoy. As for other goals he desires for the Isle, the black recalls a conversation with Merida where all shifters would be welcome. For now, it seems that Icicle Isle is following this track. Who was Jesper to turn away willing company?

    Ah! Caelestra. Now it all makes sense. Jesper's smile leaks into his reply as a steady but, gentle and welcoming tone emit through his parted maw. "Ah, yes, Intoxication. Your mother did mention that you would head our way. It is a pleasure to welcome you. The Isle may not be the most forgiving land but, I suspect you will do quite well here. The grand tour can be done from right here: We stand on the eastern shore. Behind me, is the western shore and, is discernable by the cluster of trees. To my right, is the southern half. The snow melts enough on the southern tip to allow for grazing in the late spring, summer and early fall. To my left, is the northern half and characterized by the Heart Pond. As for residents, you know of me though, I can also be seen as a much smaller, ash gray fox. You know of your mother, Caelestra, of course. There is Camomila, the mother of our daughter, Jesla, and a member of the Council. You may run into Leilan or Ardashir, also Council members. I suppose there are others though, they do not make many appearances."

    Intoxication sorry for the delay and for the not so great writing Wink

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