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    version 22: awakening


    OCEANE -- Year 208


    "Because if she had not met him, she knew she would have been searching her whole life for the piece that he filled her heart with." -- Eva, written by Shelbi

    [open]  cowboys aint easy to love

    After convincing Sevda to follow him here, he almost immediately abandons her to find her way through the place on her own accord. He did hope (no, not really, really he doesn’t care much) that she did not assumed he was claiming her in some way. Like the old ways, taking her for his own entertainment and use. He collects his trinkets, yes he does, but for now there were some other missions at hand. Recruiting for Kensa and be of general service to the Kingdom is top of the list for now... It’s sort of an odd thing for him, but still, he has an agenda and having Kensa like him will serve that agenda well.

    Where would she be if she were here still? Chemdog’s teal eyes draw from east to west; he even dares ask a few residents if they have seen Sevda’s likeness around here. Perhaps he would find Kensa and she could tell him if Sevda ever stayed once he led her here. He wanders, his nose to the ground to pluck any smells he might recognize, his big head springing up with pointed ears if anyone came near. He inspects them all, none are Kensa or Sevda, not yet.

    to the window, to the wall

    Chemdog's just wandering around basically. He could run into Kensa or Sevda or anyone really.
    It's open to anyone!
    we were golden. we were fire. we were magic.

    She had become reserved for a while. Distant and even unavailable.

    But all the fractured edges when treated with time had eroded into something softer, though they would make her harder to navigate than she’d been before.

    Today she feels cleaner than she has in months and greets the summer sun with bright countenance. The leaves whisper overhead and Kensa moves beneath their dappled shade with athletic grace, for she is beautiful even in movement. Light catches on her golden marbling, throwing sharp prisms of light to catch attention, to cut at a pair of teal eyes that seek her across the golden-green grass and the trees in their summer fruit and flower.

    Kensa picks him out, though others look her way as well it is handsome Chemdog she chooses for company. Not because she desires him, though she did once and very likely will again (she can feel it there, that little flame of her beautiful promiscuity starving for oxygen) but she is wiser and more wary now.

    “Chem.” Warmly, though she does not touch him when she arrives, her greetings have not yet regained their sensuality and she draws her chin in reserved, contained and lovely. Just out of reach. “It’s been a while. Are you looking for someone?” Gold trimmed ears flick amongst the tangle of soft blonde locks, sifting through the soft murmurations of her friends and her offspring and wondering who might be missing among them for Chemdog. The Primarch’s curiosity has never abated, even when all the color seemed to have been sucked out of her world.


    holy water cannot help you now. a thousand armies couldn't keep me out.
    I don't want your money. I don't want your crown.

     A trinket, a toy… no, this was not simply the life she had chosen to lead. She recalled, after all, following him; but this naive act came and went: her girlish eyes widened once with batting lashes and doe-like softness and now? Sevda bore with her a quiet sobriety that crossed her features and expression and allowed the pale blue eyes to look focused in a way that suggested greater perception.

    The smile, the laughter, and the doll-like sweetness were gone for now.

    Through dead wisteria vines… shriveled from the autumnal chill, she walked into Hyaline for the first time. Her knees swept with grasses that had begun to frost and crunch and the ground solid as she moved across it with little compulsion and less direction than one might imagine. Quick on her feet however, she turned in a single… flowing and graceful motion to catch sight of Kensa and Chemdog some distance away.

    Leanly built and athletic in form she was a mixture of some hot and some warm blood… smooth gaited and dextrous. Colored golden and beautifully like the sand, she shimmered a bit as she moved and her mane and tail seemed to bear a kind of impossible refraction of the light. The pale white strands of opaque ice had curled and grown: become long and glistened in the sun and moon. Touched in a way she danced across the crags and meadow to Kensa and Chemdog: keen to make sure her expression softened as she approached.

    “Ah, apologies for the delay,”  she commented: peering to the other woman and nodding her head to the pair.  “I am Sevda, a lost spirit of sorts that Chem has inspired to stay.”  she chuckled: flirtacious even to the Primarch and with her lashes batting. The pale blue eyes watching them both as she continued on with a small addendum to her words.  “I haven’t interrupted anything have I? It would be rude if I had.” 


    see, I've come to burn your kingdom down

    Chemdog & Kensa  Big Grin
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