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    version 22: awakening


    GHAUL -- Year 209


    "(souls are not meant to live more than once — death was not meant to be temporary, and she is so sure that every time her heart starts to beat again that irreversible damage is further inflicted)" -- Anonya, written by Colby

    [private]  call upon the wild
    In the time between now and her encounter with the poisonous Rebelle, Saint has discovered new and wondrous pieces of her magic. Mostly, it is that she can sprout oil-slick black wings from her back, ones that glimmer iridescent rainbow against the sun. Sometimes, when she is especially angry—or when her brother has irritated her to no end—droplets of multicolored poison drip from her fangs. She only noticed her toxicity because the liquid shriveled the vibrant green leaves beneath her to a dead brown.

    Such discoveries makes her smile, and she plays with these dangerous parts of herself whenever they decide to show themselves to her.

    Saint could test her abilities within Tephra, but she likes to cross her beautiful home’s borders to see just how much she can control. Outside of her kingdom, she is more erratic, the shifting out of control and based almost entirely upon emotion. So, she travels—to learn more about herself and to find the discipline she needs to wield her magic.

    There are hesitations, like how humane (or inhumane) is it to test any destructive portion of her on the life that springs around her. She shrugs it off, though, even as the fish that flash peach and brown beneath her seem to beg for mercy.

    They have no idea, of course; but that pesky conscious of hers certainly likes to get in the way.

    Luckily for the fish, the budding dragoness cannot call up her poison. She finds herself scaled and winged, eyes bright red to match her fury.

    Rebelle <3
    twin to drache
    leliana's and vulgaris' daughter of tephra
    The darkness is sudden and breathtaking, leaving me dizzy after my brief encounter with the ice encrusted fey. Her acerbic words linger in the darkness, echoing in my head long after they should have faded. The cold, because yes it's damn cold, wraps around me like a cloak of knives. Urg. Apparently the faery stories are all mostly glossing over how bitchy the faeries can be. 

    The darkness clears, and the warm air is shocking after the frigid black. "Fuck me..." I groan, shaking off the strange feeling my skin is crawling with. The strangeness continues as I regain my balance, looking around only to realize that I am not where I was. More faery trickery. It's clearly not the mountain I'm standing on any longer.

    There is a river near by, thick vegetation and bird song. It could be any generic piece of land, there's nothing to really tell me where the icy being has landed me. And she wants me to do what? Experience the pain I want to bring others. It's all very goodie four shoes, but I don't know what else I expected. 

    My teeth are already clenched by the time I notice that I'm not alone in my new surroundings. Another lurks beneath the shade of a tree, her feet wet and muddied by the river sludge. In what is somehow the least shocking moment of the day, I know this creature. "Well, well, well. If it isn't baby vamp. The hell are you doing here?" 

    My curiosity is flavored with bitterness. I can't say I'm pleased to see her. After the morning I've had, it really isn't ideal now having to socialize. Not when I've got to go find some stupid snake or lizard or other bitey asshole to chew on me. It's like homework but so much worse. 

    The river water is a clear, summer blue. Saint peers at it irritably, wondering if the flitting fish know she wants them dead. One day, when the dragonnes is much older and wiser, she will find regret in her heart for what little respect she has for the creatures around her—at least, that is the idea for most self-aware beings, perhaps she will feel nothing when it all finally falls into place.

    Mud flecks her hooves and the gemstone glimmer of her scales, so the opal girl takes a couple of steps into the water just when Rebelle makes her presence known. Saint whips her head around, dragon eyes turning a near-black crimsons as she turns. A stranger, or even an enemy, is not exactly what she wants to see while failing at controlling her magic; so, she seethes, little tendrils of smoke trailing out of her nostrils.

    “Baby vamp, huh? Gotta say . . . that sounds a lot better than fish girl.” Her response comes with a satisfied snark—not like she succeeded in insulting Rebelle, but that her unkempt frustration finds a place. The whip-crack of Saint’s tail against her steely hocks fills the silence that spreads between the pair.

    “Why are you always so disgruntled when you run into someone in a shared space?” Her eyes roll and her legs splash in the water as she makes an exaggerated effort to face her companion. “I do admire the effort . . . but aren’t you at least a little exhausted from the all that trying?”

    twin to drache
    leliana's and vulgaris' daughter of tephra
    We shimmer so similarly, and yet there is something about her that just bugs me. What's she got to be so defensive about, standing there doing nothing? My lips curl back in a bone-peeling grin, pleased that she rises to the occasion so splendidly. Really, most horses take a minute to rally at my attitude. The shiny dark girl does everything she can to give what she gets. Even if she still sucks at it. 

    "Tsk, tsk, still haven't learned how to manage that temper of yours, have you?" I chide, as though she were a naughty child I expected more from. My sky blue eyes roll as her tail thrashes against herself, what I'm sure is the first stage of a tantrum waiting to happen. Who knows, maybe I'll actually get her to cry this time? 

    Her attempt at analyzing me and my motives is met with an ugly snort of amusement. "Yeah, right. Well if this was where I wanted to be, I might not mind so much. As it is-" I step closer, the cruel grin on my lips as I look down the bank at the muddy girl below me. "-the really exhausting part of my day looks like it's going to be dealing with a snotty baby who can't mind her own business. What are you doing down there, anyway?" I ask, before biting off a harsh laugh. "What, did mommy tell you you're her pretty girl, and you're only just now figuring out she was lying her ass off? I could have saved you the trouble ages ago." 

    It's a childish ploy, but I hoped it'd work. Better yet if her mother wasn't around. Now that could stir up some sour feelings that would be oodles of fun to step on. After the morning I'd had, this was exactly the kind of outlet I needed. No better way to let off steam than you stoke a fire in somebody else.  

    Saint would laugh at Rebelle if she had half a mind to. Instead, she levels a cool gaze upon the finned woman and smiles. How odd, she thinks, that someone can project so much onto a near complete stranger. Pity would well in her chest if she were not such a fierce and guarded creature.

    “If you had half a brain you’d see that I am not angry. But I bet you were raised by what? Some crazy ass with a penchant for taking their anger out on you? So I guess I can’t blame you for not being capable of being all the way here.” Her mouth falls into a small smile, one that looks mildly psychotic paired with her empty eyes.

    The only way to not feel this anger is to feel nothing at all, not even the satisfaction that wants to flood Saint’s chest.

    The gemstone girl does roll her eyes at the rest of Belle’s rant. It is almost as if the fish-girl believes she was not the one to make an introduction! The audacity—Saint would scoff if she was not so focused on keeping her mouth shut tight. Her eyes find an edge as dripping fangs grow out from beneath her lips.

    It would be too easy . . . so easy . . . Saint blinks, only now realizing there is poison dripping hissing at her hooves.

    “Do you want to fight?” she asks abruptly, raising her head to its full height. When she opens her mouth, a full set of dragon’s teeth is revealed. “I can make you hurt.”

    Rebelle <3 they're such perfect brats together

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