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    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

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    All for One [Jesla]
    Jesper could hardly wait for his child to be born. The black stayed close to Camomila though, not so close as to be smothering. He stood in earshot, at the ready to assist in any way she needed. He stood on guard that day with his gaze scanning the horizon but, his bronze-tipped ears listening to every shuffle and groan of his vixen. The mint mare's labor was uneventful and, after what seemed like an eternity of waiting (and wondering what the faeries had in store), she came! Jesper could not be more thrilled. She seemed healthy and Cam seemed unharmed.

    He waited until Cam invited him closer. Her sweet tone ignites a flutter in his heart and stirs him into motion. He pivots around and steps close enough to allow his whiskered muzzle to bump Cam's in gratitude for delivering this precious life. His aquamarine gaze shifts until they rest completely upon the folded form of his daughter. He stretches out his nose towards her dainty one and, exhales a warm whuff or two to carry his scent and greeting to her.

    Jesper stirs from his dream and, smiles to himself. He then gives a shake of his bronze-streaked mane and steps forward out of his dreamy state. He yawns and then releases a calm whinny to summon his daughter before him. Now several months old, Jesla needs to see more of the Isle. Jesper was torn between allowing her this time to be a kid and, starting to teach her the ways of a leader. She needs to be more involved on the Isle. She should be aware of what it entails to keep things running smoothly.

    Since a significant number of the Isle's affairs involved Nerine, and thus, a swim across the bay, one of their first orders of business is to teach Jesla how to swim. The open waters are not ideal for starting out so, he had told her that they would head to the heart lake. Given the mildest breeze known to Icicles, Jesper suspects that their hike to the northernmost corner of the Isle will be pleasant. The black waits for her to appear. When she takes her place at his side, he offers a warm smile and affectionate nudge in greeting. Before long, father and daughter are step-by-step and making their way to the lake.

    Jesla finds herself mid-bite when her father's voice, summoning her, rings in her ears. Her mandible closes to meet her maxilla around the small morsel before she lifts her poll. Black tufted lobes swivel to pin-point his direction before the mint green blanket appaloosa spins around. Obediently, Jesla marches to where he stands patiently. She has no inkling as to why he wants to see her so, she dons a curious façade and halts inches away. She accepts his affectionate nudge by closing her eyes and leaning into his warm touch.

    When her light green eyes reopen, she catches Jesper's gesture to follow him. Her disproportionately long limbs engage willingly and, within a couple of sweeping strides, she is alongside him. Jesla attempts to focus on where she puts her feet;however, she also cannot stop wondering where they are going. After a few moments of only the sound of their hooves patting the frozen terrain, her voice breaks the silence. "So, dad, what is on the agenda today?"

    In the silence that follows, Jesla notes the mild air they inhale. She has not lived long enough on the Isle to remark on how unseasonable the weather is, though, she is fairly certain that days like today are precious commodities and should be enjoyed while they last. She presses her face into the gentle breeze that brushes her forelock aside and closes her eyes. Her expression still holds it curious query though, a content smile tugs at the corners of her dainty, whiskered muzzle.


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