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    version 22: awakening


    OCEANE -- Year 208


    "Because if she had not met him, she knew she would have been searching her whole life for the piece that he filled her heart with." -- Eva, written by Shelbi

    [private]  Paint the sky grey

    winter wonderland

    The storm that had been chasing Ruinam for hours had finally caught up, the signature flash of lighting followed by the crackle of thunder decorated the resort's sky, mellow clouds gathering around the island and casting a shadow over the usually bright and golden sand, creating a subtle bronze that fades away into a sea glazed with dark clouds. The wind strengthens as rain meets the golden sand, violently creating a thick brown mud, as the breeze kicks in the euphonic hum of the ocean withers away, adopting the patter of rain that violently increases in volume as the storm grows fiercly.
    Ruinam's head quarrels toward the sudden beat of wings, observing the jungle as a few birds depart the resort, bolting out of the thick jungle in a hurried manner, their wings defying the strong wind and delirious amount of rain.

    The atmosphere quickly grows aggressive, a fearsome sound of wind winding around the odd structures that dot the island, creating a massive whirlwind of sound that seems to amplify around the island, fabricating an unnatural noise that seems to send his companion running toward the thick jungle.
    The drenched stallion follows his arctic friend, following him and disappearing into the dense overgrowth, the sound of the situation changing dramatically as they enter, very quickly the hum of the wind changes shape, winding through the trees and losing velocity, with it the loss of sound.
    The tapping of rain is louder as ruinam looks at the thick canopy, his wet mane sliding to the side of his face as he wanders toward the centre of the jungle, his companion shaking his fur.

    Ruinam has always thought that his companion disliked the rain, though ever since they called the resort their home, the only thing that his companion could think about was water, whether it came in the form of the sea or by rain, though the stallion couldn't blame him, he too would hate to have such thick arctic fur on such a hot and humid island.
    Another crackle of thunder sounds as the stallion turns his head to a sudden disturbance in the overgrowth, sending multiple species of animals flying out of the shrubs as the lighting illuminates them against the deep and dark forest background.

    The stallion shifts his head slightly as he walks forward "Hello? Is anyone there?" he asks, his soft tone finding it hard to remain loud against the deep crackles of thunder as he walks forward. Ruinam halts as soon as he hears a low grumble, though it does not sound threatening, sounding more like a horse than an animal.
    "Who is it?" he asks, his companion visibly agitated as the foliage begins to move.

    The shrubs in front of him bend as he walks forward, stepping over the dense foliage that grows on the island as he walks toward Ruinam's familiar voice, a grin painted across his softly pink-tipped muzzle "Who else could it be but me," he teases, his black and white body now becoming visible as he emerges from the foliage, presenting his slightly taller stature as he approaches the white stallion "Before you even get the chance to ask, yes, it is I, I know you've missed me" he sneers, his familiar red eyes staring violently at Ruinam.

    "You know, it hasn't been easy finding you, even though you leave quite a loud trail," he says, his tone seems to soften as he looks around the resort, the flashing lights of thunder illuminating the jungle and creating a rather thrillingly ominous atmosphere.
    "You must be rather confused as to why I am here, so let me summarise before I let you bore me with questions. I have been trying to track you down for quite a while now, it has caused me and my family quite a lot of pain, though you seem to be quite well off, and from what I have heard, you are trying to pursue our ancestors as well" he says blandly, his expression almost as if he was bored.

    "Do not worry though, I have not come to hurt you, I cannot even if I wanted to" he exhales deeply, a sarcastic sigh dawning his expression "Especially since you seem to have your own bodyguard" he raises an eyebrow, lowering his head to meet the arctic fox.

    winter wonderland

    The last thing he would have expected to see was his brother emerging from a pile of leaves, tripping and tumbling over growing vines, quite obviously not his chosen terrain.
    "Well you seem to be quite good at answering questions before they are even asked, is that one of the many talents that you possess?" he dips his head in greeting, allowing his companion to also relax.
    Even though his brother had been quite brutal in the past, he never had any ill intentions toward Ruinam, always looking after him when he was unable to look after himself.

    "Well as you can see, I'm in charge around here, however there is currently not many things to be in charge of," he teases, gesturing toward a thicker tree that would provide them with more cover from the rain "I'm not sure what you know already, but I am indeed in pursuit of the power our ancestors held, in fact, I have been granted a quest to ask those with destructive powers what it is like to destroy something when you are trying to protect it" he says quietly, watching his companion as he inspects his brother "Why have you been tracking me anyway? I wouldn't think you'd be the one trying to find me" the stallion asks curiously, positioning himself comfortably below the thick tree. 

    The storm seems to worsen as they head toward the thicker shelter, his taller figure  shielding his brother slightly from the wind "That is one of the only talents that remain in my possession" he says quietly, his expression sombre "I came looking for you once I had realised what I had become, I lost all my abilities when I was overcome with greed, I was taught a gruesome lesson, and after everything was taken away from me, I became unwanted" he says with a long exhale of air, looking up toward Ruinam, in search of sympathy on his expression "As soon as I heard what you were trying to do, I had to come in search of you, I didn't want you to become what I had become. You see, when you left, a deep anger overcame me, I became hungry for power and went searching, once I had found what I needed I released my anguish onto those that were not deserving of it, I laid waste to lands and destroyed lands, with no remorse to show for any of it" he takes a pause as he watches the flashes of lightning illuminate the dull ocean "I was given too much too quickly and I did not know how to control it, and the same will happen to you if you do not learn first, even if you think you cannot become something so terrifying and destructive" he says, Ruinam's companion comforting the stallion as it lays next to him.

    "Once our family and ancestors realised their mistake, they took everything from me, I became an outcast, no one wanted to accept the outcast that had tried to destroy everything, and rightly so. Once all my abilities were taken away from me, I realised how helpless I was, I realised that what I had done was not who I really was, the greed for power was what overcame me, I do not want the same to happen to you little brother" he says, a faint hint of humour in his tone as he finishes, nudging Ruinam's side playfully.

    winter wonderland

    Ruinam settles comfortable below the shelter of the tree and the warmth his brother provides, drawn in by his story of anguish, he listens intently, a trace of sympathy on his face as they both watch the storm slowly fade, his story sounding similar to all the others he had heard before, power leading to a state of no control and a great hunger for more.
    The stallion turns toward his brother with a grim expression "I'm sorry that had to happen that way, I never really thought I'd have to consider greed, I have never seen myself that way, though I suppose that is always how it starts" he says quietly, his expression still rather gloomy.

    "I am glad you found me, and I am grateful that you took the time to warm me, I will be able to learn and tell the faeries about everything I have been able to learn. Truly, thank you" he says with a smile, watching as his companion darts away, excited by the clearing of the storm.

    "Why don't we go for a walk, abandon all these sombre topics and relax, you are on the resort after all and we need to do some catching up" he says with a smile, nudging his brother as he trots forward into the clearing, the storm almost gone as the last few storm clouds wither away.


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